Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Phiten & Bruxism

I did a 5km run yesterday before my shoulder and tricep exercise.

I ran and ran and i meant i really ran.

Started with a 5:27 pace and proceed to up the pace by 1kmh per km ran. So, i found myself running faster and faster from 5:27, 5:00, 4:36, 4:16, 4:00(for 500meters) and ended it with a heart stopping sprint of 3:52 (15.5kmh).

Heartrate started at 90bpm after some minor stretching and hitting the 175 mark by the 4th KM and maxing out at 183 (that's 96% for a good 90 seconds) on my final sprint home.

I finished the 5km in 23.57, only 13 seconds faster than my previous 5km run which i did a 24:10.

I'm now more convinced that Phiten might had work to an extend. There was no pain no whatsoever on my legs - quad, hams, calf. No pain and it's as if i got a fresh legs today.

Usually, after some hard run, i would be either limping slowly in recovery the next day. But today...i felt fine, i felt like i could try anohter "best 5km time" again. but today is a slow run in Gasing with the guys of LnE.

I'm yet to test it out on 10km run, which i think i would need to clock in at least twice before Desaru in September.

I then did my shoulder and i pumped it like how i do to my other part of my body.

Shoulder Press, Arnold Press, lateral, side and back raise, tricep pull down, tricep push down...left the gym feeling like my shoulder has just been scuplted all over if.

Arnold Susunegar doing what he does best...doing tris like him won't gurantee you having his can only TRY!

Af is because everytime i look into the mirror, it's still a fat ass body staring back at me.

Damn, i think i'm getting obssessed with my own body again!

Ron Coleman - I think i better realign my own goal to try to look half like him, even

Also, yesterday was a perfect night to test if Phiten works nicely on wifey. She has bad backache and shoulder ache. The night before, she did not sleep well at all and yesterday, with Phiten on, man, she was sleeping like a baby. Soreness in the morning was also not very pronounced but she did ask for back massage from me, which in my sleepiness, could only muster that much strength to do so before i dozed off again! What a useless me!

On a separate note, I went to Tong Woh in PJ and bought myself 400mg supplement of Magnesium (USRDA Reccomended Daily intake), Vit B complex and BCAA.

The Vit B Comp and Magnesium is more for myself to try to see if it helps with my teeth grinding at night. Vit B comp are known as stress buster and magnesium is actually muscle relaxtant. Both will benefit cardiovascular system as well. Magnesium are also known for it's calcium blocking properties. It could prevent calcium from calcifying in the blood vessels.

Maybe instead of a proper dental gumshield, i would use my rugby gum sheild instead...

...And i might wake up looking Playing rugby like Tana...

Just got a call from Amir, today's run at gasing cancelled due to some reasons.

So, looked like i'm going to Gym today to sweat it out's back day. Will clock in 10km before doing my back exercise...

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