Monday, April 02, 2018

Life-Work Balance In Action

At work and outside of work, I am always passionate at what I do. When a person talks of Work-Life balance, I see it as Life-Work balance. As cliche as it may sound as you flip the two noun; the meaning is significant. One places WORK as the higher importance, where else the other (my view) put LIFE as the bigger perspective. I have been approaching my WORK with a lot of personal LIFE influence!

I see my work as an extension of my passion in the sports that I do. Developing people to the point I can make myself redundant, providing guidance including sharing of my own personal mistakes and challenges I face along the way. You be surprised how empowering your direct reports, providing them a safe place to make mistakes, and assuring them you will be there to work alongside with them, can create a cohesive and engaged team. "Creating and developing leaders", should had been my "job title".

Outside of work, I have been active in recreational and amateur level (age group as we call it) when it comes to running and triathlon. and with a short 22 years of swimming (pool, lake and open water), biking (mountain biking, road biking), running (road and trails) I have self-taught, self-learn, started a blog (been more than 15 years since!), and has never stopped sharing. How many of you here reading this had this moment when you look back and tell yourself "I wish someone had told me this before?". I had on many occasions!

In the past 6 years (coming!), I have been privileged to be part of Team 2ndSkin which consist of people as passionate in sports as myself. 2ndSkin as a brand is a local (Malaysia) sports apparel supplier. You can check them out here. Team 2ndSkin collaborate with big brands such as Garmin and Hammer Nutrition, and we have local brand such as LifelineID and Kraftfit being part of the collaborating brands as well. In the past, the team had the opportunity to test both prototype and final production Skechers Performance shoes. Skechers has ceased to be the sponsors since 2017. Adhoc collaborators such as BodyTech KL that does run analysis, Doof Malaysia which has provided me awesome beanbags (at home), JVC Malaysia that has shared with me their action camera, UFL Malaysia that has provided me with Camelbak products. I thank all of you current and former sponsors! I felt privileged!

On a personal level, I see myself to be more than just brand ambassadors. Along the way, I realised my dream of sharing and helping others to improve their personal mission when it comes to sports. And that to me, circled back to how I treat work professionally everyday - pushing others so they achieve their dream and aspiration. Have a great week ahead!