Friday, January 27, 2006

OP Ahmad Ramli Zakaria - Trans-Borneo Cycling 2006

All of you had heard about OP Ramli's endeavour last year when he cycled from Padang Besar to his birthplace Tumpat which was a Trans-peninsular trip from up north of west coast to down south and up north to east coast again.

He is at it again.

He will be doing a Trans-Borneo ride. ALONE.

He will cycle from Semantan (Lundu) in Sarawak to Simpang Mengayau in Sabah from 27th February till 15th March 2006

He is giving himself an early birthday present this year!

Well done Tuan!

OP Arz
At 55, going 56, Younger than most of us and having a heart made of gold helps. You're the Man Tuan!

So, for those in Sabah and Sarawak, watch this space as i'll try to update all of you on his journey as he progresses on. If you see a lone cyclist on the road that looked like him, please cheer him on!

VICCB - A Band to Reckon with...

Man, watching this video brought back so much memory of seeing Them practice...and practice...and practice.

My salute to you all!

LInk to Video : HERE

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In the News!!!!

Thanks to Mani and his powerful scanner and initiative, i could share with all of you, 2 paper cutting from the local dailies which has the 12 teams that will participate in the coming Explorace Season 3 on TV3.

Spot me!

Berita Harian - Tue 25Jan06
Berita Harian - 25th January 2006

Metro - Sat 21Jan06
Harian Metro- 21January 2006

There were also paper cutting from Malay Mail but it only has Sasha's picture in them.

There was also a black and white cutting in Harian Metro Last saturday, but it was the picture of the audition and it was in black and white (Thanks Saiful!!!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

PACM/Great Eastern 30k run

Not coming out with any excuse that i missed this run.

But here are the report from Zabil: Report

and pics here: Here la!

Well done to all that done this run.

Now i better start doing 30km by end of this month if i want to even finish the 42km.

Dog Year...Bad year...

Was reading the paper yesterday (The Star, the paper that wants to be a tabloid) and there was an article in Section 2 about luck for all the 12 chinese zodiac in the year of the Fire Dog.

Doesn't sound too good la (mine's in BIG RED Bold lettering)

Taken from The Star 23rd January 2006
How your zodiac fares


Luck at a glance (Yap)
Good: Rat, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Pig
Fair: Goat
Bad: Ox, Dragon, Monkey, Rooster, Dog

Luck at a glance (Ang)
Good: Rat, Tiger, Snake, Rooster, Pig
Fair: Rabbit, Horse, Goat
Bad: Ox, Dragon, Monkey, Dog Feng shui grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai of Kuala Lumpur and fortune teller/feng shui master Brian Ang of Taipan, Subang Jaya give a rundown on the months ahead for the 12 lunar zodiac signs:

Rat(1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996)

Yap: Generally, this is a very social year for the Rat. The Rat must be sincere and honest in his dealings. Try and avoid getting involved in accidents and help people to reap good karma.
Don't attend funerals and do not partake in foods offered to the dead. If you've any sickness, go for an early medical check-up. It's a good year to take up meditation or learn something new for knowledge. Turn a deaf ear to gossips.

Ang: This will be a prosperous year. However, let it be warned that the Rat must not engage in any speculation. The Rat will have samaritans as their guardian angels and the lucky star is shining bright this year.

Ox (1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997)

Yap: This is not a good year especially for business dealings. Be careful of your partners or friends who may fail you. However, the Ox can have a happy and peaceful life. Money luck is not bad. You can still enjoy good food and attend big parties.

Ang: "The Ox is family-oriented. He is also obedient and intelligent."
Beauty or hair salon ventures can be profitable. Ox parents need to be watchful of their little children to prevent accidents and even kidnapping.
Avoid quarrels and dismiss rumours. Men need to beware of friendship with the opposite sex. The Ox needs to take precautions to prevent stroke or lung ailment.

Ang: This is not a good year. Keep temper and emotions in check.
Bad luck will change to good for those getting married.

Tiger (1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998)

Yap: The Tiger is very energetic and can make decisions swiftly. Those in business will have a more prosperous year. Those in the police force or army can get a rise in rank or salary.

Ang: A good year with a possibility of meeting a life partner. A mentor can help to promote Tiger careers.
Stay away from mountain-climbing activities and avoid watery places such as rivers.

Rabbit (1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999)

Yap: Spiritual luck is very good and helps avoid mishaps. There is a very good chance of making a fortune especially with the help of a female VIP. The 15th lunar day is a very auspicious day as well as the eighth lunar month.

The male Rabbit will encounter romances, however, behave yourself! This year, there are chances of working abroad and if you help others, you will also reap the rewards. Beware of quarrel or accidents in the workplace.
Take care of your health to avoid headaches and eye problems.
Refrain from visiting the sick and do not attend funerals.

Ang: Luck is fair and take care when driving. If you have an overseas trip or have travel plans, it's a good thing. You will also have a lot of worries but learn to relax.

Dragon (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000)

Yap Cheng Hai: 'The male Dragon will have a better year than the female.'
Yap: Refrain from trips abroad or overspending. There is a tendency for the Dragon to overspend. Avoid quarrelling with people. You may face legal suits or imprisonment if you're not too careful. Think before you act. Be careful during the third, seventh and ninth lunar months as they may be bloodshed or accidents. Take care of your health especially your kidneys.

Ang: Persons born under the Dragon and the Dog zodiac will clash with Tai Sui and need to pray to this deity as well as the Tiger deity. The Dragon must also be more charitable this year and be wary of troublemakers. They should avoid being guarantors.

Snake (1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001)

Yap: You will have samaritans and friends in high places. You can get fame, happiness or even get married this year.
Money luck is good but you will have to work very hard. Be careful of legal suits. Be careful of brain haemorrhage, stroke or heart failure. Health-wise, it is a risky year because if you fall sick, it can be serious.

Ang: This should not be a bad year. The Snake person is also reminded not to lose his cool.

Horse (1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002)
Yap: Samaritans will help you achieve fame and recognition. Business dealings are smooth. The Horse will have good relations with government officials and get a pay rise or promotion. Be careful of accidents. Health risks include flu, throat ailment or breathing difficulties.

Ang: The Horse person must avoid funerals or visiting the sick. If he wants to go into business, start small. Avoid extra-marital affairs.

Goat (1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003)

Yap: The Goat may be involved in accidents. Be patient. Money luck is good. Singles may meet their life partners and even tie the nuptial knot. Avoid rows or interfering in the affairs of others.

Ang: Expect a fair year. Do not wait for opportunities to knock but make opportunities. Avoid all forms of gambling. Save up and be thrifty. You also need to watch your health.

Monkey (1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004)

Yap: This year will see a lot of changes. If you leave your company, take it as a stepping stone. Be more charitable this year and be careful in the share market.

Pregnant women should be careful. This year, health and wealth will not be so good.
Couples should be patient and avoid confrontations.
Watch out for health problems on blood circulation, headaches and eye problems.

Ang: It will be a difficult year. Avoid any business partnerships. Do not dabble in shares.
There will be squabbles due to money matters. Maintain your cool with your spouse.

Rooster (1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)

Yap: You will have misunder-standings with your parents or people of higher authority. Business will not be so good but can improve next year. Give face and refrain from bullying others and don't cheat others or trouble will seek you out.

Ang: The God of Wealth, good samaritans as well as your supporters will give you a hand.
It's a year where you can make your fortune but then again, it's up to luck.
This year is better than last year but do not gamble your fortunes away. Be careful of your business dealings and avoid any third-party relationship.

Dog (1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)

Yap: The Dog may be involved in accidents. Inauspicious months are third, fourth, seventh and ninth lunar months.
The female Dog who is pregnant must be careful and do good deeds. Money luck is not good. Don't travel far. The first half of the ninth and 10th months will be better than the second half. Be extra cautious during the 11th lunar month especially when signing documents.

Ang: By nature, the Dog is family-oriented and will look after his family. He is also obedient and intelligent.
The female has a strong temperament but is studious and educated. She should not be pampered or else she may likely be rebellious.
This year, those born in the Year of the Dog will be in conflict with (farn Tai Sui in Cantonese) the Grand Duke of Jupiter.
Hence, they should be careful and abstain from interfering in other's affairs. They should also not go into business partnership to avoid losses.

Pig (1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)

Yap: Your lucky star shines and a VIP is very supportive. You have a chance to go on a long journey and money will come to you. However, the male Pig will have a better year than the female. Do not be hot-tempered or fall into the trap of the opposite sex. It's a very good year for students.
Be on guard against robbery attempts. Become a volunteer and do good deeds. If you travel abroad to work, you can get a supportive VIP samaritan.

Ang: This is quite a good year. Be humble and ditch that attitude.
Remember that your success is due to your supporters. Without them, you wouldn't have come far. Minimise nightlife, as it can take a toll on health.
Try and socialise more to build up your circle of friends and contacts. Keep out of affairs that are not your business. While there are money-spinning opportunities, there are also many chances for relationships.
Take care - act and choose wisely. Do not give in to any charming woman lest you court trouble for yourself. The female Pig will stay loyal to her partner and family.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's not fair.

Just saw the news.

Terence of KL Penguin is down with brain tumour.

Bro, My prayers is for you and with you.

I know you will pull out of this as how you would everytime in every race you entered.

more news here: Azwar

I'm both angry and sad now.


Terence will be doing Langkawi Ironman in February 2006 and KLIM in March 2006.

I'm making a pledge here that i'll run with him in KLIM for the 42km.

This is for you Terence.


An OP Doctor, Dr. Poon came out with this reply upon seeing the comment posted by tri2:

Tri2 Explain:
chatted with Terence,its NO brain cancer.its a syndrome called subarchnoid hemorrhage aneurysm.His blood vesells in his skull swells up and the pressure was high,docs have to release the pressure by operating the neck which is closest to brain and release the fluids else he its fatal!but its no harm if the pressure is released,just some drug medication and bedrest can slowly but surely max his chances of survival.Just pray!

Doctor's reply:
I think it's great news!! Aneurysms are abnormal dilation of the diameter of blood vessels. They only cause problems when they burst. If the problem is dealt with before it burst, then the outcome is very favourable. If it burst, it can result in stroke-like symptoms, or at times fatal.
Anyway, thank God it's not a brain tumour.

Explorace Season 3 Press Conference


Howdy all...

Been missing for two days for this Press Conference purpose.

Day one was from 2pm till 6pm. Teams were asked to go to the Fire Station at Tmn Desa for some rehearsal. Apprently, this will be the first time where the participants will be asked to put up a show.

And to make it more memorable, they decided to ask all of us 12 teams to do Flying fox coupled with minor abseiling and Repelling from the fire tower itself.

The Tower of Fun

We were divided into two. 6 teams to do Flying Fox and 6 more to do the repelling.

The Operative Wannabes

Me and Bandit was tasked as the first to go down in the repelling.

The whole thingy was nothing new to me and Azly, to start with, but of course, as per everytime all these techincal rope sections are involved, we usually will be extra careful and extra safe when it involved our own life. It is up to yourself to ensure that the harnesses are *double backed* (ie, properly secured) and the figure of 8 are properly taken care of (ie not dropped) and the locking carabiners are, well, locked.

Accident will happen if someone gets overly confident and fail to check on these themselves.

like this instance where bandit shaved his head...a case of throwing his fears away

Anyway, some of these are pretty new for most of apparent in the first rehearsal where most of us were apprehensive about even climbing up the tower or building.

The flying fox were deceptively easy, of course, to be coming down from a height of 10m (from the roof) or from 20m (from the cliff) for the flying fox, meaning one would be travelling at a speed high enough to crash you into the tower's wall should the Bomba themselves do not take extra precaution. Both ropes were declined at about 10 and 15 degree respectively. Then, they have to control their belaying device (which resemble a gri gri, only more sophisticated). On Day One, Kak Jehan took a nasty fall, only to have the fall broken by the ready fireman below. You can say that she fell straight into his arms la.

Some could be seen with their fingers and hand trembling on top of the tower. The tricky part is getting voer the railing which requires some guts as how often one does that anyway? Climbing over your own apartment's or Condo's railing? mad?

All trying to look cool......

My fear of height and all was apparent, i just tell myself that i'm properly secured and i'm properly trained for this. Numbers of adventure racings and average joes activities should had given me some level of confidence...right? Not much of a problem la, it is only what? 20 meters from the ground? should be over in 5 seconds if i let the brakes off all the way.

The second day, we were told to be at the Fire Station at 8am. Most of us showed up on time, no less. There, we were given new sets of equipment. All proper fire rescue equipments certified by National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). I wonder why our own DOSH (Department of Safety and Health) are not responsible to certified these...oh well...not gonna go into this!

All geared up and no where to go...

This is the first time i had a feel of fire equipments. Yes, the harness was definately heavier by at least 2kg compared to my Ocun Zeeper. But it was in many ways, more comfortable as the paddings were thick. I was told that these are used for rescue work, which explain why there were 3 D-Rings on both front and back of the harness...

We were given helmet, brand new as well, which was like those you see when you were young in Ultraman.

Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Lima brotherhood.

This is Ultraman Taro and Godzilla...

Heck, even Tiara Jaq were there...though she is known as Reita. We could swear her side profile looked like her...well, she better becareful when Efendi is around....or Efendi better becareful when Kah Seng is around......

see...same or not same...don't play play..she could chew your balls away

We had 2 more rehearsal, which by the second rehearsal, Kak Am had a fall similiar to Kak Jehan. OUch.

Then there were cases of helmet which refuses to come out (because we were confused where the release button was!)

And me, showing my butt to the sponsors and media...(ie nothing R rated, was told to face the audiences)

By after lunch time, some of us had changed and was given teh last safety and briefing.

So, there were TV clips introducing us before we made our grand entrance via those ropes exercises. It was fun to see and watch.

Least to say, the whole event went on smoothly, everything was on time and was done to perfection.

Later that afternoon, we were given our race schedule...and so, without further ado, here it is:


RACE 1 --> 24/2 - 27/2 LELA & CARMEN vs AMALIA & JEHAN

RACE 2 --> 15/3 - 17/3 LESLEY & ALVIN vs MARZUKI & NOREEN

RACE 3 --> 29/3 - 1/4 REITA & MANI vs WENG AUN & CEE YEE

RACE 4 --> 11/4 - 14/4 NARESH & GUNA vs AHMAD & REEZMAN

RACE 5 --> 26/4 - 28/4 DAVID & JAMES vs AZLY & EE VAN

RACE 6 --> 12/5 - 15/5 YUHANA & IRENE vs MASITA & MISBAH

And there you go. I don't need to get a new wife for my marriage as Nimmi placed me and Bandit to race from 26/4 till 28/4 with David and James.

The Show won't be shown until early June. Ie, by that time, we would had known who will proceed to second round.

All race locations remain a secret and there might be overseas trip even on the first league of the race.

We were also introduced to all the 3 production teams which each team will work closely with on race day.

We were also told that we will appear on TV3 Bulletin Utama yesterday, or the latenight news yesterday. Of which, non happened.

Then, it came out this morning in early half the world haven't woken up yet...


Monday, January 16, 2006

Siemens 10K Charity Run

First race of the year and it's already stressful getting to the race starting line.

There were tonnes of people since this run was meant for charity. But that doesn't stop all the runners from showing up at Dataran Merdeka since 6am.

I had a harrowing time looking for parking by 6.30am. Had to park some distance away and told myself that this is the warm up for the race.

By 7.00am, half the PULAPOL police trainees was at Dataran. I can't help but smile whenever their accompanying officers having to blow the whistle (those used by the Traffic division) to get the trainees' attention.

By then, Me, Aileen, Adilah, Doc, Bean, Bandit with his son and his wife Jaz, Soon, Anna, Steve, Mani, David, James, Budin and two daughters, Azmar were already in the starting line or place.

My heart was still beating at 55bpm as i enter the starting box, it started to escalate as the the starting time nears. One thing about these competition is that, no matter if you are in for rthe fun or to win it (which i never dream of doing), the so called *first time* rush will always be there.

Tan Sri Elyas fired the gun and all runners scrambled for position. I choosed Bean as my horse. Wrong choice i would say. Bean, a strong runner was blistering past everyone by the time we exited High Court area. I must be doing something like a 13km/h pace. My heart raced and touched 177bpm at the first km. Feeling good as i began to overtake more people.

This usual 10km route is laced with runners preparing for KLIM. The usual suspect that will make you eat their dust when they run past you were there training. Oblivious to some of the participants of this Seimens run.

I was doing about a 5:00 pace when i reached the 4km mark for water station.

By then, Bean and Soon was far ahead by at least 100meters. I took two drinks, which proved to be the second biggest mistake. Not taking breakfast was the first mistake already.

As i was running up the small hill near the hockey stadium, Doc and Steve ran passed me. I knew i was already slowing down to most probably jogging pace by the time Doc disappeared from my sight up the hill. Ran with Steve for a good 10 minutes before he decided i was too slow for him.

It was also then when Misbah, one of the participant for Explorace S3 ran next to me and, well, overtook me...

OOOoo...not too good.

By then my mucus from my flu were flowing freely down my nose...i swore i tasted the salty substance...i even felt my saliva dripping as i struggled to maintain my breathing.

My heartrate was blasting at 170bpm, hardly great for a short run like this. When i was healthy before the year ends in 2005, i was cruising at 145bpm at a 5:30 pace, meaning i could very well do a 10km run in 53 minutes, or less.

Then, came the heart wrenching training busting tonsilitis which very well wrapped up all the distance training i did...oh well...i'll still be doing KLIM though.

The last 5 km should be a breeze as there was a lot of downhill after the hill climb. But i find myself only managing a pace decent enough not to be overtaken by some boys in those rubber Bata shoes.

Well, if it is proud to say that i shame those PULAPOL chaps...then let it be...if that's teh future of our police forces, then, i sure hope there won't be any crooks which will be stronger and fitter than them...their waist looked like 28 inches now, am sure it will be 38 by the time they sit in the station............

The final 2 km was insight when i saw KC and his Pacers cheering half the participants on, or maybe they are waiting for Chantelle?

I crossed the finishing line in 1H 3minutes. Hardly near my own Personal Record of 48 minutes.

But it was a finished run.

Post race, i saw Naresh and Guna from Explorace S3, MJ was still not in sight.

I was also greeted by Zailan, or Z, which some of us constantly lepak at Azwar's site. It was great to put a face to the name now.

It was also much later when Purple and Fadhil came up to me. It was really really nice to really really put a face to the name. I've met purple, but ot F.

By the way, congrats to Anna (the football mascot) and David (The devil) as both of you got 1st and 2nd runner's up respectively for Fancy Dress Run!!!!

I've also had the usual pleasure of meeting up with Commander Chan's family. It is bad enough his eldest son runs me down in Titiwangsa Tri, he was seen busy training his other 2 boys to do the same to Uncle Stupe.

Com. Chan and wifey took part in the 7km run. Well done tuan!

Pictures soon!!!

The Light And Easy gang, with some swaying towards Long and Extreme rides.

The Bandits

i didn't know i smiled until like this and my hair looked side parted!

The Old, The Older(but younger at heart) and the LnE peps.

The Chan's. I reckon i better take pics of the boy because i won't be seeing him in 10 years time as he will be slapping my back as he run past me...

The Devil and the Devil's Advocate

The Ball Girl...

The Explorace Season 3 participants...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fury of the Wind

The temperature was circa 18 degree C. But i swore it felt like 8 degree C. Crosswind strong enough to blow us to one side. Headwind so strong it stop us from progressing on.

It was madness.

Cold to the bone. Wet from the rain. Can't progress more than 6km/h on the final 18km of mountaineous route.

It was crazy.

A bunch of us. Me, Doc, Azmar, Steve and Zabil decided to forgo the comfort of the warm bed on Raya morning to head on to Simpang Pulai, Steve and Azmar was touring from KL to Ipoh from the weekend. Covering a good 300 odd Km before landing themselves in what i would call the ride of the year, so far.

I met upw ith doc at TTDI about 4.45am. Still dazed from my 2 hours of sleep but the promise of the ride was more than stronger than 3 cups of coffee to wake me up. Who wouldn't? Just a month ago, i felt invincible being able to do 2 century (ie 200km) ride to Lumut. This measly looking 70km, abeit uphill, shouldn't be anything. Moreover the promise of 70km of DOWNHILL was too hard to resist.

And so, after one SMS to Azmar and Zabil to inform them that we are on our way, me and Doc headed to S.Pulai for the RV point in his new spanking Hilux. Impressive i must say, but that's anohter post, for another day.

We reached S.Pulai at about 8.00am, after a short break at Tapah RnR for breakfast with Zabil and Family.

Azmar and Steve was waiting outside Hillcity Hotel. We unloaded and were duly on our way to Cameron.

Another quick stopover after 3km of riding as Azmar and Steve need breakfast. Some of us took the oppurtunities to eat as well, namely me.

We turn into the Cameron road 4km from HIllcity. The ride begin with us passing by those huge quaries. It's a pity to see the hills being blasted and cut away to get the granites and stones and sand. But i guess that's the price of development, we can't make buildings from mud and twigs i supposed. Nevertheless, deep inside, we felt it could had done better by the local authorities controlling the quary business.

The first hill climb came after 10km of ride. A slow gently uphill near some repair work on some recent landslide along the Pos Slim - Kampung Raja road. Eating up the dust as vehicle whizz passed us, kicking up all the debris for us to inhale. Thank you.

After about 20km of ride, we reached the first bridge. It was magnificent. I meant, the bridge wasn't anything to brag about, but being built at about a good 50meters above a gushing class 2 rapid was a sight to behold.
with Zabil on the bridge


We continued on. Touching the 30km mark after an ardous 3 hours plus of pedalling. Steve on his road bike, found himself running out of gears to change. Me, on the other hand, tried very hard to change to the smallest chainring. I have to get through this on my intermediate chainring, no two ways about this! Azah and her support crew were waiting by the roadside for us at the 30km mark. She snapped a few pics, which will i hope, be passed to me for uploading. Nothing beats seeing your own constipated face while trying to remain cool about pedalling up those 3 degree gradient mountain road.

Why 3 degree? well, when you are cycling, the road infront looked flat, not until you look behind and you will notice you are actually going UPHILL. Genting are mostly 5-8 degree on the normal stretch and almost 10 on the final 2km, which was the killer stretch. Cameron new road, on the other hand, is more gentle, but they made it up with neverending stretches of road.

After the 30km mark, we reached the first valley. The view was awesome. As you enter the valley, you eyes will see the other end of the road, going around the valley, it might be some 3 or 4km of straight sight, but it will be a good 10-15km of riding to do. You could see the road going up...gradually.
pic taken in the middle of the valley, a snap shot of what we covered in the last 45min of ardous ride...

the wonders of nature...

It rained, it poured, the wind was strong, we were cold (that is why doc huddle up with steve)

It was painful, at least for me, my quads tightening up. I wasn't sweating, i could feel my heart gently pumping at about 120bpm, hardly even hard for my heart, but the leg is taking a beating...after 35km of pedalling, i wasn't even caring to look at how fast i am going, but i switched to the distance mode. The meters slowly ticked by, i could stare at it and just wait for it to pass...that's how slow i was going.

I couldn't remember to keep track of how many more KM to go, but at about 50 odd KM, we reached this construction site where there is a Kongsi, complete with Astro that was placed there for the slope rectification job over the previous major landslide that happened on this new road.

There, we had our best egg sandwich. Only 2 slices and shared by 5 person. Go figure. Steve reckon we must kill one person, so the remaining 4 will get a quarter each. We ran out of food. The Kongsi's shack wasn't open. No hot Maggi!

We continued on. By now, the weather has turned awful. Wind blowing so strong that we had to brace ourselves or else doc might fly away. Wet cold condition even the raincoat couldn't handle it as water actually seep through all opening. Tights which are now soaking wet and cold feet in wet cold shoes. I had in me the will to give up and just wait for Azah to come pick me up. But i can't do it. No way i would do that. Giving up because of me not being able to complete this? I got to be joking!

At the same time, i saw a can of Tiger Beer flashed past me...funny. I don't drink and that sight of the beer passing me was like some omen or something?

It was also then when a bar of Powerbar Protien Plus flashed past my head...gosh...i still ahve like 6 of those at home, keeping them for important recovery...and i was kicking my ass as to why i didn't bring it along this time around.

The final 18km was tortourous. Everytime we go into the road between two cliffs, strong headwind that brings chill to the bone hits us. We had to stop so many times, as it was pointless to go against the 10-15km/h wind. Of course standing there waiting wasn't any better as it was pouring as well.

At the speed we are going, we reckon it will take anohter 3 hours before we reach Kampung Raja.

That was when something else hit us.

It was a downhill stretch and instead of enjoying a good 20-30km/h of downhill speed...we had to pedal to maintain a 6km/h speed DOWNHILL!!!! Yes, the FURY of the WIND! Crosswind strong enough to push us to the middle of the road and headwind so strong it was an oxymoron to be pedalling DOWN the road....

At that point, i told myself there is no point to cycle back. Fuck the return journey that promises the 70km of downhill ride. I wouldn't want to be pedalling 70km DOWNHILL!

The weather turned worse at about 8km to Kampung Raja, By then we've already seen civilisation. The first sighting of anything remotely Cameron - the vegetable and flower farms.

I recalled stopping at the stone marker, which says it's 63km to Ipoh. That was because i took a leak at the stone. The only place well covered so that my modesty wasn't compromised. Doc took a leak too. The wind was strong and mist just made visibility down to 20meters at most.

About 20 more minutes of painful cycling, we finally reached the last 3km to Kampung Raja. The T-Junction that says Gua Musang straight ahead and Kampung Raja on to the right.

That was also where the road goes down for 3km at 10 percent gradient. That's steep. I touched 45km/h going down the winding road; and that i was actually holding on to the break once the speed exceed 45km/h.

Flat ground finally. Blur from the cold. Stoned from the tiredness. We were greeted by Azmar, which has huddled up with Zabil at the first chinese kopitiam in Kampung Raja. The locals were amused when i told them we came from Simpang Pulai. The do not believe we cycled all the way up. The only person that believed us, and rewarded us with a comb of banana were one of the stall owner there, which rides with PCC in one of the interstate ride.

We had between the 5 of us, 9 cups of hot milo, 9 sets of roti bakar, 1 comb of banana, a packet each of rice with Chicken Kurma, one fried fish each and vegetables. We were that hungry and it was a sorry sight to see me and doc eating with our hand shaking from the cold...

Zabil and Azmar - freezing at Kampung Raja

Doc warming up to the hot hot milo!

Steve enjoying his lunch...

and me, looking very *village people* with my raincoat and reflector kit

And some of the food we had, piping hot Milo with melting planta with kaya toast...don't need to go to Uncle Lim for this, just cycle 70km up from Simpang Pulai!!!!!!

An hour rest later, we started to plan as to how to transport 7 people and 5 bicycles in the Hilux pickup truck 70km down to Simpang Pulai. Zabil took a bath in the freezing coldness with Steve. Azmar changed into clean clothes. Azah, Aiman and Maid has the luxury of being inside the truck, which is only fair as they were the hero behind the scene in providing us food and drinks at the top.

Hence, left me and doc. We volunteered to sit behind with the 5 bikes. Hiding behind the truck like some immigrant that is crossing the border illegally, with the rain beating down and wind which by now exceed a good 70km/h (car moving mah!) was no fun at all. Not in this weather.

I told doc i had motion sickness...and true enough, with 20km left to Simpang Pulai, Doc signalled Zabil to stop. The moment he stopped the car, i only remembered to put my head OUT of the truck and vomitted the lunch out. It was damn painful and i felt much relieved thereafter. Shy because at 30, i am still prone to motion sickness. I blame the high altitude change and the fact that we were whizzing down the winding road...hahahaha....

Will i do it again? Well, it sounded as crazy as the ride up, But yes. The next time with better preparation, more food, better leg and some motion sickness pills to knock me off should the need arise to take the truck down again.

Fun factor: 8.5/10
Lesson learnt: Never fight with Mother Nature, especially when it comes to wind and weather.
Phrase of the week : Kenapa ye???

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2005 In reflection : Sports

Happy new year all.

I just almost recovered from whatever illness i had over the past weeks. Must be the body's way of telling me to slow down as i'm no longer 18, to start with!

Had a bad case of tonsilitis, which were then given some drugs by Doc Hisham. Tonsilitis gave me fever, on and off. Adding to the misery is a set of running tummy which had me spending a few nights hugging the toilet bowl. Literally saw the year passed me by in bed. Not a very pretty sight with me feeling all squashed down and all over.

Heck, i even missed a buddy's wedding, Liaw, so sorry for missing it dude, i really wanted to come, but condition didn't let me to even get out of bed to start with. Anyway, Many best wishes to you and PZ and may you both Old Hair Until Old.

I then saw one other friend online, he asked me if i'm doing some post-mortem for all the races i've did last year in 2005. I guessed i owe it to myself to see what i've done, and to look forward to see what i should do.

OK, here is 2005 in super fast forward mode, after i rewind it to Jan 2005.

Jan 2005
Genting Trailblazer with Doc Hisham - completed the race in 1H 45Mins and was placed 36 out of 200 in the WILD category.

Memorable moment: Spending New years' eve 2004 at a mechanic because an uncle decided that i should do so in Seremban.

Feb 2005
No races this month. The usual dirt and ride with Light and Easy gang, which is slowly turning into Long and Endurance rides.

Memorable Moments: Passing of my Beloved uncle to SLE.

March 2005
Did my first 21km race in KLIM. Was supposed to be doing a marathon but decided against it as i am not even confident to get pass the 22km mark. Turned out quite well with loads of room for improvement. Managed a good 2H 21min 13 seconds, not bad for a first timer (excuses..excuses) and positioned myself as 267 in the Men F category and 446 in the overall Men Half marathon.

Also did my first MMDS, or the Malakoff's Malaysia Duathlon Series, a run(10km)-bike(45km)-run(5km) which almost killed me. (first timer mah, doing multi sports at one go!). Managed a 3H 31Min 24s race with position 54 out of 82 in my age group.

memorable moments: The passing of Brandy. Girl, we all misses you like crazy.

April 2005
Did Eco-X with Steve and Doc as partners. Report is in two part with part 2 here. A race where we DNF (Did Not Finish) for the first time in our race history. It goes to show that races like these are not meant for the average athelete because you can never get enough of LUCK. And more LUCK to complete it. Kudos to those that did. Better luck in 2006! Pictures here.

memorable moments: Transporting an obscene amount of cash...

May 2005
Did my second MMDS at Lumut. This time it's a Run(10km)-Bike(60km)-Run(8km) which i complete in 4H 8Mins. Picture here.

Memorable Moments : The passing of an Ex Boy which i will forever remember. The Late Ridwan Mafia he is known and fondly as OP Koala Bear by his peers...May your soul rest in peace sir!

June 2005
Did my personal best 10km run at Subang 10k. The time of 48min 44second will be a tough time for me to get better off. That was also when i first became a stalker; stalking Carmen Pacesetter all the way as my pacer. Aileen was so surprised as she never expected me to reach before all my other friends! The cert never arrive...only the memories.

Rode offroad the most this month as well... Batu Dam, Teratak...the work....awesome!

Memorable Moments: Took Aileen to Batu Dam for a short hike!

July 2005
Did my first triathlon in PD!!! Awesome. Did a 2H 46Min 41s. My first proper race of 1.5km swim - 60km Bike and 10km run. Almost caught up with Azman Superman....what a race!

Also did Power Run 10KM. Finished the race in 58 minutes, a light and easy run.

Entered the worse possible race ever organised by a local council. The race is so bad that most of us won't be going back to do it again! Ever! Anyway, as usual, cam whoring all the way. Thanks Dilla for the memories!

memorable Moments: Caught up with my long lost friend from VI. He is now a triathlete kicking my ass in every race! Well Done Azwar!

Superman of the Year : OP Ahmad Ramli, Trans Peninsular on Bicycle, ALONE! He is doing Trans Sabah/Sarawk in 2006....wooHOOO!!!

August 2005
Kiara Run. Where most of us got our first POWERBAR t-shirts. Hahaha... It was a 7km run on undiluting hills of the Kiara forest. I ran with Steve and we finished it in 32mins. Not a bad time!

memorable moments : The Ghost of the Gopeng-X still haunts me...

September 2005
My first Medium Distance Triathlon. Desaru 2005 was different as i've never did such distance. Not all within a year with minimal training. it was a 2k swim, 90km bike and 21km run. Officially making it my second 21km race in the year. took me a painful 7Hours and 41 minutes to complete this race. But it is all worth officially, i'm half Ironman ;-) Pictures here

1 week later, it was Kiara MTB Carnival...which i took part just to get the T-shirt and to experience Kiara techincality. Nevertheless, i pushed most of the way. Hahaha...

2 weeks later, i did the Powerman race at Putrajaya. A full 10km run -60km bike and 10km run circuit. it was the hottest race, literally.

September was a crazy month.

Memorable Moment: Passing of Whisky Boy. Man, dogs in a year really made all of us weak and misses them even more...

October 2005
What's the most fun thing to do? AXN race. My second race in this installment where urban warriors are made. As if. Ran with bandit and Budin. We finished the race of course, with Budin doing the 16 Storey high abseiling! Piccies here!

Did Genting with the LnE gang...yeap, they have graduated to become LONG and Endurance was great fun. Going back to genting again, like how i did about 12 years back!

memorable Moments : reflecting back on September and October... it was crazy!!!

November 2005
Triathlon Titiwangsa on my birthday. How else do you want to spend it? with 200 others of course (but they didn't know it was my birthday though!)

Memorable Moments: doing 11 laps, instead of 10 at titiwangsa, personal birthday gift!

December 2005
Shortlisted for Explorace Season 3 audition and was very happy. Went for the mini race at Cerakah and making more new friends.

Rode 220km to Lumut with Azly and Amir. It was like some pilgramage and Doc and LnE gang took one day instead of two to complete it!

Memorable Moment: Kimbeley Yap winning Gold in SEA Games and me and Bandit getting into EXPLORACE!!!!

Best memory of the Month : Best bud got married!

What a year.

Don't all of you agree with me???