Monday, January 16, 2006

Siemens 10K Charity Run

First race of the year and it's already stressful getting to the race starting line.

There were tonnes of people since this run was meant for charity. But that doesn't stop all the runners from showing up at Dataran Merdeka since 6am.

I had a harrowing time looking for parking by 6.30am. Had to park some distance away and told myself that this is the warm up for the race.

By 7.00am, half the PULAPOL police trainees was at Dataran. I can't help but smile whenever their accompanying officers having to blow the whistle (those used by the Traffic division) to get the trainees' attention.

By then, Me, Aileen, Adilah, Doc, Bean, Bandit with his son and his wife Jaz, Soon, Anna, Steve, Mani, David, James, Budin and two daughters, Azmar were already in the starting line or place.

My heart was still beating at 55bpm as i enter the starting box, it started to escalate as the the starting time nears. One thing about these competition is that, no matter if you are in for rthe fun or to win it (which i never dream of doing), the so called *first time* rush will always be there.

Tan Sri Elyas fired the gun and all runners scrambled for position. I choosed Bean as my horse. Wrong choice i would say. Bean, a strong runner was blistering past everyone by the time we exited High Court area. I must be doing something like a 13km/h pace. My heart raced and touched 177bpm at the first km. Feeling good as i began to overtake more people.

This usual 10km route is laced with runners preparing for KLIM. The usual suspect that will make you eat their dust when they run past you were there training. Oblivious to some of the participants of this Seimens run.

I was doing about a 5:00 pace when i reached the 4km mark for water station.

By then, Bean and Soon was far ahead by at least 100meters. I took two drinks, which proved to be the second biggest mistake. Not taking breakfast was the first mistake already.

As i was running up the small hill near the hockey stadium, Doc and Steve ran passed me. I knew i was already slowing down to most probably jogging pace by the time Doc disappeared from my sight up the hill. Ran with Steve for a good 10 minutes before he decided i was too slow for him.

It was also then when Misbah, one of the participant for Explorace S3 ran next to me and, well, overtook me...

OOOoo...not too good.

By then my mucus from my flu were flowing freely down my nose...i swore i tasted the salty substance...i even felt my saliva dripping as i struggled to maintain my breathing.

My heartrate was blasting at 170bpm, hardly great for a short run like this. When i was healthy before the year ends in 2005, i was cruising at 145bpm at a 5:30 pace, meaning i could very well do a 10km run in 53 minutes, or less.

Then, came the heart wrenching training busting tonsilitis which very well wrapped up all the distance training i did...oh well...i'll still be doing KLIM though.

The last 5 km should be a breeze as there was a lot of downhill after the hill climb. But i find myself only managing a pace decent enough not to be overtaken by some boys in those rubber Bata shoes.

Well, if it is proud to say that i shame those PULAPOL chaps...then let it be...if that's teh future of our police forces, then, i sure hope there won't be any crooks which will be stronger and fitter than them...their waist looked like 28 inches now, am sure it will be 38 by the time they sit in the station............

The final 2 km was insight when i saw KC and his Pacers cheering half the participants on, or maybe they are waiting for Chantelle?

I crossed the finishing line in 1H 3minutes. Hardly near my own Personal Record of 48 minutes.

But it was a finished run.

Post race, i saw Naresh and Guna from Explorace S3, MJ was still not in sight.

I was also greeted by Zailan, or Z, which some of us constantly lepak at Azwar's site. It was great to put a face to the name now.

It was also much later when Purple and Fadhil came up to me. It was really really nice to really really put a face to the name. I've met purple, but ot F.

By the way, congrats to Anna (the football mascot) and David (The devil) as both of you got 1st and 2nd runner's up respectively for Fancy Dress Run!!!!

I've also had the usual pleasure of meeting up with Commander Chan's family. It is bad enough his eldest son runs me down in Titiwangsa Tri, he was seen busy training his other 2 boys to do the same to Uncle Stupe.

Com. Chan and wifey took part in the 7km run. Well done tuan!

Pictures soon!!!

The Light And Easy gang, with some swaying towards Long and Extreme rides.

The Bandits

i didn't know i smiled until like this and my hair looked side parted!

The Old, The Older(but younger at heart) and the LnE peps.

The Chan's. I reckon i better take pics of the boy because i won't be seeing him in 10 years time as he will be slapping my back as he run past me...

The Devil and the Devil's Advocate

The Ball Girl...

The Explorace Season 3 participants...

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