Friday, June 30, 2006

Explorace Episode 2 : Labuan

Hi all!!!

Carmen and Lela will go against Jehan and Amalia tonight in Labuan.

Watch them in action! Tune in to TV3 at 9am tonight and don't miss it!

Taken from Explorace Season 3 Website
The first race of Explorace Season 3 saw all girls teams take a Malaysia Airlines flight to the Garden Island of Borneo, Labuan! The teams consisting of Amalia & Jehan and Lela & Carmen were so excited… but the journey was just beginning….

The race began at the Labuan clock tower. Both teams excitedly opened up their very first clue envelope to the start of their races. A helicopter, brought in especially for the race was hovering above to capture aerial views of this exciting new season! Aerial shots from 500 to 5000 feet high will be featured in this race… WOW!!!!

Route 1 was to be tackled by Lela and Jehan. The task at point one in Kampung Lubuk Temiang immediately got both of them very dirty as they chiseled away on tyres to collect oyster and their shells. The sharp edges of the shells cut their hands too, making it increasingly difficult to finish the task quickly. Next stop was the Labuan Market where they had to use hand skills again to make an ‘Explorace’ necklace. But, making it, was not enough to complete the task…. They then had to sell two of the necklaces, one to a man and one to a woman before they could move on with the Golden Box to the meeting point…

On Route 2, Carmen and Amalia’s first task was to clean apartments to a level accepted by Beta Serviced Apartments. This task was easy compared to their next task at the chimney! A mini chimney structure broken up into smaller pieces had to be reassembled first. Then, they had to be strapped in by Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat staff for a 106 foot abseil down the real tall chimney! Any fear of heights had to be suppressed cause their Golden Key was stuck to the wall of the chimney. They had to pull it off the wall during their abseil down.

All four had to endure pain that was mounting very quickly in their arms as they kayaked to the meeting point at Pulau Papan. The self prepared meal where they grilled fish and plucked coconuts provided them with valuable energy that they all needed to carry on their extreme journey.

Arriving at the water village Kampung Patau- Patau, the teams discovered that they had to use their arms strength yet again. First to row the sampan around the village to search for the house of the ketua kampung for their next task. Their arms were really beginning to feel like dead weight. Patience between Lela and Carmen started to wear very thin here, with shouting and arguing going on between them all through their task of catching fish at the water village. Irritable emotions were becoming very obvious!

Did Lela and Carmen manage to overcome their arguments and work together as a team again to make it to the finishing point first or did the more cool, calm and collected team of Amalia and Jehan beat them?

To find out, don’t miss the Labuan Race of Explorace – The Extreme Journey on Season 3, on air Friday, 30th June 2006, 9.00 pm exclusively on TV3.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Engelbert - Truly Amazing Tour 2006

It's a done deed. he came, he had sore throat and he wow them all.

After last friday and saturday dissappointment of him coming down with a bad throat infection and after seeing two doctors for medical attention, after 1 half past 8 concert and one postponed theatre show, he redeemed himself yesterday at Shangri-La.

Old Puteras which were at Saturday's cancelled show were very very wary incase the show yesterday were to be postponed again. it's not easy facing barage of angry and dissappointed crowd and general public.

Sharp at 7.50pm yesterday, the doors were opened and everyone slowly made their way in. By 8.30pm sharp, the band started playing and Engelbert were very much on his way to the stage to give everyone a great performance as promised.

He started by apologising and thanking the crowd for being so understanding over Saturday's cancellation and soon, as the concert progressed, everything negative very very much so forgotten.

I sneaked in for a song or two, bountiful to my duty as door guard and i truly enjoyed him on the stage.

So, here i am, thanking all patrons that came on both Saturday and Yesterday, i hope you all had a great time watching him perform.

Now, i'm back to listening to him on my car cassette and CD player. This cassete below belongs to my late father in law that i never had a chance to know.

Mr. Humperdinck, THANK YOU and no sir, you are NOT THAT EASY TO FORGET!

EH Greatest Hit Cover
Original from Polygram. Don't pray pray, see Mr. EH pic ont he cover also you know this one damn kaw long already!

And Sir, this next song is for you!

And to the 4 TKC Old Girls that kept me, Azly and Ismadi entertained while we hold on to the door to Engelbert's Room, this goes out to all of you.

This song been playing in my head for the longest time...blame it on the singers in Lumpini Night Market and those sexy short pants

MakAndeh's Enge Experience

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Condolences to OP Poon MH 94 Alpha

Got the sad sad news yesterday. Lost all mood to actually blog.

Poon, My condolences to you and your family on the passing of your beloved girl, Aaliyah.

May her soul rest in peace and be eternally blessed by Him.

Please stay strong and be strong.


Ee-Van & all who knows you.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Johor Explorace : Why You So Like Dat?

Taken from the official Explorace website (Thank you Mani for pointing out where to get the non GUI version)

I heard ppl are telling me i sang Why You So Like Dat on national, for those that don't know this song yet, here is the lyric...and MP3!


Why You So Like Dat?

By the Wah Lau Gang

Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?
Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?


Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?
Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?

I let you copy all my sum,
coz you always blur,
but when i try to copy back,
you always call the sir!

Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?
Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?

I always give you chocolate,
i give you my tic tac,
but now you got the kit kat,
you never give me back.

Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?
Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?

You tell me that you don't like girl,
i also donno why,
but when you see a pretty girl,
your voice go up damn high.

Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?
Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?

You always talk in dialect,
i always ask you why,
you scold in hokkien very loud,
(your mather chow cibai) <----this one is my interpretation after years of listening to them!!!

Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?
Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?


Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?
Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?


new NST ad quarter page BW

Friday, June 23, 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Quando Quando Quando

Engelbert is in Town. He is now in the midst of his Golf game at an undisclosed location before attending a Press Conference at 11AM at anohter undisclosed location.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Eco-X results!!

The Light And Easy results:

Team 3B :
Position Men :9th!!!!!
Time taken: 7hours 21Mins
Overall rank incl DNF-ers : 16th
Overall Finished as Ranked Team : 13th

Team 3 Blind Mice:
Position Mix: 4th
Time taken: 7Hours 7Mins (DNF - Lost raft in river at CP13)
Overall rank incl DNF-ers : 13th

Team Dyno Monkees aka Posers
Position Mix: 5th
Time taken: 8Hours 12Mins (DNF - skipped last CP)
Overall rank incl DNF-ers : 19th

Team Doc And Babes:
Position Mix: 6th
Time taken: 9hours 30min(DNF-skipped 2 CP, position went up because completed more CP than other faster teams)
Overall rank incl DNF-ers : 25th

Team Wasabi 1:
Position Men: 14th
Time Taken: 7Hours 10 Min (DNF-pass cut off time)
Overall rank incl DNF-ers : 29th

Team Shin Chan:
Position Men: 16th
Time Taken: 8hours 01 Min (DNF- Pass cut off time)
Overall rank incl DNF-ers : 33rd

Taken from Nomad Adventure website

Monday, June 19, 2006

EcoX - 18th June 2006 Ulu Langat

What a race!

Body slightly aching from the long ride/hike/rafting yesterday. Took us a long 8 hours to complete the whole course and brought us into path not known to any racer before.

The starting point of the race this time was in Ulu Langat, to be more precise, on Batu 19 Nur Lembah Pangsun. A quaint lil small resort stuck in the middle of all kampung houses.

Steve and me took the same truck to the starting point, reaching there by 6.45am and already a whole hustle and bustle of activities were happening. Racers in uber expensive bikes, in uber expensive bags, in high tech clothing and of course, the race orgy-niser Nomad themselves. Yuen Li and Wye Yim and their merry band of marshalls was looking sinisterly evil that morning, perhaps that's how they felt when they created this race course that span and span many many many KMs before it actually ends.

This year, there were a lot of sponsors, Powerbars, Ino8 and Red Bull came in to give this race a fresh new breath of sponsorship. Missing were Brooks and their booth of shoes for sale.

Light & Easy sent in 6 teams this year. Biggest by far from a single non-competitive and totally light and easy group of friends which still think it's better to be sleeping on a sunday morning than to race.

Anyhow, we found ourselves joking and raring to go. At 7.50am, we were all called to the starting line, and so, Team LnE: 3B (That's Bulky, Baldy & Bacin), Team LnE: 3 Blind Mice (Zabil, Bean and Karo), Team LnE Shin Chan (Bandit, Kam and Budin), Team LnE Posers (Terence, Dilah & Mark), Team LnE: Doc and Babes and Team LnE Wasabi 1 and Wasabi 2 (which recently made contact with LnE, making us now Light, Easy and hot, just like Bandit).

As per usual, the LnE started from behind, not wanting to be crushed by the super fast neighours from Singapore, or some other foreign team in matching jerseys (yes, LnE settled for fake branded polyester or cotton low-tech garments from Petaling Street or from other races )

The race started sharp at 8am and expected, everyone but us was jostling for the front postion (early disclaimer in case we DNF..hahahah). Steve, Me and Bacin was cycling with Doc, Min Ming and Azmar (LnE: Doc and Babes - yes, Azmar is one hot babe). We managed to overtake one mix team, as one of the teammate was struggling with her bike. Then, we overtook anohter men's team, as they were seen repairing a puntured tyre. The race to CP1 was in total frenzy. The front runners were seen pedalling hard and pulling away from everyone else.

race map
Then, 10 minutes later, with postion 3 and 4th last in the race, we went into the offroad section of the race towards CP1, and we saw everyone else from afar pushing up a very very steep hill, almost of Sg. Pusu standard. We are all short of being like the mat rempit on motorbike doing the superman pose, only difference is that we are pushing, upper body spreading out like Superman. The climb was neverending, it was tiring so early in the race. But the trail was nice, we might come back some other week to explorace this place more.

Then, as we approached the next climb, we heard some french guys team coming down. Something must be wrong as we all know CP1 is NOT up the hill. Then, everyone else was seen coming down.

Apparently, the front runners were so engrossed in out pedalling each other, they all misssed a turning and gottten onto the wrong track. Blessing in disguise as we, the 3rd and 4th last team suddenly found ourselves being the 3rd and 4th team from the front!!!!!! Getting exciting this way, as it could go either way now. But of course, we can't help but laugh silently about how important it is to keep our eyes opened.

The route to CP1 then passed through a rubber estate, which then goes onto a single track very much like Kiara. Not much problem for people that rides Kiara. Well, that is, until Bacin suddenly disappaered down the cliff. My team mate mispedalled (if there is such terms) and slipped down the cliff, slipping a good 3 meters down and thank goodness for a babe behind him that managed to catch his bike before it goes down onto him. Steve was leisurely pedalling at the back of the pack, so it seems. We reached CP1 to much relief. Everyone laughing and thinking back how silly it was to take the first wrong turn by going straight up the hill.

race sheet

We waited for a good 10 minutes before Steve appeared in CP1, of which, our passport was at the mercy of the race marshall. RUles stated that only after all 3 members were there, could we get it signed off. And so, we dropped from number 3 to number 20 once Steve appeared. We then cycled to CP2 passing more estate and onto the road. By anohter stroke of luck, we found our position bettered again by at least 5 places when at least 5 front teams missed the turning to, it does pay to stick behind the pack eh?

The route to CP2 was fully rideable, except for once or twice where we had to dismount to as the route was too ehavily laden with tree roots. Unless your bunny hopping skills were as good as some free-rider, better stick to the tried and tested method of dismounting and pushing your bike. :P CP2 completed and we haed on to CP3 almost fail proof this time around and CP3 was reached without anyone getting lost (damn!)

From CP3, we headed to base camp. Total time taken so far was the maximum in the course outline which was given to us. A good 1 hour 50 minutes. So, no one actually completed the whole mountainbiking trail in the said 50 minutes.

CP4 was the base camp where we dropped out bikes. CP5 was just in front where we will go through a mystery test.

As per usual, Nomad loves to give mystery test. What better way to challenge the mind when you were tired. We are not robot you know, we don't race just to win, but race to enjoy, and Nomad was there to ensure that happens. The mystery test this was involved the team transfering a tennis ball using 3 poles, where each member has to hold ONE pole only on one END. No hands are supposed to touch the tennis ball. It took us 3 tries before deciding to go with a parallel pole-with ball on top-and 3rd member make sure the ball stay on top-stunt.

Having done that and cheking out of CP5, we headed to CP6. A good 3 KM away from base camp towards the Waterfall area. We were running slowly and that was when LnE: Posers, 3B and 3 Blind Mice got together to run. the 3BM was faster with Zabil tugging Karo using a sling and crab and they soon disappeared. The Posers too ran faster than the 3 fat slobs and when we reached CP6, we were a good 10 minutes behind either team. Steve stopped to take a pee while the Marshalls refused to sign us off until they see the third member. Hahahaha...

From CP6, it was a trek up the waterfall to CP7, where we will do the traverse UP the 60meter waterfall. We followed the gravel road to the jungle trail along the stream to Sungai perdik Waterfall. It was also then when one girl's team overtook us and went the wrong way after the second river crossing. We did try to tell them it's the wrong route (as the route are all marked with white and red tape) but to no avail. As we make our way up the trail, sprinters came down and i was pleasantly surprised when one chap knew my name. He was in Victoria Institution while i was doing my Form 6 there. Promise to catch up with him later at base camp, we made our way up and up the trail to the waterfall.

We reached the waterfall after a while, obviously we aren't as fit as we think we are as we were all trying to catch our breath. But the sight of the waterfall...and all the teams that was infront of us stuck in the bottleneck of this technical section was well worth it. Gearing up, we were allowed to join the queue for this section of climb-the waterfall. Steve excused himself as he need to take a dump.

At the waterfall too, i saw Faris, one of the Wasabi's member taking photo for the race and i gladly posed for him. Must be the automatic response to camera after the Explorace experiences. With him is Andi, the Explorace Season 1 winner, which was also instrumental in getting the bike i'm riding now for races. Thank you very much to you both. Tapi, Faris, don't forget to email me my cam-whoring pics!

The traverse up the waterfall seems easy. Icy cold water pouring down as you climb, with 2 slings and prusik to save you incase anyone mis-stepped and come bouncing down(can only happen to either me or steve, as we are both fat). My turn came and i clipped both the crabs to the safety line. Easy enough. After the second bolt, that was when trouble i truly believe i looked like a fool trying to get a grip on the slippery rock with my slippery shoes. Dont' get me wrong (but what i'm gonna say here will definately spoil SALOMON's reputation), i own this pair of shoe for a good 2 years, only wearing it for adventure races or outdoor races. The shoe failed my expectation more than ONCE. Well, it started failing me the first time i bought it, but never one to complain and perhaps just think that it's just the terrain that caused the previous experiences. This shoe, despite it's ultra aggresive sole with "contragrip" and whatever features isn't as grippy as my old 3 years old sneaker. Perhaps that is why they phased out the one that i had. I won't try any Salomon anymore, based on past experience.

salomon with no grip
Aggresive sole with no purpose

Well, back to the race, the waterfall was slippery and the shoes ain't helping either. My shin and knee were bruised, but luckily, i didn't bust my knee cap the two times i slipped and landed on them. The water was refreshingly cool. I used the prusik all the way, without the prusik, i know i'll bounce back down and hit the others waiting below in a bowling effect. Yes, the prusik worked wonder!

After completing the traverse up the waterfall and getting out of the safety line, we had to run down the trail back to the base of the waterfall. The shoe, again, didn't grip as well in the slippery trail condition and i slip twice, hitting my already flat butt hard. With such aggresive sole, it still makes me wonder why it failed to grip.

Before we left the waterfall, we said our goodbye to Doc and gang, Bandit and Gang, and poor terence, which lost his harness while cycling, had to wait until his team member got down to pass him a harness.

We make our way down back to CP8, which incidently shares the same CP as CP6. Signed our Passport off, and found out we are placed 13th overall at CP8.

We turned left at CP8 and lo and behold. Upfront was the steepest possible road we've ever seen. It was a long hard steep climb. No joke. We 3 agreed it's like the Kilometer 4.4 of the road up Genting. We finished a pack of dried mango, courtesy of Adilah by the time we reached the top of apex of the road. From there, it was downhill to Sg. Congkak recreational park and we headed for CP9.


CP9 from CP8 was a good 3 or 4 km of walk/run. It took us a good 45 minutes to reach CP9, which more fun seems to follow from there. We hit CP9 at 12.00 plus minus and already ahead was the 3BM, which has a 30 minutes lead infront of us. The marshall in charge told us to be aware of the route marker, ribbon tied onto trees and red marking on trees to denote the right path. The jungle trail started from a rubber plantation on hill cliff and the trail seems to be just made a few days ago, with a lot of fresh undergrowth being stepped and trod over. We were walking by the side of the cliff, each step we took was a step in danger. It was slippery and the shoe, again, ddn't help.I found myself walking on the undergrowth, risking each time to be stepping on some snake and end up being bitten. Bacin and steve too, had difficulty finding grip with their shoes, but they seems to be more confident compared to me. Perhaps it's physcological.

The hiking trail were long and hard. we had a good 90 minutes to complete this CP and it seems doable. Well, with Nomad, everything is seemed do-able, until you do it. Hahaha...

The trail seems to bring us up onto steeper terrain. I did noticed a lot of calathea growing wild. It was a pleasant sight. I've always love the outdoor and the jungle. But as much as i love it, this trail doesn't seems to end. Everytime we got to a clearing, it seems that the end is near, only to find out that there is another steep cliff to tackle and more careful steps need to be taken.

My hamstring and calf was pushed to the max, the cliff was in access of 45 degree, some almost vertical, with only roots and small saplings of trees to hold for leverage and push-pull action. To qoute bacin "Giler sial...macam neverending story".

We heard some racer getting lost, they were most probably going in circle amongst the trees with marking. Soome saw us and took the same route as us, some were adamant and followed their own choice of path. A girl's team caught up with us (It was a babe by the name of Jane and her 2 friends, one which is Liz Yeo of Eco Wizard's daughter) as we came out to a clearing. The girls ran out of water and Bacin offered some to them. My supply was running low as well, should had not put in flavoured drink into the water bladder. The glucose tasted so nice i keep sipping even when i'm not thirsty! Steve the lost Iban trekker found most of the route up the steep cliff, It was like Trailblazer, only 4 or 5 times as long and hard.

The 2 teams ran together but we didnt' really introduce ourselves proper. The girls know they are in the lead for a placing and we shouldn't be distracting them in any manner at all.

We finally reached CP10. Exhausted and tired. We took a break and after gotten our passport signed, we headed off to the abseil station, which well, anohter good 10 minutes of climb up 45 degree cliff. Thank You Nomad.

We reached the Abseil Station and were given the right to abseil down first as we are still in the race. So, thank you Sprinters that gave way for us to go down before you guys and girls! I saw Jo Yan again at the Abseil station, been more than 11 years since we've last seen each other. Promising to catch up again at base camp, i slinged my safety line and headed down for the abseil station. The marshalls on the rope set up our prusik while we ourselves set up our Abseil device. 3B was ready to go, all system go and the 3 of us started abseiling down the about 40 to 50 meter vertical cliff. Abseiling with the prusik was something new and yes, we do feel more controlled coming down, but the exhilaration of being able to come down fast was missing. We got off from the abseil station and check in to CP11.

As we all know, it's been almost 2pm and the cut off time for CP11 is 1.30pm. But Yuen Li was kind enough to extend the cut of time by 30 minutes. The reason was the "excursion" that everyone took in the begining of the race. So, we made the cut with 15 mintues to spare. Zabil's team was only 20 minutes infront and we found ourselves to be placed in the top 10 overall! what estatic feeling, we knew for sure this will not be a DNF race for us (Did Not Finish).

So, CP 11 was a mystery test.

Instruction was plentiful.

1. Use red marker and write your team number on your captain's left arm.
2. use black marker and write your team number on the other two member's right arm.
3. one person do 10 push up, 2 person count out loud.
4. one person does flutter kick, 2 person count out loud.
5. one person do 10 lunges, 2 person count out loud.
6. two member change one side of the shoe until passport being signed.
7. two member must hold golf ball using head for 10 seconds.
8. team must find 3 pieces of grass of at least 3 cm long.
9. ignore instruction 1-8 and blow whistle.


No wonder they ask us to read the instruction carefully and do the task fast! Feeling stupid, we didn't tell the next coming team what to, sorry girls!

CP11 done, we headed for CP12. Which was anohter good 4km away. The sun was beating down on us and the T-junction never came. But we knew we were on the main road when we saw Amir driving up to us. Thank you Amir! Thank you for coming! We ran to the CP12 and reached there. There were some team, mostly those that is ranked DNF there waiting for their raft. The couldn't make the cut off time after the waterfall and the orgy-niser thinks it's not wise to continue and should just skip the hiking and abseiling and go straight to the river.

There, the found out that Zabil's team were already on their way back to Base camp. Also, Bandit's team were DNF and were also on the raft back to base camp.

The wait was long and was only made sweeter when Amir came to us and offered us ice cream. That's so sweet of him. No way we could get any money to buy ice cream even if we sell our backside in Ulu Langat!

We waited for a good 30 minutes before the lorry came to deliver the rafts. By then, the race marshalls has already set aside a few teams which will go first, by virtue that they are still in the race, so that is us and the Jane's team. It was another 15 minutes before we had the chance to go onto our ride.

The bamboo raft has 8 pieces of 4 inches diameter bamboo held together by 2 perpendicular stick in the front and back. Tied in the manner deemed appropriate to hold the 8 pieces of 12 foot long bamboo together, that raft is worth to be *pimped* up for (well,if west coast does bamboo raft pimping, that is).

I sat in front to steer the raft, Steve sat at the back to help with the steering (actually, we wanted a *motorboat* effect, with steve's 106kg frame, we will be lifted up front) and Bacin sat in the middle and make himself useful.

We were both given a 6 foot long 2 inch diameter pole to be used to steer ourselves clear off big rocks on the Class 2 Rapid. We weren't on any canoe or larger craft, which will ultimately make this class 2 to appear like class 3. We were told to finish this 3km(i was told by the river guide) long river course with 95% of the raft intact, or risk being disqualified or penalised. Now, there is only 8 bamboo on the raft, losing one bamboo would already be accounted for more than 10% and we will face the music and DQ. So, we were careful.

Jane's team was right infront of us, for safety reason, we were let off in 2 minutes interval, incase we play some bumper boat in the river.

Steering the raft initially was fine, with almost 90% of upper body strength still available, i could easily out manourve the rapids. Welll, that's only for the first 15 minutes. The rapid was fun. Water was fast, we were at the mercy of the water force and stones below us. That was then when Steve, why trying to push us out, got his only stick stuck between the rocks and lost the stick. the movie Without A Paddle came into my mind...hahahaha...

So, this 3 men raft was only steering with me in the front, Bacin and Steve were seen paddling with hands and legs, furiously. After a good 10 minutes of going down the river like cartoon, I caught sight of a bamboo pole on the left bank and Steve went over to grab it. Now we are back in action.

There were a few section of the river where the water was only shin depth, add on our weight in access of 200kg, the raft was literally hitting the gravel and stones under us. There were instances where we had to come down and push the raft away from being stuck on stones.

That was also when, Bacin had a cramp. It was funny though. The two person steering the raft only complained of shoulder ache because of the pushing and steering...and the middle eprson, which was actually like a maharajah sitting on a sedan chair, had a cramp. Hahahaha...

We chance upon a completely broken raft. We thought it was the girls' raft. :)

There were a few section where it was pretty dangerous for us, parts where the water threaten to break the raft into quadzillion (ok, that's just a figure of speech) pieces and also threaten to spear into some happy picnickers in the calmer river. The thing is, we can't figure out why they aren't scared. Maybe they think that these racers were experience enough to handle these rafts...wait till they find out that we are just some dumass trying to be racer wannabe.

The rafting was cooling and and fun, we reached CP13 without losing any of the raft part or portion. We were told by Wye Yim that the broken raft actually belongs to LnE: Shin Chan. Hahahaha...bad enough to be DNF-ed after the waterfall, they had to up the orgyniser and DQ themselves on the river rafting! But i'm sure, that itself is one whole lot of story to tell (on how they briefly told me they hugged, they held, the did whatever they could from allowing the raft from falling apart)

CP13 done, it was a 1.6km run back to the Base Camp and finish line. The girls wasn't in sight anymore, obviously finished the race as we all know. So, in came this LnE: 3B, running in slow and steady pace to the finish line, with Bandit bowing to us for finishing it (without DNF-ing), Zabil and gang cheering us on and the whole load of other racers that has reached base camp way way before us cheering us on.

Crossing the finishing line as a ranked team certainly made it all sweeter.

We handed over the passport to be signed and checked one last time, with Red Bull giving us cans of the drinks to recharge, we congratulated each other, for finishing, as a ranked team. Well Done Light And Easy!

Post race:

Karo, Dilah and Bacin in background while me still in stinking race garments

Karoline told us that their team, the 3 Blind Mice was DQ. They came in 5th in the Mix Category. They were in the 4th Position when their raft broke 200meters from CP13 and because they came back with 0% of the raft intact, it was a painful DQ for them. The unofficially finished the race as the 5th Mix team. Anyhow, congrats! Their team however, won the most creative entry form answering category and got each membera North Face T-shirt!

Team Shin Chan and Posers were all DNF, the former was because of cut off time at the waterfall and the other was because Terence lost his harness, which will not allow him to abseil down even if they got to the abseil point.

A Special thanks to Bandit, for making it all possible, coordinating everyone's entry form to Nomad and swapping Steve with himself as he say he do not want to be a burden to me and Bacin. No dude, you ain't heavy, you are our brother!

The Wasabi's ran the race as an unranked team. But that was in full Light and Easy spirit.

And the highlight was of course, Doc and his 2 babes. They crossed the finish line after all the prize giving ceremony and all the singapore teams left for home. Happy and nontheless exhausted from the race with 2 newbies in his team (for adventure race), they DNF at the Abseil point but was allowed to do the rafting.

After the race, i removed the lace of my Salomon and wanted to throw it away... but i didn't have the heart. Sentimental value. And so, it's drying up in my office...
I still love you...

The full results could be obtained from Nomad once they update their website with the full results of Eco-X!

Thank you all!

Friday, June 16, 2006

EcoX-capade 2006 - Skill Test

The 3B (Baldy, Bulat and Bacin) went for their skill test prior to this weekend's EcoX.

There they met another B (Bean), that came for his skill testing.

Here is some pics taken while we goof around.

Can all of you please check if your birdy Crabs are locked

Bacin Gabra
The left hand goes on top of the right hand, the right hand goes to the left hips...

bandit struggle
Bandit caught his birdy pussy cockPRUSIK CORD and was left hanging there

bandit jive
and after that, he check to see if all vital organs are still functioning

bean bacin posing
Bacin was seen telling Bean about Jamal's Concert...pure OTAI stuff...

bacin pretend smile
Bacin trying to imagine coming down from the waterfall

stupe unroping
While Baldy checking if everything is testing to see the pussy cock Prusik cord is working.

stupe as usual
and we'll see you this sunday for the race!!!

Ultimate Yoga Pose and Super Climber

Sure to make Yoga Instructor proud with this pose from me and SKT in Endau Rompin last month.


And this for sure will make Anna even prouder!


Heck, Dan Osman will awaken from his grave when he see me climbing like him! God Bless his Soul!

Old Putera Association Proudly presents..

Engelbert Humperdinck In Concert!

My alumni is hosting the concert this time around and Mr. Humperdinck will be in KL come 23rd and 24th June 2006.

It is to raise fund for the OPA Education Fund where it would be used to provide scholarship to deserving and needy ex-Puteras and Old Puteras' family and relatives.

Don't wait anymore, call the numbers as per stated in the advertisment below and book a ticket or two!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Explorace website is UP!

Just got back from the press conference and the launch of the new Explorace Website.


Click here for the website : Explorace Website (Duh~~~)

First episode will commence on the 23rd June 2006 at 9.00pm on TV3.

Don't miss it!

Will post details of races and their airing soonest!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ode To Royal Military College

For those that do not know, yes, i'm still bloody proud and bloody nostalgic about my 2 years in Royal Military College. There is ONLY one such institution in the whole of Malaysia. RMC might be famous (or infamous) for all it's worth since it started more than 54 years ago. Click here for the complete history of RMC (Thank you OP Shahiman 1993 Golf Company - my batchmate)

The thing is, after more than 13 years after i passed out from RMC. (by that, i meant "graduate") The feeling of still wanting to be a Boy (a term for the Putera's there) is still burning inside.

No one can deny (well, most of us that went into RMC anyway) that those were the best formative years (depending on how much you love to be put through "hell house") and that aptly shaped most of us Old Puteras after we passed out.

So, Thank you Sam Cheong, for your article on RMC.

Click here for part 1

Click here for part 2

Click here for Unofficial website of RMC by Shahiman

And Jun Shen, you looked damn kaw good looking man! See you in the coming PD Triathlon!
Stupe Pimping Jun Shen. Girls that want his number, please email me.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Round 2 Explorace Season 3 : Bangkok

We reported at Sri Pentas at 5.00am on Saturday and we left TV3 by 6am. The ride to KLIA was uneventful, just anticipation of where we are going. Nevertheless, we all slept all the way to the airport.
Upon reaching, Nimni, our mummy for this league of race went to Counter E. All 4 of us, me, Azly, Reezman and Azahaari, ran to the screen to see where checking in at Counter E will bring us.
Fuh, giler... London, Newark and Stockholm!, exclaimed Azahaari.
Everyone shrieked with delight. Who won't?

There is always gold at the end of the rainbow

come, where is Counter C??, Nimni said as we lifted our bag onto the Counter E's conveyor for check in........
There were frustration that we aren't going West. I know, that's pathetic. Hahaha...
We rushed to the screen again and Counter C will bring us to Bangkok, Surabaya and Chengdu.
I know that China and Surabaya is totally out of the question and that leave us with Bangkok.
We were given the ticket by Nimni and Azly started laughing out loud. He will be in Bangkok again for a holiday with his family after the race!

Excited, as non of us went to Bangkok before. And we foresee the race will be fun and unpredictable.

Azahaari digging his ears in sleep

Amat sleeping...
Bangkok, here we come
We left Bangkok at 10.55am and reached Bangkok by 12pm. As Bangkok is an hour behind KL, we gained an hour flying up north. We were then ushered into a bus that will bring us to the hotel where we are going to stay for the rest of the trip here.

We went for our first Thai food, as all the participants were reluctant to try any spicy food, non of us had any tom yum. We had fried rice with exception of azly that had stew tongue rice. Nothing to shout about and all of us agree that we will eat all the tom and yum after the race. We were then brought to our hotel, the Royal Suite Apartment.
The Hotel
Royal Suite Serviced(sic) Apartment. The sign said. We know it's grammatically wrong. Anyway, we were assigned rooms in another building. It was raining heavily and we all know those were showers of blessings. We all just walked over to the next block and found our names on the notice board!!!
We were given room 4006. This place is Brand New!

The room comes complete with a complete kitchen enough to cook more Thai food than anywhere else (well, if we could cook Thai that is) and every room has a 34 inch TV with 5.1 sound system plus a dvd-r player that could also play digital tape....
I wasn't feeling too good later in the afternoon and was down with food poisoning, popping in 4 charcoal pills, going to the toilet and feeling nauseated, i skipped dinner completely to let the tummy rest. I had a cut of guava to fill my stomach.
Not having any mood to eat, i just rested...
Also, the room made quarantine so much more enjoyable!
You see, the participants can't leave the room on the eve of the race, for fear we might get kidnapped by the local katoeys and sent for operation to join their sisterhood.
Seriously, it was more of a fair-fair thingy for both teams, if both were given the oppurtunities to go looking, then it won't be fair, then it won't be any fun racing, right?
Wrong. Fast forward to race day.... read on, the journey begins.
Starting Point : WatArun
Wat Arun, which is situated along Chao Phraya was our starting point of this round 2. We were brought to this temple by 6am for the race to start at 7am. Sasha, technical and production crews, producers, press, Thai liaison officers, Thai helpers and basically a total of almost 100 crews were roped into this race.
By far, this is the largest and most stressful for the production team in all 3 season because of red tapes, language and uncooperative locals which changed their mind about their place being used for the race.(of course, these details we only know after the race...)
And so, sharp at 7am, we were again, called in by Sasha and was reintroduced to the camera. My race director this time around is Kerk and my cameraman, the most experienced cameraman, Jebat.
We were given the clue and the airhorn blasted.
And the way we go...
My first task was to look for Wat Po Pier, which was actually right next to Wat Arun. Not very hard, but i did find myself jumping over waist high hedges as i took the wrong route. At this point of the race, me and Reezman was next to each other but he reached the jetty first. It cost 3Bath for the ferry. We were both given 2 pieces of 500Bath each. Reezman was luckily as he was the first one and there was enough change for 500bath. I wasn't so lucky and found myself scrambling around to break the cash. I managed to get that done and dashed to the ferry. Yeap, like round 1, it's back to square one again as i stepped onto the ferry.
Fooling about and around with Reezman, which our next task is to take this ferry to Tha Tien Pier and get onto the Tuk Tuk to Pak Klong Talad flower market.
Both of us were neck to neck and we had to stop 2 tuktuk each, one for ourselves and one more for my race director and cameraman. Getting one is easy, getting two, and explaining to them to wait for a second one was tough. I remembered to haggle for the price, which was 30bath each tuk tuk.
It didn't take me long to get that done and i did shouted to Reezman's tuk tuk to go with shouts of Mai! Mai! (mai is no in Thai). Sabo. Hahahaha... but that was for TV... you all know i'm not that evil, ain't it?
We took the tuk tuk to Sum Nak Pra Rajawang,or in plain English, in front of the police station.
We were given a pic and we are supposed to locate/find Pida.
I hop from shop to shop and showed the pic and asked where is Pida. No one seems to know who is Pida. Those that claimed they know... well, lets just say that they don't understand that i told them i can't speak Thai... and i get them giving direction in, what else, Thai.
thum kap Khap Khun(thank you) all the way and sawadee kap all along... with Cai(yes) and Mai(no) inserted here and there... talk about communication breakdown.... hahahahhaha...
Reezman wasn't fairing any better but he did reached Pida before me. He was given his question and he got his wrong... i was given my question
Without hesitation, i answered Air Terjun Kota Tinggi
Well obviously the answer is wrong. Hahahahahaha...
then i was given the penalty task

I had to fold 20 buds of lotus flower perfectly before i could do the next task.
Pida showed me once how to do it. This is my first time holding a lotus bulb, lotus root I've eaten a lot, lotus seed is almost everywhere in Chinese medicine halls, but lotus buds??? (how it looked like? Look at clue 1, the buds behind Pida belongs to the lotus!!!)
So, i paid attention to the whole process and devised something that i will remember. So, it's the folding the petal out, in and out IE 3 folds. Repeat this for all the petals on the lotus bud and present it to Pida for her to decide if it's perfectly folded.
I had some problem initially, but not as much as Reezman, which had 5 out of 10 initial buds rejected. I had none.
I spoke to Pida through a translator and was told that a bunch of lotus flowers were sold for 30bath unfolded. It will be used by the buyer for religious ceremony.
By the time reached my 19th buds, Reezman's basket of rejected and passed folded lotus were of the same amount. I completed the folding with ease and in advance. I took the time to joke and to pass sarcastic remarks (again, this is for TV y'all!!!)...
And so, the next task is to push the coconuts in the cart, which was easily close to 100kg to uncle sangaim. I let Reezman lead the way as i was actually tired because i didn't have anything since the night before. The cart were hard to manourve and it washeavy. Feeling a bit small, but i know it's not worth risking overtaking him, what's better to let him find uncle sangaim. We reached uncle sangaim the same time and our task next was to peel 10 coconuts with the correct technique.
Not so much of peel, but, if any of you go to those supermarket which sell fresh young coconut which we aptly call kelapa botak, yes, it looked something like that.
To save everyone a trip to the supermarket, here it is, a fine sample of how not to cut the coconuts....
Not the way to do it bro!!!
The coconut above were given to the crew to be brought back after we complete our task... we need to ensure the coconut are cut in perfect cylindrical shape with the top portion in perfect cone shape. Well, apparently, i did it so well (and faster than Reezman), they decided to keep what i cut to sell... and gave what Reezman cut to be brought back FOC.. hahahahahaha...
By the way, i asked Uncle and he say it cost 20bath per coconut.
So, i was in the lead as Uncle Sangaim gave me the next clue

I ran back to the police station as per instructed and hop into the explorace taxi. I chose the taxi wit the number 2658, taking it because it has the number 8 behind it. Typical Chinese... hahahaha...
My next destination is to Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand. It is a good 80km away from Bangkok itself. Our journey took us almost 1hour 30 minutes plus jam on the Bangkok highway itself too... unbelievable.
I called Azly and was told he was trailing Azahaari by 30 minutes as his first task was very physical, he had to run up the Wat Arun's pagoda for his next clue... and i was told that you must ascend the pagoda in clockwise fashion... so, it's up one level,run around the level in clockwise manner, then go up the stairs (which were knee high) until you reach the top.... i told him not to worry as i'm in the lead.
10 minutes later, i tried calling him but to no avail. I found out from my race director that Azly capsized in one of the floating market canal. Completely drenched and phone malfunctioned. What luck!
I reached the hospital and i ran to Bang B, which is actually a shop name, i stopped and asked around and was again, spoken to in Thai... which was frustrating... very! After a good 500meter run and and seek, i found Bang B.
KhunAoun greeted me and as usual... it's me sawadee kar (for girl) in the most slutty way possible... She gave me my next clue
A demonstration were given on how to cook roti saimai, which is essentially, popiah skin. Again, i'm dumbfounded... Drink coconut, YES... Eat Popiah... Yes... make popiah skin... NO!!!!! The lady showed me ow it's done, looked very technical.
So, there i am, sitting on a stool, with a 1 meter diameter hot flat pan at stool level, dough on my right and scraper on my left.
i'm supposed to dig my hand into the gooey flour mixture, pull some out and roll it in my right hand, then press it on the hot pan in circular motion, pull it off and let it cook before i scrape it off from the pan, hoping it will be perfect...
and i need to make 50 of those.
My first saimai failed miserably. Khun Aoun rejected any saimai which were too big (perfect size is about 25cm in diameter), not cook (the flour are gooey, had to flatten those overly press quickly or it won't cook nicely) and with holes (problem arise when you try to scrape it and end up making holes in them).
I managed to make up till 12 saimai when Reezman arrived. He again, had trouble getting it right, which was to my advantage. After my 30th saimai, i got tired, sweat was dripping onto the hot pan, sending sizzles while adding extra flavor to the bread. Khun Aoun was getting impatient and rejected almost everyone that i made... maybe Reezman was playing his charm by singing for her...
"sabai sabai, saya tarak cakap Thai", Reezman keep singing in offtune harmony which entertained most of us there... i can't deny i was entertained too. It took the stress out of competing.
I found myself handling the flour rather clumsily, getting chunks of flour on my trousers and shoes, while flinging some to Khun Aoun's hair, pants and blouse. ahaahaahhah
I lost focus but managed to complete 50 pieces perfectly and went on to roll sugar hair using the saimai. We had to make 10 and offer it to the public. Which we later had to ensure that they finish before we can get our next clue.
We clown around again, with me and Reezman hijacking each other's completed saimai, much to the amusement of everyone.
I ran across the street and offered to all passerby, the worse mistake i made was actually offering it to kids, which took ages to finish! Reezman was smarter (and more cunning) by offering to the people outside the shop itself! Can't say it's unfair if the race director lets him, right?
As my last saimai as chewed and swallowed, Reezman dash off with the next clue and i ran to the shop for my clue

I ran back to the hospital and rushed the taxi driver to Wang Chang Ayutthaya. Along the way, i saw big elephant being ridden. and my guess were right...
Khun Tamaporn is a female baby elephant which handed me the next clue

excitement as i caught up back with Reezman, which is just a minute ahead of me. We both proceed to the elephants' enclosure and in came 2 major big mammal...
We weren't given any shampoo, but we have to give the big guy a rub down... now seeing elephant in the zoo and seeing them within arm's reach is awesome and scary.
Immediately, flashback of Animal Planet came to my head where a trainer was stepped, kicked and badly injured by an elephant... so, i was getting ready to roll into a ball, as that episode's tips to do so if encountered an elephant on rampage...
The elephant assigned to me keep moving closer to me every time i sprayed water on him, he came so close that i found myself being pushed to the railing. I found myself almost crouching every time...
his eyes were looking at me, and i keep talking to him in Bahasa, in English, in Chinese and in those lil Thai i know.
Then, i found out what was wrong. He is thirsty. His trunk keep trying to move closer to the hose i was holding, which explained why he keep moving closer to me...
And so, like a Man that had conquered the largest land animal... i felt in control... found the name of the elephant is Bhutan. So, from there on, it's Bhutan here and Bhutan there, it was hilarious as the mahmood, of elephant trainers taught me some Thai as well. Lim is drink... so, i did noticed every time i say lim to the elephant, he actually lifted his trunk higher than usual, tilting his head up, mouth wide open and sprayed water into his own mouth...
it was simply a-w-e-s-o-m-e!
Then after what seems like 15 minutes of bathing the elephant, making him crouch by pulling his ears, cleaning his eyes (yes, i was rubbing the mammal's weakest body part, the EYES!!!) The whole process was therapeutic!
But not as therapeutic as Reezman's elephant taking a dump while being bathed!
After that was done, i had to pull the elephant by his ear to the dressing area, which was 2 scaffolding high. So that's a good 8 feet or more!
Slowly, i climbed on to Bhutan's head, with my back facing the front (IE i'm completely facing the other way) and placed rugs after rugs as a buffer for Bhutan's back before the carriage was placed on his back...
Every time he moved, i freaked. Not gonna be a nice sight to fall 8 foot down...
After that was done, with the help from them mahmood tying the carriage down, i turned around, and sat on Bhutan's head.
Placing my legs behind his ears, i had to kick left if i want to go right and vice-versa, kick both side to go forward...
And there i am... being able to bathe, dress, and now, ride and elephant!!! COOL!
I had to go pick up two passengers and then i had to ride the elephant almost 700meters to Wat Phra Ram, where Khun Tai is waiting with my Golden Box!!! YAY!!!!
All the while, i was in the lead, with Reezman having slight problem with his uncooperative mammal. Perhaps mine was because i found out understand Mandarin! I assumed! The trainer spoke to me in broken mandarin and yes, he did indicate Bhutan knows... or so i think. Bhutan picked up speed and reach Khun Tai.
Using his strong trunk, he grabbed the box and pass it to me while i'm seated right on top on his head! It's empowering!!! I shouted with joy as i collected the Box!
Under the box was my next clue

And so, my journey of 700meters back to the Elephant Palace ended as i let the passenger down. I bend over and gave Bhutan a kiss on his head and ran towards my waiting Taxi.
Next destination is to Suan Rodfai, where I'll meet Azly in front of the sports center office.
I called Azly and was told that he led Azahaari by 30minutes. He is now looking for the Golden Key.
2 minutes later, he called again in ecstasy and told me that he found the key within minutes of calling me. I told him i'm in the lead, with Reezman a close maximum of 10 minutes behind. Feeling rather confident that we are gonna wrap this race up soon, i relaxed a bit and it will be a 60km journey back to the meeting point.
And that was what went wrong.
My driver, Anant, took the wrong turn and headed the wrong way. Instead of bringing me back to Bangkok in 30 minutes flat, he brought me deep into Ayutthaya, making 3 U-turns before stopping one motorbike-taxi to bring us out of that place.
I lost all my lead. I was frustrated. I called Azly and bitched to him about it. It's heartbreaking. My cameraman and race director was devastated, they couldn't believe their luck, what more me?
The next 30 minutes of getting lost in Ayutthaya was heartbreaking and frustrating, everything i asked was replied by Anant with a resounding Yes.
I recalled asking if we were lost, he say YES.
I asked if he knows the way, he say YES.
It was downright frustrating.
When we finally entered the highway to Bangkok, i called Azly and he told me that Azahaari reached the meeting point already, a good 30 minutes behind him. I apologized profusely but he was cool about it. Nothing we could do. I was lost. I felt i disappointed him big time.
Then, he called again, while i was caught in the notorious traffic jam in Bangkok. My taxi was weaving left and right and total displacement was maybe 10 meters after 5 minutes of weaving here and there. I know i'm fucked.
Azly called to tell me that I'll need to shave after this as he and his family are coming to Bangkok for a holiday and he do not want to be bald.
It didn't struck me until i put the phone down where i told the camera of how relevant of someone going bald and going for a holiday.
I was frustrated. Anant was still on the phone, obviously do not know where sports center were!!!!
I called Azly again and was told that Reezman reached a couple of minutes ago while i'm still 8km away from meeting point (or so say Anant). Azahaari is getting his hair shaven for the next task. And so will I.
I reached Suan Rodfai, frustrated and angry, i vent out my anger by shouting and received our next task as a team.
It sank into me. Wifey not gonna be happy with my new hairstyle. Out of anger, i screamed again, this time, Azahaari and Reezman was still within sight. But i was told they were 18 minutes ahead of us. I hope one of them will lose both the set so the time deficit could be reduced to 8 minutes, provided i win both the sets. I know i will, i'm desperate enough to ensure just that.
As Azahaari was getting his head shaven, i sat down quietly to calm myself down. We ran out of luck. Big time. But we are not giving up.
As the shaver went through my head, i felt a sense of enlightenment, perhaps this is all fated, that i get lost, and most probably cost us the race, then me having to shave bald, no point fighting fate. Just got to remain strong... and continue getting pissed with Anant.
By the way, the balding process wasn't going to involve the whole head. It's only the top... the side and back were left as it is. I looked like some man with male balding pattern and only having hair on the side and back. If i leave my side long enough, icould possibly go for a comb over hairstyle!!!

And so, there i was, bald, ugly, fugly. I faced my opponents, Uncle Chumritt showed me how it's done in Thai. I got down on all four, in a 3meter by 3 meter arena. My opponent, which has a natural bald spot, was in his early 40's. Experienced opponent. Azly gave me a few pointer and asked me to treat it as if i'm in a scrum where i need to push my opponents.
Whistle went off, my bald head met with the uncle's bald head, pushing using the head ensued, i used all my might and won the first round easily.
For the second round, i was asked to prolong the fight... buat drama la kira.
And so, i did the drama, put up a good fight this time, giving the uncle hope but only giving him that much hope, and when i felt it's enough, i gave him a heave and pushed him out. I won.
Our opponents lost one and won one, which resulted in a draw. They are penalized for 5 minutes. Bringing the deficit to 13minutes.
We were left there for 13 minutes, before we were handed the next clue (Azly took that piece of clue).
We had to run to Chatuchak market, locate the Market Information Office and look for an officer for our next clue.
And so, there we went, hopping into the Explorace truck and brought to Chatuchak Market. We went around asking and looking for the office, which wasn't easy. This weekend market is at least 6 times as big as our central market area! Maybe bigger! With close to 30 sections of shops, each sections having hundreds of shops, each section having their own Spi(or Lane) which is very much like some residential area!
It took us 10 minutes to locate the Information Office, after being led to a wrong one by one of the local.
Once inside he correct office, we were told to open the golden box for our last clue.
We look at the map and decided to go to get the bandana first, then the Thai cloth and lastly the rattles.
We found the bandana with ease. Section 25, Address 116, Soi 2/5.
We were told to wear it.
I was very very conscious as i'm now officially half bald, with a bandana, which was actually a piece of 1.5inch wide cloth with the word Bangkok stitched on it.
We then went for the Thai cloth at Section 11, Address 205, Soi 12/7.
The cloth were in 2 boxes, of which both were locked. We took one of the box and a ring of keys, totaling almost 50 on the big key ring. So, it's some sort of lottery case. I managed to open the box after 8 tries, but it was empty!
And we went looking for the second box in the shop, found it and i didn't get to open it until almost the very last key.
Going ahead, we found the rattle at Section 8, Address 463, Soi 15/1.
We grabbed it and ran to the boat jetty at Chatuchak Park. We know we lost. There is no sight of the Joker Boys. Knowing that it's the end already, me and Azly decided to do some post mortem, letting the whole experience sink into us for one last time. It's sad, we lost, but we are glad it's not because of our own inability.
We found the jetty, read the clue one last time, and paddle down the waterway around Chatuchak Park.
We reached the Explorace marked tree and ran and at the same time, shaking the traditional rattle to announce our arrival.
We ran next to Sasha, gave her all the items we have collected and was asked how we felt.
The Bandana, the Rattle and the missing thai silk which has to be returned...
Just like this morning, we said we are gonna get lost, well, that's what happened!, i said sadly.
Sasha announced the winner and that marked the end of our own Extreme Journey.
We were told we are only 5 minutes behind the boys.
I was close to tears, but i held back. I can't believe luck wasn't on my side this time around. I blame the taxi driver, but that, as far as i believe, is all fated. It's never written anywhere that me an Azly will be in the final, despite us, being the favourite to win in round 2.
Post note
After the race, and after exploring Lumpini Night Market in my semi baldness, me with the help from Azly and 2 pieces of new shaver, shaved the rest of the hair on my head off. And so now, i'm officially Bald.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's Katoey's Land!!!

blogging from KLIA. Taking off in 40 minutes and the destination is bangkok.


wait up for the report when we're back...