Thursday, June 29, 2006

Engelbert - Truly Amazing Tour 2006

It's a done deed. he came, he had sore throat and he wow them all.

After last friday and saturday dissappointment of him coming down with a bad throat infection and after seeing two doctors for medical attention, after 1 half past 8 concert and one postponed theatre show, he redeemed himself yesterday at Shangri-La.

Old Puteras which were at Saturday's cancelled show were very very wary incase the show yesterday were to be postponed again. it's not easy facing barage of angry and dissappointed crowd and general public.

Sharp at 7.50pm yesterday, the doors were opened and everyone slowly made their way in. By 8.30pm sharp, the band started playing and Engelbert were very much on his way to the stage to give everyone a great performance as promised.

He started by apologising and thanking the crowd for being so understanding over Saturday's cancellation and soon, as the concert progressed, everything negative very very much so forgotten.

I sneaked in for a song or two, bountiful to my duty as door guard and i truly enjoyed him on the stage.

So, here i am, thanking all patrons that came on both Saturday and Yesterday, i hope you all had a great time watching him perform.

Now, i'm back to listening to him on my car cassette and CD player. This cassete below belongs to my late father in law that i never had a chance to know.

Mr. Humperdinck, THANK YOU and no sir, you are NOT THAT EASY TO FORGET!

EH Greatest Hit Cover
Original from Polygram. Don't pray pray, see Mr. EH pic ont he cover also you know this one damn kaw long already!

And Sir, this next song is for you!

And to the 4 TKC Old Girls that kept me, Azly and Ismadi entertained while we hold on to the door to Engelbert's Room, this goes out to all of you.

This song been playing in my head for the longest time...blame it on the singers in Lumpini Night Market and those sexy short pants

MakAndeh's Enge Experience

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