Friday, June 16, 2006

EcoX-capade 2006 - Skill Test

The 3B (Baldy, Bulat and Bacin) went for their skill test prior to this weekend's EcoX.

There they met another B (Bean), that came for his skill testing.

Here is some pics taken while we goof around.

Can all of you please check if your birdy Crabs are locked

Bacin Gabra
The left hand goes on top of the right hand, the right hand goes to the left hips...

bandit struggle
Bandit caught his birdy pussy cockPRUSIK CORD and was left hanging there

bandit jive
and after that, he check to see if all vital organs are still functioning

bean bacin posing
Bacin was seen telling Bean about Jamal's Concert...pure OTAI stuff...

bacin pretend smile
Bacin trying to imagine coming down from the waterfall

stupe unroping
While Baldy checking if everything is testing to see the pussy cock Prusik cord is working.

stupe as usual
and we'll see you this sunday for the race!!!

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