Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ode To Royal Military College

For those that do not know, yes, i'm still bloody proud and bloody nostalgic about my 2 years in Royal Military College. There is ONLY one such institution in the whole of Malaysia. RMC might be famous (or infamous) for all it's worth since it started more than 54 years ago. Click here for the complete history of RMC (Thank you OP Shahiman 1993 Golf Company - my batchmate)

The thing is, after more than 13 years after i passed out from RMC. (by that, i meant "graduate") The feeling of still wanting to be a Boy (a term for the Putera's there) is still burning inside.

No one can deny (well, most of us that went into RMC anyway) that those were the best formative years (depending on how much you love to be put through "hell house") and that aptly shaped most of us Old Puteras after we passed out.

So, Thank you Sam Cheong, for your article on RMC.

Click here for part 1

Click here for part 2

Click here for Unofficial website of RMC by Shahiman

And Jun Shen, you looked damn kaw good looking man! See you in the coming PD Triathlon!
Stupe Pimping Jun Shen. Girls that want his number, please email me.

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