Sunday, January 31, 2010

204KM of Satisfaction

I am still happy with my performance yesterday on the ride from Gombak to The Gap@Frasers.

It was a long day at 41 degree heat and cool 25degree temperature up at Gap.

The day started early for me and Jason when we left home at 0530hours. Reason was to ensure we will arrive on time for the ride that will start at 0715.

Rv point was Hospital Orang Asli (HOA) Gombak.

We took the DUKE highway to Gombak bypassing MRR2 where Thaipusam is taking place at Batu Caves.

We arrived rather early and set up our gears. It will be by far the longest ever ride myself or Jason will do. Mine were naturally Ironman's bike league where it is 180km distance and Jason 160km on Century Ride (Correct ah Contador?)

Slowly, riders started to trickle in at HOA and by 0730, Chief Traffic Controller Arif gave a short briefing and off we went.

Naturally, with at least 25 people in the ride, some will be ultra strong and some might be slow.

My aim were to pace myself and treat it similiar to Ironman race. It is very important as i recently made some subtle changes to the bike setup and fitting and i want to ensure i get it right.

The ride up Genting Sempah route 68 were expected to be no surprise as the climb is gradual with elevation gain of about 1500ft.

The 15km distance took myself about an hour to complete. From there, it was downhill and flat all the way to Bentong - 50km from HOA.

Doggy at the mechanic shop on Genting Sempah greeted us in the morning

It was a crazy train ride from Janda Baik as the peleton blasted past 35km/h average all the way to Bentong. It took less than an hour to reach the next RV point, Shell Merdeka Station. My fastest speed was clocked here at 66km/h on the 10km of downhill.

The stronger rider were practically chasing each other and i did not see them until the RV point.

From Bentong onwards the group broke into three with the faster rider leading followed closely by another group and ended with myself being in the last group of slow rider.

I think i saw Heckler on his way back after reaching Tranum. Hero was pedaling alone and looked damn strong on the bike.

We passed Sang Lee, apparently a place where all your Bentong Durian originated from!

Pic taken on the way back, did not see this on the way there!

It was certainly a welcome sight when familiar faces were there and ready to gives you drinks and food.

Thank you MAC, Z and Alisa!

We reached Tranum at about 1130 covering 80km of distance and with about an hour rest (at Merdeka and helping Yip with his blown tire).

It was a quick rest (and whoring session) at Tranum.

From Tranum, it will be a 21km ride up endless road to The Gap.

I was so looking forward to it.

I know you want me Gap

21km of torture - say you want it bitch

The 21km ride took me a while, almost 2 hours to be exact as i slowly made my way up on granny. When i saw the "FRASERS HILL" logo ala Hollywood, i was estatic.

Gap was 1km away. I made it up there safely. Nevermind it took me almost 2 hours.

Frasers is 8km away - but will take an hour to climb for me. Another day Mr. Frasers!

It was a quick rest - and i had the best sandwich available there - two slices of plain bread with a fried egg in the middle and down it with two can of drinks.

Refilled at support car and was ready to enjoy 21km of downhill fun.

Here's a short 12sec vid of the descend.

Should had been longer if the phone did not clip off the recording... :(

Anyway, once that 21km was done, it was then a 80km journey back home in hot afternoon heat of 41 degree C - just like how Ironman Langkawi will be like.

I was at the rear of the pack and was riding with Debbie when she shouted "DOG DOG!!!"

3 mongrel were chasing was like nitrous oxide being pumped into the legs and we both burst and went from 25km/h to close to 40km/h in an instant.

That took pretty load of energy from us both and with 60km to go...

The rest of the journey back to Bentong was uneventful as all i did was tried to be compose and concentrate on pedaling. Nevermind i was slow, but i was moving. At one point, i was going as fast as climbing hills - 11km/h.

Cam whore lor...else for sure bored out of mind

I sort of found my second wind as i reached Bentong. Suddenly i found renewed energy and decided top push off (and forgo ABC Bentong!!!Where can?!).

This time i had Uracca, the ex-national women cyclist with me. Gulp.

Luckily she was tired. Seriously.

We both cycled together for 20km before Yusran caught up with us and off she went.

I was from then onwards, alone to face the tough climb from Bukit Tinggi to Genting Sempah - the very same hill that i clocked top speed for the day!

The climb was slow, but faster than Frasers. Thing is, after 170km of riding, a bump could be seen/felt as a mountain.

I passed 180km in 8hours. Not too bad considering i had to tackle two tough climbs and gradual rolling hills along the way. If i want to be optimistic, i could say my 180km Ironman ride will be circa 7:30 - just right at cut off.

I reached Genting Sempah R&R at 1800. With 30minutes to go to HOA.

Boy was i wrong.

There were one tough climb - Sempah R&R towards Genting Highland.

8 degree gradient moving to 10 degree before the turn off to Route 68 Gombak, then a last short climb up similar gradient slope.

I was moving crank by crank - 4km/h at most with saliva foaming in my mouth and dribbling down as i tried hard to control - thing was, i can't.

I reached the workshop and saw Yusran waiting. Alisa and Zabrina was there too.

From there onwards, it was a 15km distance of TT (Time Trail) back to HOA.

I maintained 40km/h all the way with Yusran kissing my wheels constantly.

I reached the car at 1900hours.

9Hours 37 minutes of riding over 204km distance at 21.5km/h average.

Hardly impressive timing but i give myself a 10 for effort and 11 for achievement.

I have never ever cycled more than 180km at one go and this was my first ever Frasers ride on the bike.

I felt more comfortable with what i could do come 27th February and can rest a bit easier on the cycling league for as long as i pace and continue to pace myself.

I had zero cramps and the legs felt ok as i am typing this now. It is wrapped under compression wear at this point of time for recovery.

I know i should be sleeping but Ryan just woke up and refused to sleep. Looked like he misses me the whole day i was out from 0530 till 2030 when i reached home.

It was a long long long day with a tough tough tough ride which i was more than glad i did it and happy happy happy i completed it despite struggling at some point.

Thanks to all of you that came and made it happen and special thanks to the support cars - you guy and girls know who you are.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet The Velomad

It was 5.30pm and i decided to walk over to Edwin's place (IMCyclist or Joo Ngan Son).

I sent my Italian gf for a cosmetic makeover. Changed the stem, handlebar tapes, added a meter and replaced the rear tire with a Conti Ultra GatorSkin. Total damage was RM658.

I noticed a man standing there and he gave a man smiling at me.

I did not know who he was until i saw a touring bike outside Edwin's shop.

Instantly i asked Edwin who the chap was and i was told he was the chap that cycled the world.

Hey, it's that Velo chap!

I walked up to him and started talking to him and listen to his stories. He came in Malaysia via Thailand and will head down to Melaka and towards Singapore for Chinese New Year.

His name is Richard. Richard Velomad. I suspect Velomad is not his real surname but he is right, he is Velo (bike) Mad. Aptly named Richard!

I spoke to the man for about 30 minutes, talking about bikes and the experience he has gotten from his travel on two wheels.

He concur that Malaysia is by far the best country he has visited so far.

What is interesting about Richard is his bike. Most of us are so anal about ensuring our bike has the same groupset and runs on certain brand and certain make.

The bike Richard uses are custom made frame that will last a lifetime. Sounded simple enough and it looked like an old steel frame. The geometry were made in pretty strange manner too. I noticed the headset were ultra long and the frame geometry were not unlike a road bike or mountainbike.

I name it Frankenstien Velomad (Sorry Richard, i can't resist!)

Now, to start with, Frank has a seat that already molded to Richard's butt.

Not convinced the seat looked customised over the miles?


Comparing the two Brooks Saddle - priceless

This wasn't the only interesting part. This machine has Campy shifters, Deore crank, 105 rd and mountain bike's cassette. There is no fancy V-brake even as it utilises the proven cantilever system. The panier looked like it weighs tonnes but they aren't.


The man himself, Richard looked like he could do 400km of bike ride in a single day.

He picked up the Mini flags strewn all over the road when he entered Malaysia from Thailand

Nine years, 47 countries, 88,000km, 2 person (him and wife) and 1 Mission.

How many of us are willing to leave the comfort of our home for NINE years and do what he does.

Truly free soul and truly living his life to the max.

I salute you Velomad!

If you guys are interested to follow his adventure, look out for him in Facebook using his name. He is a friend in Facebook now. I am proud to know someone, abeit for 30 minutes!

Oh ya, he and wifey will be cycling back up from Singapore to Melaka to catch the ferry to Indonesia! Talk about extra mileage to save money!

Richard, if you are reading this - KEEP THE WHEELS TURNING!

30 Days to IM Langkawi 2010

I am a little lost for words here.

30 days from today at this hour, i will be halfway cycling the 180km distance.

I will be doing a 200km ride from Gombak Hospital Orang Asli (HOA) to Frasers and back.

After this ride, i will start (to train on) my swim and run.

Hope it is not too late.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 IronMan Langkawi Logsitic - SORTED!

This is my most lacksadaisical year. Two years ago, i gotten all the logistic figured out 10 months before the race.

Last year, it was done five months before the race.

This year, one month.

I am flying Fireflyz this year as i have lost faith with AirAsia. Last year, i was cheated off RM25 because i opted for the "choose your seat" arrangement. Was flying with family and in-laws and naturally, would want everyone clustered together to help out with the kids. The bloody airline scattered the family all over the plane and only saving grace was i was sitting next to wifey - across the aisle! I noticed this when i got the tickets from the counter and after complaining, they refused to hear me out.

So, out goes AirAsia. I will not fly with you again. Thanks to some friends working in AirAsia that also given some contact with regards to this. I even send Tony and email and left message in his Facebook. Sadly, he lost touch. RM25 can't buy him a glass of designer wine back then i supposed, so why bother?

Flying Fireflyz is good as it is nearby the home. Even if i were to catch a taxi, it's RM23 from Damansara. Nevermind it's a Fokker, but a plane is a plane and at least on FF, i get free muffin, a cup of juice and some snacks. What do you get on AA? Nothing.

Enough of AA bashing. Time to move on and not return to this RM25 episode. Not that i can't afford it, it is a matter of principle.

Next more pressing matter was bike transport. While in 2008, i travelled alone, i got the bike packed and brought it with me on the plane. It was easy to do as i was, well, alone.

The following year (i.e. last year), i pampered myself a bit and paid a local bike shop to send it up. It was also their first time and the charges were really really really affordable. Worth the money to pay for the trouble!

This year, the same local bike shop decided to hike the price up by 100%. Where can? Even if i check in, pay extra luggage weight and factor in some inconvinience, it is still cheaper to do it myself. So, what do a man do?

I went hunting around and found someone going up north/Langkawi. So, i basically tumpang their car to get the bike up la! Thank you! You know who you are (because you also read this blog mah!)

Next, was the biggest headache. Lodging.

In 2008, i stayed at RM90/night Eagle Bay. Damn cheap and basic and nearby the race start. No complains.

In 2009, the family and in-laws were following (because it was sister-in-law's birthday and it is like a family vacation, minus me as i am racing), we stayed at this uber fancy hotel in Cenang. I do not want to remember the price of the room per night. I want to forget it.

Now, 2010. God bless Barath and Kam for finding a spot nearby the bike transition and finishing. I opted for a more expensive room at RM155/night. Cheapest being RM109 and then RM129. Only reason is that i do not want wifey and Nadia (yes, we are leaving Ryan at home but we will make sure pizzas are delivered everday for him) to be cramped in a room without window. Hopefully, paying a bit more will give them a more comfortable place to rest in while i battle it out for 17hours.

Now, the good and wonderful thing about this hotel is not only the location, but it is new and it comes with wifi! There is few things you wish for in life and at this age and time, having a connected internet via landline or Streamyx is the way to go. It makes life more easier. And fun. That way too, wifey can check my progress using the Streamyx connection AND live update on

Compare this to the official hotel, it will cost me easily another RM100++ to stay per night and it is RM20/hour for internet. Ripoff on the island of Tax-Free.

Now, just how much are all the total damage so far to date?

IronMan Langkawi 2010 now cost me (rounded to the nearest Ringgit) :

1. Airflight (Myself, Wifey and Nadia) : RM800.
2. Lodging (3 nights with family, one night bunking with Kam) : RM600.
3. Entrance Fee (for being an Early Bird, Malaysia) : RM500.
4. Bicycle cosmetic changes/repair : RM700.

And to finish this 3rd IronMan Langkawi in 2010, it will be priceless.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

107km : DU-Paya Indah-DU 23rd Jan 2010

The intention was to do a 120km on Saturday. Myself and Jason did a 100km last week and with four weeks to go to Ironman, i thought the best strategy is to slowly "increase" the distance.

If i did a 120km this week, It would had been 140km next week, 160km with 2 weeks to go for Ironman, taper and finally 180km on the race day itself.

Great plan, aint' it?

The intention was very clear but as the day grew into late morning, things changed.

Two bottles of liquid are usually enough to last even a 120km ride. Last Saturday was a hot day and by 90km, i was bonked.

The day started pretty well, gaining speed as the muscle warm up to the cold morning from the rain the night before. 30minutes and 10km covered from DU to Kuchai turn off on MEX highway. Not too shabby really.

Jason was a gem, he constantly tailed me and kept me on my pedal, literally. Many a time i know he wanted to sprint infront and he stayed behind like a good domestique.

Simon Cross and another chap overtook us at KM25 on MEX. They were fast. Should be doing about 32km/h up on the small rolling climb near the Rest Area of MEX highway.

I never expected less from him anyway.

We reached the MEX toll in 1:05. That was almost the best time i ever had this year. it was a slow 1:27 when i started cycling again after regaining some iron in my blood. 32km in 1:05...not too shabby by my standard!

Minimal rest at the Toll and saw Abu and Ah Thiam whizzed past. No less than 30km/h and with more watt to go. He came a long way, he was tailing Ah Thiam when he started training with Ah Thiam and nowadays, he is infront of Ah Thiam. I won't expect a finishing of more than 12hours from him come 27th Feb in Langkawi (because Ah Thiam can do a 11:30 or about there la).

The big plan was to exit MEX and head towards NKVE. But with a few warning from the like of TSB and Adzim plus some reassurance from Denis Oakley (i love this name, if i wear an Oakley, it is like personalised shades pronto!) that you will be given a ticket (TSB and Adzim) or you might go off scot free (Denis).

I am not one to take risk such as that, more so i only have that many chances to train. Why let one patrol car with men in blue (or white) stops me and send me to the nearest Toll exit?

With that, carefully planned out in my head - destination would be Paya Indah Wetland in Dengkil. That should give us 50km one way, 50 on the return and the remaining 20 will be slugged on Hartamas-Pencala link...

We sort of picked up speed towards Dengkil and managed a cool 27km/h average and maintaining a cool 35km/h for a 5km stretch without being in a peleton. That is like a (mini) achievement.

We reached Paya Indah Wetland in about 2hours including stoppages at the Toll and traffic lights in Dengkil town.

Wanted to update Facebook but there weren't a stable 3G line...but, lo and behold...there were a wifi channel titled "streamyx". Must be either the National Service camp or the Paya Indah itself. Not bad! Obviously, i can't use the line because it required a password...

Jason wondering if it will rain

Quick rest and on the way we go (back). The return journey was pretty alright until about KM80 when i noticed my legs not cooperating with my mind. Water supply were low and i was cursing at myself for not refilling up at Dengkil.

I pedalled and pedalled and the only consolation were being able to catch a group of scattered bikers on mountain bike along MEX. I assumed they exit at Bukit Jalil and it was nothing proud to be chasing a pack of MTB-ers on the road. Jason, on the other hand, was a good 800m infront (i counted the distance marker along the straight rolling highway...)

Jason is damn strong (sorry bro, not trying to put pressure on you).

At Kerinchi Toll, next to the ever smelly goat house of University Malaya, myself and Jason decided to call it a day. The thoughts of tackling two more climbs - one up after Science Center and one more along Pencala before the tunnel...perhaps were too enough to make us imagine pushing the bike up.

The final 5km from Kerinchi to home were also bad enough. One last climb was the short and sharp over the flyover at Damansara-LDP-SS2...

107km finished in 4hours at 25km/h average. Did not do the 120km i was supposed to do, but can la. Battled saved for another day.

Rolling fun!

So short ride...

In comparison, Simon Cross did a 186km the same 5:30...and that, he said, was 15mins off his mark. 40 degree C heat at 90 percent couldn't be nicer when you managed those distance and speed.

That is the differences between a semi-amateur (me) and a semi-pro (Simon/Abu).

Gonna target a 130km at least this coming weekend before Thaipusam. I say bring it on.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

16th Jan 100KM+4KM BRICK

Last Saturday, myself and Jason Contador did 100km on MEX and Putrajaya. It was tough looking for 100km, but we did.

When i reached home, i was actually locked out as wifey went to see Mum In Law.

So what do i do?

With Streamyx connection via wifi...i actually sat outside and browse Facebook for a while. Thank goodness for 24/7 uninterrupted connection at home and iPhone!

While i sat lingering wasting my training minutes away, i decided to change shoe and go for a run!

And Ran i did. or should i say, i hobbled.

Wanted to strike 5k, but i was way too tired and cramps were setting in and decided to call it a day.

This Saturday, i intend to do the same route (cycling) but will return via NKVE.

Anyone interested?

Photographer Service in IM10 Langkawi

You all had seen the pics on my blog in the previous posting.

Those were printed in Photobooks by a friend that took it in IM09 Langkawi.

This year, he is offering the same service again.

If you are doing your first IM, i highly reccomend you to have memories immortalised. The first time only happen ONCE and you will live to regret it if you got nothing to remember the sacrifices and effort you put in.

Contact to book. First come first served.

Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Weeks and Less to IM10

Sorry for being Nostalgic about it.

2009 Ironman was kinda a mix feeling for me. With inadequate training i managed to pull it off despite having a small injury to the feet during the swimming league. May Senn were a bigger hero(ine) with a chunk of flesh hanging out due to the same reason (of kicking the rough surface of the stone used to weight the buoys down).

2009 was a very challenging year for me and the family. This year, i did not do a "run down" or "reflection" of my life like how i did for the past two years. Sufficed to say, with the job i am doing now, managing a bunch of fun loving happy people, i find myself having no time and no chances to do so. If the prep for 2008 Ironman was 100%, 2009 was a 50% and this year's 2010 would just be 20%, if i am lucky.

I thank all of you that know me and reads this blog and is my friend in Facebook for the words of encouragement and support given. Every little bits help.

While working life has been hectic, rewarding and stressful at the same time, i am admitting it here that i tried to quit, twice at least. It is not appropriate to discuss work openly in an open forum like this for fear that someone might know someone and i will be in trouble at the end. Enough to say that i did my best and been doing my best. Somehow, like life, trust will always be an issue; but not me, mind you. I have enough of people questioning my ability and my intergrity. I never compromised on anything, let alone let my guards down. Sorry to say, but it seems some people think Asians are incapable people that do not know how and what they are doing.

In another word from a close colleague - "we are being colonised, all over again".

I sometimes feel the reason for me to stay put are lame. I think i consider too much of other's feeling. A friend once call me "Stupid Loyalty". This is to reference to me not moving on despite knowing the company is in trouble and now, for not moving on despite the shite i am being put in. I love my team to bit. They put in countless hours to get the job down the correct way the first time, everytime. But it is disheartening to find out that the expectation, internally and externally are always a big gap.

Some minister will call this "comparing apple to orange".

And rightly so, expectation can be a durian and timun (cucumber) sometimes. But i guess that is life.

Talking about life, mine is good. With a family that clings to me and stuck through thick and thin, i can't hardly complain. I only wish for more time with them...and not work until 9pm everynight.

Some of you already know the condition of my mum in law. Well, she is diagnosed with Lymphoma B - a form of blood cancer. She is undergoing chemo now and i sure hope she will recover.

So, what is left? the Race of course, and that is in Capital. With years of racing that includes adventure races, triathlons and made for TV races, i sort of believe i am at the "seniority" to finish anything that is thrown at me with minimal fuss.

This is one race i will finish with sheer determination and drive. It is now not about brute force or how fit i am anymore. It will boil down to how much drama i want to take come 27th February 2010.

With Family and Friends supporting - i hope it won't be that much of a DramaMan.

Oh ya, by the way, i am using Streamyx at home and how come everyone been saying their Streamyx sucks? Mine works perfectly fine and runs 24/7 and never once it failed me, well except when Ryan or Nadia switched off the power, that is. Download speed were expected of the service i subscribed to and i have no complains.

With Streamyx at home, blogging such as these and wi-fi-ing were made easier and more connected.

Now, lets hope my IronMan 2010 will be as "easy and connected" as the predictable Streamyx internet connection at home.

Wish me luck. Loads of it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ban These MOFOs!!!

Read this news here :

and then go to this FB page :

and report these MOFO's (to the FB Admin) which are PROUD TO MAIM People that cycle on the road!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Broga Re-Visited 9th January 2010

My longest ride since Ironman in February 2009 and Desaru 2009.

I never did had enough training this year on the run up to Ironman 2010 and i am not going to give excuse to myself for not being able to complete this RM500 entrance fee race.

I believe my iron level in my blood is almost back to normal but i am still far from my pre-iron crisis. Am supposed to be about 15mg/l or optimum 17mg/l. It dropped to 7mg/l about four months back and i sure hope it is coming back up again.

Jason was unsure about Broga. I told him "if not now, then when?".

For myself am also not sure. No one attempt Broga without proper training. My best timing for the ride was 5:00 with AJ and Julie. That felt like eons ago.

For this ride, i expected to take about 6hours - and i am ready for the pain and humilation.

Jason and myself started off from Batu 18 Hulu Langat while the rest of the guys and girls started from the more macho Batu 14. By taking Batu 14, they will ride up Bukit Hantu - a treacherous climb that will even have a manual 1.5liter car to downshift to second gear to climb at some stretch.

Batu 18 to Tekala was uneventful - infact myself and Jason felt like sleeping.

That ended as soon as the peleton headed by Elaine "Energizer" Wong, Adly "General Ice" and one more individual zipping past at break neck speed. That is suffice to say, the only 3 seconds myself and Jason saw them for the rest of the day.

Then, the rest of the gang - most i have not met before, or met but was never introduced came by.

We instantly woke up. Either we crank it up or be left behind.

Hot and Heavy coming from behind

From Tekala, it was a good 1hour ride to Broga.

It was that fast as the chaps hammered through about 35km/h. I tried sticking to the peleton, but obviously i wasn't able to.

The chaps stopped for an hour of breakfast. Loading anything they could possibly order from the kopitiam around the corner. It was also in anticipation of the climb at Lenggeng, then Bukit Tangga and finally back to Peras from Klawang.

From there on..Lenggeng. The words for the day to Jason as he approach the Lenggeng from me:

"There will be a slope down before the climb, power up and let the momentum brings you half way over".

Guess what.

There wasn't any slope down.

"C1Bai, what slope what momentum???!!!" Jason shouted.

From there, it was a long climb up and over Lenggeng...with saliva dripping out from my mouth, literally before i reach the top.

Adeline was waiting with a smile, and i dismounted and lied down to recover.

We roll on towards Bukit Tangga and at KM65, i had a blow out on the rear tire. I somehow knew it will happen. Mac and Jason was with me and it took me less than 8 minutes to fix it. No pumps required and since i have found the wonder of C02 (Or carbon dioxide) gas canister...i never turned back.

Mine is the same as above but in black. There are cheap canister that cost RM8/16gram

Up Bukit Tangga and Jason stopped for a nice cooling off.

Even on a hot hot can see Jason shivering as he poured ice cold mountain water over his head

While Mac steadily ride his way up, no problems!

I was extremely pleased with Bukit Tangga climb. The last i did it, i was calling wifey and was bitching to her how much i hated this sports and how much i wanted to give up.

I guess PAIN is PLEASURE for me.

Top of Bukit Tangga, Adeline and Lionel was patiently waiting for us all.

Under the shade, no less

While Jason's message was clear - JUST DO IT.

KNNCCB, Stay at home see Astro and sleep in aircond better la!

Onwards to Klawang from there for the compulsory rest and refill at the Petronas station before heading back to starting point.

From Klawang, it is about 42km back to the T-Junction. It promises to be a slow painful ride for me.

Sun was burning right above at 1.30pm and strong headwind, while inviting, had you pedal the extra effort to move ahead.

To be very frank, the reverse Peras isn't that hard. What really made it hard is because people riding this route were either tired or had pushed too hard at the begining of the ride, which at the end make them bong-ed out. I was extra careful and took my time to pace. Something i have learnt from experience.

The face said it all

And the shower took the blues away...


The ride came to an end when we reached the top of Peras. The faster chaps were all waiting. THANK YOU GUYS (and Adeline and Debbie)

The ride down the 9km from the top of Peras was God-send. The final 10km ride from the T-junction back to KM18 was a warm down oh-i-am-so-glad-this-is-ending ride.

140km was done in 6:30.

Could had been better (like the 5:00) but no complains here.

I re-conquered Broga.

Thank you all that came for the ride, it certainly made me feel good. See you all next ride - and sorry i did not catch all your name in the midst of my huffing, puffing and struggling!