Sunday, January 24, 2010

107km : DU-Paya Indah-DU 23rd Jan 2010

The intention was to do a 120km on Saturday. Myself and Jason did a 100km last week and with four weeks to go to Ironman, i thought the best strategy is to slowly "increase" the distance.

If i did a 120km this week, It would had been 140km next week, 160km with 2 weeks to go for Ironman, taper and finally 180km on the race day itself.

Great plan, aint' it?

The intention was very clear but as the day grew into late morning, things changed.

Two bottles of liquid are usually enough to last even a 120km ride. Last Saturday was a hot day and by 90km, i was bonked.

The day started pretty well, gaining speed as the muscle warm up to the cold morning from the rain the night before. 30minutes and 10km covered from DU to Kuchai turn off on MEX highway. Not too shabby really.

Jason was a gem, he constantly tailed me and kept me on my pedal, literally. Many a time i know he wanted to sprint infront and he stayed behind like a good domestique.

Simon Cross and another chap overtook us at KM25 on MEX. They were fast. Should be doing about 32km/h up on the small rolling climb near the Rest Area of MEX highway.

I never expected less from him anyway.

We reached the MEX toll in 1:05. That was almost the best time i ever had this year. it was a slow 1:27 when i started cycling again after regaining some iron in my blood. 32km in 1:05...not too shabby by my standard!

Minimal rest at the Toll and saw Abu and Ah Thiam whizzed past. No less than 30km/h and with more watt to go. He came a long way, he was tailing Ah Thiam when he started training with Ah Thiam and nowadays, he is infront of Ah Thiam. I won't expect a finishing of more than 12hours from him come 27th Feb in Langkawi (because Ah Thiam can do a 11:30 or about there la).

The big plan was to exit MEX and head towards NKVE. But with a few warning from the like of TSB and Adzim plus some reassurance from Denis Oakley (i love this name, if i wear an Oakley, it is like personalised shades pronto!) that you will be given a ticket (TSB and Adzim) or you might go off scot free (Denis).

I am not one to take risk such as that, more so i only have that many chances to train. Why let one patrol car with men in blue (or white) stops me and send me to the nearest Toll exit?

With that, carefully planned out in my head - destination would be Paya Indah Wetland in Dengkil. That should give us 50km one way, 50 on the return and the remaining 20 will be slugged on Hartamas-Pencala link...

We sort of picked up speed towards Dengkil and managed a cool 27km/h average and maintaining a cool 35km/h for a 5km stretch without being in a peleton. That is like a (mini) achievement.

We reached Paya Indah Wetland in about 2hours including stoppages at the Toll and traffic lights in Dengkil town.

Wanted to update Facebook but there weren't a stable 3G line...but, lo and behold...there were a wifi channel titled "streamyx". Must be either the National Service camp or the Paya Indah itself. Not bad! Obviously, i can't use the line because it required a password...

Jason wondering if it will rain

Quick rest and on the way we go (back). The return journey was pretty alright until about KM80 when i noticed my legs not cooperating with my mind. Water supply were low and i was cursing at myself for not refilling up at Dengkil.

I pedalled and pedalled and the only consolation were being able to catch a group of scattered bikers on mountain bike along MEX. I assumed they exit at Bukit Jalil and it was nothing proud to be chasing a pack of MTB-ers on the road. Jason, on the other hand, was a good 800m infront (i counted the distance marker along the straight rolling highway...)

Jason is damn strong (sorry bro, not trying to put pressure on you).

At Kerinchi Toll, next to the ever smelly goat house of University Malaya, myself and Jason decided to call it a day. The thoughts of tackling two more climbs - one up after Science Center and one more along Pencala before the tunnel...perhaps were too enough to make us imagine pushing the bike up.

The final 5km from Kerinchi to home were also bad enough. One last climb was the short and sharp over the flyover at Damansara-LDP-SS2...

107km finished in 4hours at 25km/h average. Did not do the 120km i was supposed to do, but can la. Battled saved for another day.

Rolling fun!

So short ride...

In comparison, Simon Cross did a 186km the same 5:30...and that, he said, was 15mins off his mark. 40 degree C heat at 90 percent couldn't be nicer when you managed those distance and speed.

That is the differences between a semi-amateur (me) and a semi-pro (Simon/Abu).

Gonna target a 130km at least this coming weekend before Thaipusam. I say bring it on.

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