Tuesday, January 19, 2010

16th Jan 100KM+4KM BRICK

Last Saturday, myself and Jason Contador did 100km on MEX and Putrajaya. It was tough looking for 100km, but we did.

When i reached home, i was actually locked out as wifey went to see Mum In Law.

So what do i do?

With Streamyx connection via wifi...i actually sat outside and browse Facebook for a while. Thank goodness for 24/7 uninterrupted connection at home and iPhone!

While i sat lingering wasting my training minutes away, i decided to change shoe and go for a run!

And Ran i did. or should i say, i hobbled.

Wanted to strike 5k, but i was way too tired and cramps were setting in and decided to call it a day.

This Saturday, i intend to do the same route (cycling) but will return via NKVE.

Anyone interested?

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