Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 IronMan Langkawi Logsitic - SORTED!

This is my most lacksadaisical year. Two years ago, i gotten all the logistic figured out 10 months before the race.

Last year, it was done five months before the race.

This year, one month.

I am flying Fireflyz this year as i have lost faith with AirAsia. Last year, i was cheated off RM25 because i opted for the "choose your seat" arrangement. Was flying with family and in-laws and naturally, would want everyone clustered together to help out with the kids. The bloody airline scattered the family all over the plane and only saving grace was i was sitting next to wifey - across the aisle! I noticed this when i got the tickets from the counter and after complaining, they refused to hear me out.

So, out goes AirAsia. I will not fly with you again. Thanks to some friends working in AirAsia that also given some contact with regards to this. I even send Tony and email and left message in his Facebook. Sadly, he lost touch. RM25 can't buy him a glass of designer wine back then i supposed, so why bother?

Flying Fireflyz is good as it is nearby the home. Even if i were to catch a taxi, it's RM23 from Damansara. Nevermind it's a Fokker, but a plane is a plane and at least on FF, i get free muffin, a cup of juice and some snacks. What do you get on AA? Nothing.

Enough of AA bashing. Time to move on and not return to this RM25 episode. Not that i can't afford it, it is a matter of principle.

Next more pressing matter was bike transport. While in 2008, i travelled alone, i got the bike packed and brought it with me on the plane. It was easy to do as i was, well, alone.

The following year (i.e. last year), i pampered myself a bit and paid a local bike shop to send it up. It was also their first time and the charges were really really really affordable. Worth the money to pay for the trouble!

This year, the same local bike shop decided to hike the price up by 100%. Where can? Even if i check in, pay extra luggage weight and factor in some inconvinience, it is still cheaper to do it myself. So, what do a man do?

I went hunting around and found someone going up north/Langkawi. So, i basically tumpang their car to get the bike up la! Thank you! You know who you are (because you also read this blog mah!)

Next, was the biggest headache. Lodging.

In 2008, i stayed at RM90/night Eagle Bay. Damn cheap and basic and nearby the race start. No complains.

In 2009, the family and in-laws were following (because it was sister-in-law's birthday and it is like a family vacation, minus me as i am racing), we stayed at this uber fancy hotel in Cenang. I do not want to remember the price of the room per night. I want to forget it.

Now, 2010. God bless Barath and Kam for finding a spot nearby the bike transition and finishing. I opted for a more expensive room at RM155/night. Cheapest being RM109 and then RM129. Only reason is that i do not want wifey and Nadia (yes, we are leaving Ryan at home but we will make sure pizzas are delivered everday for him) to be cramped in a room without window. Hopefully, paying a bit more will give them a more comfortable place to rest in while i battle it out for 17hours.

Now, the good and wonderful thing about this hotel is not only the location, but it is new and it comes with wifi! There is few things you wish for in life and at this age and time, having a connected internet via landline or Streamyx is the way to go. It makes life more easier. And fun. That way too, wifey can check my progress using the Streamyx connection AND live update on Ironmanlive.com.

Compare this to the official hotel, it will cost me easily another RM100++ to stay per night and it is RM20/hour for internet. Ripoff on the island of Tax-Free.

Now, just how much are all the total damage so far to date?

IronMan Langkawi 2010 now cost me (rounded to the nearest Ringgit) :

1. Airflight (Myself, Wifey and Nadia) : RM800.
2. Lodging (3 nights with family, one night bunking with Kam) : RM600.
3. Entrance Fee (for being an Early Bird, Malaysia) : RM500.
4. Bicycle cosmetic changes/repair : RM700.

And to finish this 3rd IronMan Langkawi in 2010, it will be priceless.


  1. can you share the hotel name you are talking about that is near the transition n finishing. im still struggling to look for a hotel near the race.


  2. Bro, check hotel bahagia in agoda.com

    150 per night plus plus incl bfast.

  3. thank bro. i made my bookings with the hotel already. i opt for the cheaper room.hehe

    thanks again. very much appreciated.

    hope to see you there..

  4. WOW ! stupe, remember me? Isaac, I have been out of the race scene when I came over to down south to work, its been long since I seen the race seen back home. I am so happy that you did you 2010 ironman, I have yet to realize my dream.

    Maybe I will see you in 2011, if possible ! keep in touch man.

  5. Isaac - nice of you to drop by again and yeap, i remember you. :) I will not be doing Langkawi 2011 but will be saving, from now onwards (infact, i am still trying) to race in Busselton, Western Aussie in 2011 December. :)

    I will, however, be in Langkawi to support and cheer all my friends! I see you there, hopefullY!


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