Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Weeks and Less to IM10

Sorry for being Nostalgic about it.

2009 Ironman was kinda a mix feeling for me. With inadequate training i managed to pull it off despite having a small injury to the feet during the swimming league. May Senn were a bigger hero(ine) with a chunk of flesh hanging out due to the same reason (of kicking the rough surface of the stone used to weight the buoys down).

2009 was a very challenging year for me and the family. This year, i did not do a "run down" or "reflection" of my life like how i did for the past two years. Sufficed to say, with the job i am doing now, managing a bunch of fun loving happy people, i find myself having no time and no chances to do so. If the prep for 2008 Ironman was 100%, 2009 was a 50% and this year's 2010 would just be 20%, if i am lucky.

I thank all of you that know me and reads this blog and is my friend in Facebook for the words of encouragement and support given. Every little bits help.

While working life has been hectic, rewarding and stressful at the same time, i am admitting it here that i tried to quit, twice at least. It is not appropriate to discuss work openly in an open forum like this for fear that someone might know someone and i will be in trouble at the end. Enough to say that i did my best and been doing my best. Somehow, like life, trust will always be an issue; but not me, mind you. I have enough of people questioning my ability and my intergrity. I never compromised on anything, let alone let my guards down. Sorry to say, but it seems some people think Asians are incapable people that do not know how and what they are doing.

In another word from a close colleague - "we are being colonised, all over again".

I sometimes feel the reason for me to stay put are lame. I think i consider too much of other's feeling. A friend once call me "Stupid Loyalty". This is to reference to me not moving on despite knowing the company is in trouble and now, for not moving on despite the shite i am being put in. I love my team to bit. They put in countless hours to get the job down the correct way the first time, everytime. But it is disheartening to find out that the expectation, internally and externally are always a big gap.

Some minister will call this "comparing apple to orange".

And rightly so, expectation can be a durian and timun (cucumber) sometimes. But i guess that is life.

Talking about life, mine is good. With a family that clings to me and stuck through thick and thin, i can't hardly complain. I only wish for more time with them...and not work until 9pm everynight.

Some of you already know the condition of my mum in law. Well, she is diagnosed with Lymphoma B - a form of blood cancer. She is undergoing chemo now and i sure hope she will recover.

So, what is left? the Race of course, and that is in Capital. With years of racing that includes adventure races, triathlons and made for TV races, i sort of believe i am at the "seniority" to finish anything that is thrown at me with minimal fuss.

This is one race i will finish with sheer determination and drive. It is now not about brute force or how fit i am anymore. It will boil down to how much drama i want to take come 27th February 2010.

With Family and Friends supporting - i hope it won't be that much of a DramaMan.

Oh ya, by the way, i am using Streamyx at home and how come everyone been saying their Streamyx sucks? Mine works perfectly fine and runs 24/7 and never once it failed me, well except when Ryan or Nadia switched off the power, that is. Download speed were expected of the service i subscribed to and i have no complains.

With Streamyx at home, blogging such as these and wi-fi-ing were made easier and more connected.

Now, lets hope my IronMan 2010 will be as "easy and connected" as the predictable Streamyx internet connection at home.

Wish me luck. Loads of it.

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