Sunday, January 31, 2010

204KM of Satisfaction

I am still happy with my performance yesterday on the ride from Gombak to The Gap@Frasers.

It was a long day at 41 degree heat and cool 25degree temperature up at Gap.

The day started early for me and Jason when we left home at 0530hours. Reason was to ensure we will arrive on time for the ride that will start at 0715.

Rv point was Hospital Orang Asli (HOA) Gombak.

We took the DUKE highway to Gombak bypassing MRR2 where Thaipusam is taking place at Batu Caves.

We arrived rather early and set up our gears. It will be by far the longest ever ride myself or Jason will do. Mine were naturally Ironman's bike league where it is 180km distance and Jason 160km on Century Ride (Correct ah Contador?)

Slowly, riders started to trickle in at HOA and by 0730, Chief Traffic Controller Arif gave a short briefing and off we went.

Naturally, with at least 25 people in the ride, some will be ultra strong and some might be slow.

My aim were to pace myself and treat it similiar to Ironman race. It is very important as i recently made some subtle changes to the bike setup and fitting and i want to ensure i get it right.

The ride up Genting Sempah route 68 were expected to be no surprise as the climb is gradual with elevation gain of about 1500ft.

The 15km distance took myself about an hour to complete. From there, it was downhill and flat all the way to Bentong - 50km from HOA.

Doggy at the mechanic shop on Genting Sempah greeted us in the morning

It was a crazy train ride from Janda Baik as the peleton blasted past 35km/h average all the way to Bentong. It took less than an hour to reach the next RV point, Shell Merdeka Station. My fastest speed was clocked here at 66km/h on the 10km of downhill.

The stronger rider were practically chasing each other and i did not see them until the RV point.

From Bentong onwards the group broke into three with the faster rider leading followed closely by another group and ended with myself being in the last group of slow rider.

I think i saw Heckler on his way back after reaching Tranum. Hero was pedaling alone and looked damn strong on the bike.

We passed Sang Lee, apparently a place where all your Bentong Durian originated from!

Pic taken on the way back, did not see this on the way there!

It was certainly a welcome sight when familiar faces were there and ready to gives you drinks and food.

Thank you MAC, Z and Alisa!

We reached Tranum at about 1130 covering 80km of distance and with about an hour rest (at Merdeka and helping Yip with his blown tire).

It was a quick rest (and whoring session) at Tranum.

From Tranum, it will be a 21km ride up endless road to The Gap.

I was so looking forward to it.

I know you want me Gap

21km of torture - say you want it bitch

The 21km ride took me a while, almost 2 hours to be exact as i slowly made my way up on granny. When i saw the "FRASERS HILL" logo ala Hollywood, i was estatic.

Gap was 1km away. I made it up there safely. Nevermind it took me almost 2 hours.

Frasers is 8km away - but will take an hour to climb for me. Another day Mr. Frasers!

It was a quick rest - and i had the best sandwich available there - two slices of plain bread with a fried egg in the middle and down it with two can of drinks.

Refilled at support car and was ready to enjoy 21km of downhill fun.

Here's a short 12sec vid of the descend.

Should had been longer if the phone did not clip off the recording... :(

Anyway, once that 21km was done, it was then a 80km journey back home in hot afternoon heat of 41 degree C - just like how Ironman Langkawi will be like.

I was at the rear of the pack and was riding with Debbie when she shouted "DOG DOG!!!"

3 mongrel were chasing was like nitrous oxide being pumped into the legs and we both burst and went from 25km/h to close to 40km/h in an instant.

That took pretty load of energy from us both and with 60km to go...

The rest of the journey back to Bentong was uneventful as all i did was tried to be compose and concentrate on pedaling. Nevermind i was slow, but i was moving. At one point, i was going as fast as climbing hills - 11km/h.

Cam whore lor...else for sure bored out of mind

I sort of found my second wind as i reached Bentong. Suddenly i found renewed energy and decided top push off (and forgo ABC Bentong!!!Where can?!).

This time i had Uracca, the ex-national women cyclist with me. Gulp.

Luckily she was tired. Seriously.

We both cycled together for 20km before Yusran caught up with us and off she went.

I was from then onwards, alone to face the tough climb from Bukit Tinggi to Genting Sempah - the very same hill that i clocked top speed for the day!

The climb was slow, but faster than Frasers. Thing is, after 170km of riding, a bump could be seen/felt as a mountain.

I passed 180km in 8hours. Not too bad considering i had to tackle two tough climbs and gradual rolling hills along the way. If i want to be optimistic, i could say my 180km Ironman ride will be circa 7:30 - just right at cut off.

I reached Genting Sempah R&R at 1800. With 30minutes to go to HOA.

Boy was i wrong.

There were one tough climb - Sempah R&R towards Genting Highland.

8 degree gradient moving to 10 degree before the turn off to Route 68 Gombak, then a last short climb up similar gradient slope.

I was moving crank by crank - 4km/h at most with saliva foaming in my mouth and dribbling down as i tried hard to control - thing was, i can't.

I reached the workshop and saw Yusran waiting. Alisa and Zabrina was there too.

From there onwards, it was a 15km distance of TT (Time Trail) back to HOA.

I maintained 40km/h all the way with Yusran kissing my wheels constantly.

I reached the car at 1900hours.

9Hours 37 minutes of riding over 204km distance at 21.5km/h average.

Hardly impressive timing but i give myself a 10 for effort and 11 for achievement.

I have never ever cycled more than 180km at one go and this was my first ever Frasers ride on the bike.

I felt more comfortable with what i could do come 27th February and can rest a bit easier on the cycling league for as long as i pace and continue to pace myself.

I had zero cramps and the legs felt ok as i am typing this now. It is wrapped under compression wear at this point of time for recovery.

I know i should be sleeping but Ryan just woke up and refused to sleep. Looked like he misses me the whole day i was out from 0530 till 2030 when i reached home.

It was a long long long day with a tough tough tough ride which i was more than glad i did it and happy happy happy i completed it despite struggling at some point.

Thanks to all of you that came and made it happen and special thanks to the support cars - you guy and girls know who you are.

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