Friday, February 05, 2010

Haloscan No More

I received an email from Haloscan saying that starting from 18th Feb 2010, it will cease to exist and will be replaced by anohter NEED to be PAID application.

It is indeed sad.

All good things has to go.

If blogger decides that i need to pay to maintain this blog, that would be the end of this blog as well.

This is the first entry that would has the new layout set to utilises the build in comment system from Blogger.

Please continue to leave your comments. I have made it compulsory to log-in and having a word verification as i do not want the comment box to be spammed.

After four years of using Haloscan, i collected about 6300++ comments.

I thank all of you that has come and left a trail of e-writing in my humble blog.

For without your encouragement, this blog would not had went on!

For sentimental value, i have saved all the comments that transpired in Haloscan and will re-look back from time to time to see just how much i have progressed.

I thank you, Haloscan, for those wonderful free years.

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