Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Two Days Two Runs

Yesterday i ran with Wifey.

I felt bad that i pushed her a bit harder than even i expected myself to do. She don't run continously for more than 3km at a time and yesterday, i made her run 8.5km - non-stop in 58:30.

Why did i do it?

I know she is strong and mentally, it is just the barrier that she needs to overcome. She showed that she could do it and she went to sleep proud. I am happy i managed to show her what she could actually do.

Today, i ran alone. 7.5km in 47:30. I am proud of myself.

My last run ever was actually Desaru Long Distance. it is very pleasant to know that i am on my way back and i hope to make it strong for myself.

A close buddy's word - KEEP MOVING FORWARD brings so much meaning and brings so much inspiration.

Nothing will stop me. Watch me go.


  1. Progressing well, bro. Well done to Aileen too.

    I ran with Li-Ann too yesterday, also about the same distance, also about the same time.

    So how? This Saturday want to cycle?

  2. Kev - no la. am sorry i did not get back to you earlier.

    Saturday is a no go. TOo many things pending as i will be working until Friday, that would meant Saturday are the only day to prepare for CNY.

  3. No problem, Stupe. I've been asking around too and I have a few options now. Just wanted to check with you only since I've asked you last time.

    Don't work too late ya, Chinese New Year only comes once a year ;)

  4. good luck to u =) all d best tau =)


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