Tuesday, February 23, 2010

T-4 Days to Ironman : Last Official Posting.

I will be leaving for Langkawi tomorrow via Firefly at 1250hours and will reach Langkawi at about 1400hours.

This will be the last official posting via blogger and i wish to thank all of you that read this
blog and knows me personally or via Facebook for the support and the "never say die" attitude.

I will update periodically via Facebook (find me as Tri Stupe) and perhaps using Twitter (I am no big fan of twitter, but get me at opstupe)

On race day, you can follow me on IronmanLive.com and just look for my name - Lim Ee-Van (or Eevan Lim as registered by LIEM - am upset they can't get my name right!)

I leave this post with two Youtube posting, which is a Pic-vie (as in Movie, but using pictures) done by Kharis aka Tuan Senang Besar and IronKam.

I might not be able to update the race report as soon as the race is over as it will be a very busy week at work from 1st March till 5th March.

And don't worry too much about me. I am a survivor and i will finish this race and collect my third Ironman finisher medal no matter what it takes.

See you all in Langkawi, or online, soon!


Stupe aka Ee-Van.

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