Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Layout and Theme!

Welcome to the new layout and Theme.

The old opstupe.blogspot.com were a bit boring and i was having problem with the html coding due to me forgetting how to troubleshoot/recognise html coding anymore.

I was having problems where my post could not be commented.

And what good is a blog that readers can't comments? It is like a priest preaching during Sunday service and no one can say anything.

I hope you like the new blog theme. I source it from the people below (scroll to the bottom and the link is there).

I love it for the simplicity and how neat and clean it look.

And to keep up with that spirit, i decided to remove host of other useless javascripts and noticely missing were a faithful advertiser that do not think i am worthy to carry anymore text-link ads anymore. So there goes my constant USD8/month!

Comments and critiques are most welcome (but please be constructive) and i look forward to serve you reader better via this blog.

2010 marks my 6th year blogging and here to another 60 more.

Perhaps the next step is to register my own domain and call it imstupe.com?

Ideas please!

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