Monday, February 22, 2010

T-5 Days to Ironman Langkawi - WAXING!

I have been wanting to remove the hair on my legs to see how it is like racing "naked". After years of racing as a small time amateur, i've decided to gather enough guts to do it.

Shaving is easy and painless, but i hate the stubble like feel after it grow back within the next 24hours. Plus the chances of ingrown hair and i might end up having a pair of legs that looked like a female butch taking testeterone to grow some stubbles.

Being chinese descendant doesn't help it seems as i am not blessed with enough juice to make more hair on my body. 

It doesn't take much coaxing for wifey to agree to do this. Infact, i rode on her package at Amante at Soho KL. That was the same place she brought me for my first ever pedicure.

I left work early (1830hours) to get to this place by 1915hours. I was late due to traffic and the rain. It was like some omen telling me to "forget it, you won't make it on time, they close at 2000hours".

Was apprehensive of course!

The treatment started on the calves. Two ladies worked on me and happily spreaded hot wax on my skin. The warm-hot feeling of the wax sort of make me worry a bit...if the actual stripping of the hair will burn me more than the hot wax on skin.

The moment of truth as the first piece of cloth rested on the warm wax, pressed and smooth down and....RIPPPPPPP.

Pretty anti-climax - it was painless.

Having your nipple chaffed against wet running vest are more painful than this.

Having a life-spasming cramp on your calves are more life-threatening than this.

Infact, the sound of the wax ripping off the legs were....pleasure.

I went in with legs full of hair (toes included) and came out hairless...up till my upper thigh.

I was told that the legs aren't as painful to wax compared to say...the upper lips or doing a bikini-wax.

The whole ritual took 30 minutes and i am now, as smooth as a baby's butt (on the legs).

No regret. Many asked me why - i just guess it is one thing i can strike off from "things i want to do before i die" list.

Here's a short 40 seconds video. You can hear the ripping of the wax strip...and i did not (macho-ly) bulged.

And no, this is not my attempt to be so called metrosexual.

I think Metrosexuals are sissies.


  1. now that we know its possible, you've opened the pandora's box bro!

  2. May the hair-less revolution begins!!!

  3. woooohoooo....and now the man just became smoother, sleeker and faster....have a great one mate

  4. still looks painful. *ouch*

  5. dat explains why it's not so painful cos u did it at a salon :p

  6. Geoff - And hopefully...survive this weekend!

  7. Terence - ouch!

  8. Yip - :D what can i say, i am "man" enough.

  9. I'll give it a shot someday, maybe not legs but other parts. My gal's too scared to do bikini line waxing....


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