Friday, September 30, 2022

Pacific and Colors Socks available at Cyclopath Cycling Store

Pacific and Colors were founded by Lidia Ansio and Aixa Sanuy in 2013 in Barcelona. Our main objective was to provide an opportunity to the most forgotten piece of clothing by all and so important to us: socks! We take them as a canvas to unleash our creativity and capture inspiration from day to day.

Design socks inspired by nature and avant-garde trends. Manufactured in Spain and Portugal under the supervision of textile experts as a guarantee of quality and comfort. The stamping and the rest of the chain production is carried out in Barcelona, in small workshops that control the quality of the product and take care of every detail with great care.

Designed in Barcelona, dressing the whole world.

The refreshing design, color and hue of the Cycling and Running socks from Pacific and Colors are both eye catching and functional. My friends at Cyclopath Cycling Store will be the authorised distrubutor for this socks in Malaysia and the pre-launch sales is happening right now. If you are interested to get them, you can use this code TRIS20PACIFIC and get yourself a 20% discount. The socks will be shipped out October 15, 2022. See them here at Cyclopath Cycling Store

Enjoy some of the photos shared from Cyclopath Instagram - give them a follow here

Monday, September 26, 2022

Purpose Performance Wear - Purpose Modest and Muslimah Series

Purpose and BigBigPlace held a sneak peak event last Saturday to showcase a new range of triathlon, running and cycling wear ahead of the official launch at Ironman Langkawi in November 2022. This event also officiated BigBigPlace as the officialy distributor and partner to Purpose - you now have the chance to see, feel, try and buy them there.

Noor  -Founder
Purpose came into fruitation in 2015 being focused on cycling as a start; Yes. They been around for the past 7 years and has ventured into a full-fledged sports brand (founded) in 2017. I was among the first few that had that privileges' and experience with their debut into world of cycling in 2015. 

From my write up in 2015... this still holds very true
I know of DrNoor from his days in Malaysia and an avid sports person himself. Knowing exactly what an athlete needs, his products focuses on the heat and humidity of Southeast Asia. What started off as cycling focused has turned into running, and triathlon became the biggest success in terms of products.

Current modest range available online and at BBP
Hypermesh fabric tech is used for the triathlon suits, running apparels and cycling jerseys which provide unmatched comfort and performance to our Southeast Asia weather. These products has graced  world record, world championship and other international events and competition. They are race proven and training ready.
Modest and Muslimah Ready
In late 2017, after observing a large number of women crossing the finishing line at Ironman Malaysia in Langkawi, Noor noticed that many had to wear multiple layers for their triathlon in order to cover themselves up due to either religious or cultural requirements. Committed to solving this, the PURPOSE for Muslimah tri suit was developed and made its debut in Ironman Malaysia 2018.

The introduction of the PURPOSE for Muslimah series makes Purpose the first, and perhaps the only brand in the world to make performance products for Muslim women triathletes. Renamed PURPOSE PERFORMANCE for Modest and Muslimah in late 2019, the range expanded to include kits for all types of ladies who prefer modesty in their dressing. While remaining true to their core of high performance for every woman, this makes PURPOSE the only sportswear apparel in the world that makes performance products for the entire spectrum of women.
I know at least two of them in the photos  ;-)
If you are interested to know, see, feel, try, and perhaps own them, head over to Purpose Asia website here, or alternatively visit BigBigPlace physically if you are in Malaysia. Give their social media pages a follow:
Instagram - @teampurpose
Facebook - purposeperformancewear
Youtube -
Blog -

Photo credits: Purpose Asia website, social media and my own

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Asics Magic Speed 2 : Not A Carbon Plated Shoe Yet

 Just In: Specs of Asics Magic Speed 2:

Those of you that has read about my short review of MagicSpeed 2 in my write up may come off feeling a bit disappointed that this variation does not have a carbon plate.

So I was not that accurate. Magic Speed 2 is NOT carbon plate, but it is "carbon infused TPU plate" Which is similar to Metaspeed Edge+. I do not have any experience with these shoes and can't comment. 

The stack height is 27-34 - which makes this shoe a nice 7mm drop. I wasn't far with my 8mm prediction based on feel. The Foam is sandwiched and combination of FFBlast+ on the upper and the  Fytefoam on the lower. Lending both agility and lightness. 

So, Officially, I've NOT tried Carbon Plated as yet. Only "carbon infused TPU plate".

Now, even if this is NOT carbon plated, those TPU plates were indeed impressive. And if this is just a TPU plate, then the technology of having TPU in shoes from the time of Skechers GoMeb using Hyflex material has since evolved.