Thursday, December 03, 2015

Purpose - Technical Cycling and Triathlon wear for Asian Climate

Singapore-based Cycling and Multisports Wear Brand Purpose Launches

Creating fine technical wear for cycling and triathlons; built for the Asian climate

Singapore, SG: There’s a new name in cycling and triathlon wear. Purpose, a
Singapore-based brand launches last week, November 26th with an online presence . Mid-2016 will see Purpose venture into retail distribution as a strategy to grow both locally and internationally.

With an aim to cater to the growing participation in cycling and multisports in Asia, Purpose’s mission is to create products that are specific to the needs of these athletes in Asia. “Heat and high humidity affect a large part of cycling and triathlon in Asia. Most of the current range of cycling and triathlon wears available in the market were not designed and built with this in mind,” said Noor Aziz, founder of Purpose.

Noor is an avid runner and cyclist, having completed several full marathons and long distance cycling events himself. “One of the challenges I found in long distance running and cycling in this weather is that we sweat at least 3 times as much as in cooler climate. The choice of fabric and what we wear for these rides or runs affect our sweat patterns as well. Sadly, there aren’t many cycling clothes made of a good enough material to be able to keep us in comfort beyond a certain distance due to excessive sweat and heat. Purpose want to change that”.
The launch series of Purpose, focused on cycling for now (with triathlon running
clothes to be added in January of 2016) is made primarily of two types of technical materials - lightweight 4-way stretch nylons/polyester in most part of the body, together with ultra-permeable mesh fabric in areas where faster dissipation of heat is required; namely arms, shoulders and upper back.
Purpose Flow
“These technical materials aren’t new,” says Noor. “They’ve been around and are used by elite athletes in professional races or tours. Pro-teams don these special kits during races where hot weather and humidity are major factors. What they wear during Tour of Dubai is different from the Tour de France, for example. Yet even so, these hot-weather fabrics are very rarely available to the general masses, and only in expensive limited edition ranges.”
Purpose Victory
With the goal to fuel the sports of competitive cycling and multisports in Asia,
Purpose’s every intention is to make these highly technical fabrics available to the general masses.

Purpose Ambition
“Purpose is making top quality, technical performance wear accessible to everyday champions” added Noor.

Purpose wears are available for test and reviews. To request one, or for an interview with Noor Aziz, founder of Purpose, please send an email to .


About Purpose: Founded in Oct 2015, Purpose aims to be the voice of Asia that contributes to the growth of the sports of competitive cycling and multisports. Purpose was founded on the believe that the right clothing can and will create improvements in the self, as well as in the sports we are passionate about. Purpose is here to help people with their purpose.

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