Monday, March 31, 2014

Ironman Preparation Over 24 Weeks

Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya is just around the corner. It is my A-list race. A race that will gauge my prepareness for Ironman Langkawi in September and it will allow me a chance to fine tune my training and continue to improve in my dream and hope of racing outside of Malaysia one day. My last few weeks was void of update in the blog due to one main reason - work.
Week 22 7:50:16 248.09km

Week 23 9:05:11 264.02km

Week 24 5:46:44 191.70km
Tough Time Don't Last
Things changed recently at work with the team growing and the work pilling. I find myself back in the similar opportunity about 5 years ago. However the biggest difference is that I am not reporting to anyone in-country now. So there is one or two less level of decision making. It is liberating if you ask me. Trading this off would be losing some precious time that I've established over the past 2 years on "moving away from things that doesn't matter past 6pm". Increasingly, I see the opportunity presented to me as a recognition and has been asked to provide a "succesion plan" within this year as to allow me to move to a more challenging role. I know many would had love to be in my position. Previous experience has taught me that many too, will hope to see you fail. For me, this is a job at worse, a career at best. I am giving this to turn into a career, third time around.
But Tough People Do
Mentally, I do not see myself handling stress as well as I thought I could. My wife knows me best and she knows when I am stressed and mentally pushed. She went through the worse part of the time where I have nightmare and address her as my "project manager". Waking up in cold sweat about the thoughts of being blamed for all (other) failures while swallowing my own. Those were the days I hope I do not and will not go through again. Alas, I learnt that all these is a choice. For me, my passion in triathlon, blogging (and social media), branding and photography will not pay the bills at home. Not even going to pay for the kids' basic education, what more to ensure food are placed on the table everyday? 
The sweat (certainly) doesn't pay bills
Looked like what I am lamenting here are the usual things that many of us find hard and struggle. I do not see myself as everyone else and I certainly would not allow work to hinder my progress in sports and family. Something got to give, unfortunately and at this point of time, it could very well be the reduced effort to write in this blog. What used to be a daily affair will likely see publishing once a week or at most, three times per week. We are on an interesting journey here and there are still so much to learn and share. Stay tuned to for more write ups. More to come from me both in life and this virtual extension of myself. 

Carpe Diem!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Skechers GoRunRide3 : Full Review

Virgin GRR3 Run
Been almost 3 weeks since the unboxing review was done here. The Skechers GoRunRide3 (GRR3) hasn't hit the market as this review was written, but it will be "soon". As I've mentioned in the first posting, this shoe is "different" from the usual GoRunRide series. It felt like a total revamp of the series and it has some good and not too good points. Read on for more.
The Fitting
I got the US10 sizing and tried the US11. A size up (11) was too large and a size down (US10) was "just nice". I removed the insole and it was better when it comes to the fitting. Having a shoe too big is as bad as a problem of having one that is too tight. Compromise was reached with me deciding not to run the GRR3 with (the removable) insole.
However, do not be fooled with the opinion above as the shoe has roomy toebox. My toes were able to spread out without any restriction. This was similar with my feel with the GoRunUltra (GRU) as i've reviewed them here, noting down the similarity when it comes to the fitting.
Super soft
First Feel
Wearing the GRR3 the first time for a short run to feel the bounce and the shoe's reaction to sudden change in direction. As this is the version of Skechers close to traditional trainers (aka cushioned running shoe), my intention was to feel for lateral flexing as I run and move to the left and right in sudden direction change. Think or imagine how a rugby player "side-step" as they run. Why this? Because running on road has it's hazard, like potholes and animal dropping. Also the need to move away from vehicles coming too close. I may not had written this before, but all shoes I been reviewing goes through the same test. I want/need to know and be confident I can get out of the line of fire safety. That said, the GRR3 passed with many steps to the side in flying colors.
Padded (very) tongue
The tongue of the GRR3 is very padded. It felt like I put a cushion on the top of my feet and then lacing it up. That made the top really comfy. My initial worry was it will be hot due to the padding, but as the mileage started to roll in, i did not feel any different from the GRR2 (NiteOwl) or the GR3.
Infact, I thought I was wearing a thicker GR3.
Awesome clear sky (3 weeks ago)
The GRR3 is a 4mm drop shoe. With or without the insole, it stays at 4mm. The heel felt thicker as with the mid and the front of the shoe. Living to it's name of a cushioned trainer, the bounce and cushioning gets addictive. However, despite being a 4mm drop shoe, the thicker sole made me feel as if my feet is moving to the front as I run. After almost 100km over the past weeks, it felt that way, but it depends on how snug you tie the laces and fit the shoe on your feet. As I am predictable, I've have the tendency to bunch up my toes (imagine gripping your hands into a knuckle) and tie my laces. That way, I know I will have space to move my toes without having the top of my feet being overly compressed by the laces (this is a tip ;-))
Thicker outsole
You would had noticed that the M-Strike of the Skechers shoe is very pronounce and with the back heel portion to be more curved (upwards) that other traditional trainer. This actually (again) promotes mid-foot landing for better running efficiency and injury prevention. Locking out your knees while running is bad for your running form (and knees ultimately).
Front crash pad different from the usual Skechers
Run - Without Insole
My run on GRR3 has only been based on sockless and insole-less. While it is different from how I've approached it previously, I do not see myself with either socks or insole when running with this GRR3. The inside of the shoe were smooth. The velvety insole made it nice to run without socks. No loose thread or protruding parts on the insole that will cause hotspot.
Lifting up the legs - working the hamstring
The GRR3 was completely different from what I experienced from GRR2 NiteOwl. The GRR3 were more streamlined and as light as a GoRun series. The cushioning were a bit lesser compared to GRR2, but more than a GR3. After running almost 30km in them, I swear I can't really tell the real differences between GR3 and GRR3 apart from the thicker insole. But perhaps, that was the biggest differences, and that was the reason for the GRR3 as a separate model. I guess I've answered my own question.
GoImpulse Pods
The GRR3 performed as I would had expected. Cushioned when it should be and agile when required. The famous lightweight-ness of Skechers shoes are something many shoe manufacturer will envy. At 100km, The GoImpulse pod showed some wear and tear, but nothing extraordinary to raise any alarm. 
Encourages mid-foot strike via M-Strike. Legit.
As many of you know, my running route is predictable. On some days, I have a mix of trails and road. And yes, the GRR3 was also put through the trails in Bukit Kiara. I would say it held up pretty well and the lateral movement (see why i tested it? because I wanted to have option to use them for hybrid running surface). The only drawback is that the shoe do not have a protective layer between the sole and the insole, which made every single protrusion on the ground to be felt. I now have good appreciation of the GoRunUltra and the GoBionicTrail features. The grip were a surprise as it held on well. Only on a few occasions it did not grip as well as I wished. Condition such as loose gravels is hard to predict and it could be inherent in many other proper trail shoes anyway.
Lift them up!
A little not too good
In the first 40km of usage, I had blisters forming on both feet, same spot on both legs. It could be two reasons - the fitting or the shoe is not "seasoned" yet. Past 50++km, the blisters did not happen anymore. That was about the only not too good I experienced. Been a while since I had any (blisters) wearing Skechers.
- Cushioned as expected to be
- Surprisingly light for a "cushioned" shoe. For the record, this is 20grams lighter than GRR2 (260grams)
- less bulky = less clumsy looking
- may induce blisters on earlier usage. Could be due to my feet's shape and shoe's shape?

Note: This pair of Skechers GoRunRide3 is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair is not launched yet. No pricing available at point of writing, but should be the same RM399 for men as indicative pricing. 

Opinion in this write up is my own and not influenced by Skechers Malaysia or 2ndSkin program.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Press Release : IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya

At IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya, Malaysia is set to wow athletes in its unique garden city  banner

At IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya, Malaysia is set to wow athletes in its unique garden city

Putrajaya, Malaysia (March.14th) – IRONMAN and Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) under Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture, recently hosted a showcase to the upcoming IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya and IRONMAN Malaysia in Langkawi this coming September 27.

IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya will be held on the weekend of 12-13 April 2014Hon. Tan Sri Khalid Ramli, CEO of Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (LADA), Hon. Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat, President of Perbadanan Putrajaya, Mr Zulkefli Hj Sharif, CEO of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and Tony Nagamaiah, GM of Malaysia Major Events (MME) – a division of MyCEB joined IRONMAN Director of Operations David Ray at a media famililarazation function in Putrajaya recently to promote local awareness of the upcoming event.

From left: Dato Abdul Ghani Ahmad, Vice President of Perbadanan Putrajaya, Para-athlete En Sabki Arifin, Tan Sri Khalid Ramli, CEO of Langkawi Development Authority (LADA), 77 year old IRONMAN triathlete participants Mr Sze Mun Yee and Dr Pui San Au Yong, En Zulkefli Hj Sharif, CEO of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and Mr David Ray, Director of Operations for IRONMAN Asia Pacific.

Event Director, Melissa Stephens from the IRONMAN Australian division has been on site in Malaysia working closely with the new team in the IRONMAN Malaysia office to prepare for the first event next month.
The IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya will see host city Putrajaya, welcome nearly 1400 athletes from around the world. The professional field will be headlined by 5 time World Champion Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander of Australia. Athletes from 66 Countries are entered into the April 13th event that comprises of a 1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21.1km run. International athletes make up 67% of the participant list.
IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya commences at the Millennium Monument, Putrajaya Lake with professional athletes entering the water at approx 7:10am. The age group athletes will start their race at approx 7:20am. Race leaders are expected to exit the water 20minutes after their start time and then proceed to transition at Precinct 2 to collect their bike and head onto the 90km bike route.

Mr Sze Mun Yee, 77 and En Sabki Arifin will be representing Malaysia at the IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya on the 13th April.

Leaders are expected to complete the bike by 9:35am. They will then head out for the run around the island before heading down the finish Shute at Precinct 2 to cross the finish line. Estimated finish time of first professional athlete is from 10:45 to 11am.
Some fun facts:
  • Malaysia is the largest country represented with 464 taking part
  • Singapore is the second largest representation with 272 athletes and Great Britain 3rd with 93 athletes
  • International athletes make up 67% of the participant list
  • The youngest athlete is 18 years old and the eldest athlete is 77 years old
For the full press release and media info packet including maps and imagery, click here

If you are racing Putrajaya, click here for the Triathlete Race Day Guide

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Introduction To Bike Trainer

Hope this is not too late to be shared as many do not know what is the best way to utilise the bicycle trainers. Before I go on, the photo below is a bike trainer (Band/Model : Tacx/Satori)
Tacx Satori rim-drive magnetic trainer
So, you now know that a trainer is an object that holds the rear wheel of a bicycle up, shaped like a tripod (or in this case, a quad-pod). It secure the rear wheel and it has two type of contact between the bike and the trainer; a tire-drive and a rim-drive. 
Minoura RDA850 Rim-Drive. Photo from Wifey uses this
The many different type of trainers
Simply put, a tire-drive has the contact point between the tire and a weighted (usually) solid disc and works on opposing magnetic/eddy current. A rim-drive has contact point that "clamps" on both sides of the rim, lending resistance as the drive is then linked to about the same system as rim-drive.
Tire-drive. Magnetic.
To put things in more simplistic division and sub-division:
1. Rim-drive
2. Tire-drive

Resistance from:
1. Wind (noisiest)
2. Magnetic (adjustable)
3. Fluid (quietest and adjustable)
*Rim-drive resistance do not have fluid drive usually.
Trainer allows couple to workout together, or in this case, me to offer words of encouragement after I am done with my session
There are a few other variation of trainer and the least favourite because it is the hardest to ride on is what the many pros (using it) call the "roller"
Suicidal. Photo from Wikipedia
And you can see why I say "least favourite" and "pros".
Well Grounded
The motivation for a trainer can be summed up with two valid reasons. First it's safety and second the convenient of doing it anytime, anywhere. 
As the sports draw more interest with the general public, more cyclists takes to the road for a workout. This has increased the exposure hours and exposes us to the other road users. With drivers not usually used to see cyclists on the road, and the (some of drivers) lack of logical thinking, accidents and most of the time death, happens. 
Side by side, stationery
Then of course, having a trainer meant you can bring your bike and trainer in some domestic travel and set it up for a workout in the hotel room, or toilet if you are afraid the noise generated will wake the family up. 
Also a a bikestand, perhaps
Being able to train on the bike you will likely to use for racing will also help you to be more confident in riding/sitting on the saddle for longer period of time. If you ride a TT bike, the trainer allows you to slowly get into aero-position safely in the sense you do not need to fret too much compared to when you are on the road. Think of it as "L" license until you are comfortable to be in position. Bike trainer allow you to practice clipping and unclipping your cleat shoes to save embarrassment of falling when you come to a complete stop.

Sharing the pain
Introduction To Training With Trainer
Start with the lowest resistance and at the middle gearing. This is the most neutral setting and provide you a good start on what to come next. Middle gearing in this sense is set at the smaller crank (39 on standard crank and 34 on compact) and put it at the rear cog of 15 teeth. This is also the best gear to be in exiting transition during triathlon.
Next is to be able to spin this gear at constant 90 round per minute or RPM. Sound easy as the gears are light - that is until you first attempt to complete the (first) session for 30minutes.
Speed vs gearing vs cadence
And if you managed to keep at 39x15 (39 crank and 15 teeth rear) at 90rpm for 30mins, congrats! You just finished cycling approximately 15km at 30km/h!
With the above gearing charts as an indicative effort, you can customise how you want to train. Interval, tempo and even long rides can be completed just by adjusting the level of effort (cadence) and gearing (combination). Working on the trainer provide you with possibly stronger legs when you finally takes the bike on the road. Reason is that on trainer, once you stop pedalling, the wheel stops. As opposed to pedalling on the road, you will "coast" provided you are not going uphill. It is said that the effort on trainer is easily 50% more than actual riding. So, if you spent 60mins on the trainer, that is equivalent to cycling 90mins on the road. That is provided you actually keep the cadence and effort while on trainer (because sitting there not pedalling does not equate to training no matter how painful your butt feels).

I will share some of my bike trainer training in the following blog entries. Until then, Good Luck!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Putrajaya - Lukut Cycling Training Report

A week has almost past since the ride to Lukut from Putrajaya. I initially wanted to join the Tadonamo Swim Simulation but i failed to register for it and do not want to add administrative burden to the good people that arranged for the swim in the Lake (at Maritime centre). Permission is imperative for us to swim in Putrajaya lake for matter of safety and also good accountability. What drew me to the ride was the chance to get out and pedal outdoor. I've been working my ass (literally) on the bike trainer and only "real feel" on the road will serve as a good indication of how much fitter I've gotten over the past 22 weeks of Ironman training.
The Riders
Before the ride
Up till a day before, I only know that Rupert 6-pack Chen, Doc Pui San and Pretty Phui Tin will be riding to Lukut. Then I found out that Daddie Muscleman EM, Lini Superwoman Kazim and Bryan Toracay Lee will be joining in the fun. I know the ride will be a fast and furious one especially when one are known to he a King of Mountain rider and that person with 6-packs will "only" be using his old metal bike. We pushed off at about 10am and headed towards Dengkil.
Note to self : Adjust the helmet
It was a good chance for me to test the new gears out. The Spyder Helium helmet that is superlight and airy, the Agent sunglasses that wraps the eyes area cutting out glare. If I am going to be using these for my races, best to get used to them and use it as an opportunity to review them for this local Philippine brand.
6-Pack man ahead
Weather was good and the intention was to be exposed to the heat. However, that Sunday was starting to get hazy and visibility was not as good. The sun was partially blocked off but that was the best we could get on that day. The outing also allowed me to test the new setup drinking system where I put a bottle cage between my aero-bars instead of the aero-bottle which may spill some precious liquid (fuel) when I hit bumps on the road.
Metal cage for more secured fit
I sent my race wheels for servicing due the day before and the ride too, present a chance for me to check the freshly serviced Durace hub and replacement ball bearings.
Speedweapon. 2007 Zipp 404.
The group picked up speed along Lebuhraya Selatan and after about 5km, we noticed that 4 in the group has dropped off. After a check, a puncture has caused them to stop for the short repair. The tube replacement was made tricky due to a torn sidewall on the tire and two tubes were damaged by the creases that was created when the original repair were done by wrapping a RM1 (plastic) note around the tube. It was also a good lesson for most of us to learn to use the CO2 cartridge that inflate from zero to 120psi in matter of seconds. With the puncture fixed, the group blast their way towards Lukut and stopping at most major junctions to make sure everyone regroup for safety purposes.
"Don't go so fast can?"
It has been a long while since I rode this route. Used to start at MTDC Bangi and headed to Lukut/PD via the same way. However, the route from Putrajaya was different as the route has a few steep and sharp climb upon exiting Putrajaya highway.
Trainer Legs Put On Road
Many of you know that my training are mostly on the trainer and I get little exposure on the road due to safety reasons. More so, with weekends mostly dedicated for the family, the challenge is to get out, do the ride and get home to be able to spend time with the family. Having trained on consistent cadence incorporating tempo and interval work, I was anxious to see where these monotonous training on trainer will bring me on the road.
Waiting near Bandar Enstek
Having train in aero position has prepared me to stay in the position as long as possible. The first 40km was good as the pace was set at above 35km/h with a few sections where breakaway and attacks were done at speed exceeding 55km/h. That was when I felt the training on the trainer has paid off. However, I could not sustain the speed (>45km/h) beyond 2km and this has made me realised that to be really good, training on the trainer at 200W estimate will not be sufficient. I need to up my training.
P3. Speedmachine. Sexy.
A quick refill at the Shell station near Pekan Sepang and we were on the way towards Lukut. It was only 18km from Sepang and it has a rolling route where some climbs will add on to the fast downhills. Always remember to use momentum and also higher cadence when you attack those hills at speed.
One for the album
The mid-point was at Lukut and the ride took us about 3hours including stoppages. Recorded an average speed of about 31km/h and thought it was decent enough. The quick break for lunch and refill saw me having a cup of black coffee as the only other nutrition that morning (apart from a Hammer Bar as breakfast an hour before the ride).
The total value should be able to buy a brand new Ford Ranger T6
The thing about training on empty is that it pushes the body to scavenge any fuel it could find to power through. Having draining the body in the first 60km ride, I know the worse will be coming as the fuel starts running low. It was also an opportunity for me to see just how much and how far I could push myself only on plain water - I would then be able to recognise subtle signal to fuel when needed on race day.
The shaven head helps with aerodynamics
With the mid-afternoon heat coming out in full force, the return ride became more challenging. As for myself, the switchover point was at KM100 where the effort to stay in aero become more difficult. I realised the setting of the cockpit could be a tad too low for longer ride comfort. It could also be myself not able to hold the position past 6hours of actual riding though I did not have much trouble doing it on the trainer. Road shock and vibration, plus the need to look out for traffic do wear you out fast.
Legs holding on well
Hey, the girl in the van checking me out!
The last 5km was an easy spin session for me to recover and flush the lactic acid out. As this ride is part of the whole "training" session, I need to prepare myself for the training the next (Monday) day. The slower than usual spin at 90rpm did help a lot and to wrap it up, Rupert suggested a short run. Myself, Lini, Rupert and Phui Tin ran a short 1.7km just to shake the lactic acid off. I forgot to bring my shoe (or rather on purpose so I don't run long) and ran with my Crocs.
Ride Stats
Distance:113.82 km
Avg Speed:28.8 km/h
Max Speed:61.3 km/h
Elevation Gain:665 m
Calories:3,483 C
Week 21 Ironman Training
I am approaching the end of my 22nd week training and I realised that the mileage over the past few weeks has been erratic. This training ride rolls into Week 22 as my training (weekly) ends on Saturday and starts again on Sunday. 
7:31:28 Hours committed covering 225km
Time to up the game. Don't you think so?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Audioflood Waterproof iPod : Unboxing

Many I know asked me what motivates me to swim laps after laps after laps in my preparation for Ironman Malaysia. For me, it is something that i can't swim away from and have to do it. What many do not know is how boring it can get after 10minutes and all you hear is your own breathing and same view in the pool (of lane lines and end of the pool wall). Yes, you may say it "builds character", funny thing is the very same people telling me that aren't swimming themselves - or at least they too lamented how boring it could be.
Then, I receieved an email from Audioflood asking if I would like to review their product - a waterproof iPod Shuffle that you can swim or use with any activity without worrying about water damage.
The correct term would be to "open the envelope". The Audioflood came to me via USPS all the way from US of A.
Thank you!
It was tough trying not to open it in office as I wanted to do it at home. But alas, I could not resist it and did it right before I headed home. I took the opportunity to take a video of the unpacking just to show what came with the Audioflood iPod Shuffle. Here is a short video of the unpacking.
TO list it down, the package arrived and it contains:
2. 1x waterproof earphone come with extension cord for use in normal setup
3. 6x different set of customised earplugs to fit different ear-canal size with 3-sets meant for underwater application and 3-sets for use as normal earphone.
4. A mesh bag to hold everything
5. An Audioflood swimcap
6. A small tube of super-glue (in the video, i was not sure what it was for) to hold or permanently stick the chosen earplug to the earphone. 
All laid out
Here are some photos which is self explanatory:
The various sizes of earplug to fit different ear canal width and depth, with 3-sets specific for swimming
Close up of the waterproof earplug
One thing to note, the earphone comes in a coiled up cable that help with the cable management once you plug it into the iPod Shuffle and into the ear. You then clip the Shuffle to your swim goggle strap (back) or you have the option to hide it in the (supplied, or your own) swim cap, which may make your profile more streamlined when swimming.
Comparison of size with my thumb
I was given a choice to choose the color of the Shuffle by the good people in Audioflood and opted for Red because I wanted something red. To my surprise, it is the (Product) Red iPod Shuffle!
(Product) Red is an effort by certain brand and goods manufacturer to contribute part of their sales for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. While I did not purchase this product, I now have better appreciation of this product under review!
So, without myself knowing it, I now have a special edition Audioflood iPod Shuffle in Red - as if having a submersible iPod is not special enough!
The iPod Shuffle comes as per how every single iPod Shuffle that you can purchase from Mac store or online would be. Equipped with original Apple earphone, a charging cable (USB), manual and the iPod itself.
The complete package unpacked
Specification of the Audioflood Waterproofed iPod Shuffle:
- Highest-rated waterproofing with 2-years warranty (I will clarify if the warranty is valid for countries out of US later)

- Waterproof down to 250feet in salt and fresh water. You may now listen to music while...diving? Most "waterproof" headphone/earphone is good up to 6 feet. What if you drop it on the deeper end of the pool? ;-)

- Supplied with two types (and 3-sizes each) of earplugs for normal operation and swimming operation. This allow the swimming earplugs to mitigate the issue of water getting into the ear canal and the earphone, thus muffling the music.

- 2GB and able to hold approximately 400+ songs (provided you do not store Hotel California or Sultan of Swing in loop as each file is at least 7mins long!). Closest competitor offer 4gb worth of space.

- playback battery life of 15hours (that's double the time of the closest waterproof competitor)

- Build in clip

- Voiceover (dedicated) button

- Small, about inch by an inch (official size : (29.0 × 31.6 × 8.7 mm) including clip)

- 12.5grams (closest competitor is easily double the weight)

- Charges in 2-hours (80%) and fully charged in 3-hours. This is double the time taken for the closest competitor.
Small and light. Hardly "there"
The unit was then charged and I sync-ed the iPod Shuffle with about 60 songs of more contemporary genre (yes, i cleared all my Elvis' and Frank Sinatra). I am impressed with the smaller footprint and are more worried about losing the unit in my bag. The true short-cord earphone secured the whole unit without any loose cord while secured to my shirt collar! It's "hardly there".
(Top to Bottom) The earphone jack, the Voiceover button and the Power/Playback selection switch
Next, The Unit in full action :
Taking it into shower, Pool and deliberately drenching myself with water because I do not need to worry about causing damage to an Apple iPod Shuffle, ever! 
Full review soon!
Product is under review in all possible wet condition and what interest me is how it will behave in the water both sound quality wise and if the unit will create more drag that it should. Back to the pool it is!

Wait up for the full write up.

nb: This unit of Audioflood waterproofed iPod Shuffle is provided courtesy of by The unit sell for USD125 iPod Shuffle only and USD40 for waterproof earphone; or you can bundle them and pay USD140 for both iPod Shuffle and earphone. Head over to Audioflood official website here to order (If you are outside of US and is interested with this, let me know and I will hook you up or give suggestion on the international delivery options).

This unit Review is independent and not influenced by AudioFlood and review opinion is my own.