Monday, August 31, 2009


Joke on LeTuang Taliban aside.

I love my country, and i know you all, do too (minus the politicians, of course)

And we don't need bigots parading body-less animals or idiots that strikes fear into people.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Batu 18 - Perez - Tekala - Batu 18

Back to business. The previous post was really a way to laugh silly with some great handiwork from Le Jason. His photoshop skill is damn kaw cinya good (i can't find anymore superlative anymore).

Must credit him for that la. I know as i am typing this, he is up to something else, putting someone's face into someone else's body. It would be hilarious.

OK. It has been a month since i felt like shit. With overworked body and stressed out mind and soul. Now with gastric/GERD/Not sure (as i have no guts to go check), life has been pretty challenging at work and at training.

I've not been myself Some say i've been too hard even. Perhaps so. Maybe i did. I know why i reacted that way - it was because i had too much drive and too much passion. When pushed to the edge, they are often looked as a thin fine line between over reacting and meeting personal expectation.

Today, i was as happy as a 5 years old getting a new bicycle. No, i did not get a new bike. But i had my Colnago Dream fixed. The previous owner modified the hub to take in 10sp when it could only take 9, which explained why the cassete dislodged from the hub. After the sports massage at Equal, i felt much lighter in my steps.

As Heckler would say, 2 times fail, 3rd time for sure Charm!

He was right.

I rode the route as per title with Ironman Adeline today. Only the two of us. I have fear that i will bonk again as i reach the T-Junction of Perez - Tekala. I have fear that i will fail again.

It was very real. I am not dramatising it a bit. OK, maybe by writing it here now, it is. But you get my drift.

We started off at Batu 18 by 8am. I could feel the gastric coming. Unlike me, i bought two pau from the kopitiam and ate it hoping it will keep the gastric at bay. it did. We spin lightly towards the junction. 10km of very gentle climb towards the T-Junction. Took us about 30minutes.

I felt fine. Stopped for a while to drink up and proceed to climb Perez (actually it is known as Genting Peras, but Perez sounded more...impressive).

Heartrate would had been a constant 160bpm with a steady cadence of 50 to 60rpm. I was on granny - 39-25. Adeline still has 2 gears to be used. 39-23 she was on. Slowly, she pulled away and pushing cautiously, i tried to keep up.

I felt my Perez legs returning. I used to climb this 10km uphill within 30minutes. The last two times took me 90 - i might as well walk.

Eating Ade's dust

And following her shadow

I was relieved when i finally see the signboard which denotes we reached the top of the climb. I felt great, but i felt light headed too. Decided to lie down on the road. Something that i've been doing for the past 2 rides. I felt like blacking out. The blue sky turned monochrome.

Drama la

and have to roll over to keep a lookout for vehicle coming

I was glad the feeling was over as in two minutes. We made out way down Perez and on towards Tekala.

Not expecting that any stalls would be opened during this fasting month, the usual joint suprised us by being in business. I've never eaten mid ride, and today, was another exception. Nasi Lemak and Coke. Potent. Every burp has a tinge of chili in them.

Orang Asli boys accompanying us after nasi lemak

The return ride sees me and Ade together for all 5 minutes. Then she went dissappearing through the horizon. She was that fast.

Last i saw her

The return journey was done alone. Ade was fast. I tried catching, but it was futile. I only saw her 500m to the carpark. That too, she had to slow down for someone learning how to drive.

It was a good ride for me. Good enough to bring back some sunshine and confidence.

Distance : 10+10+10+15+15+10 = 70km
Total time: 0800-1130 = 3.5hours.
*TCSS time : 0.5hours
Net Calorie burned : Zero. The Pau, Nasi Lemak and Coke would had allowed me enough energy to run a marathon.

*Talk Cock Sing Song

Friday, August 28, 2009

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

From LeTuang's Tabligh Gang.

Merdeka inclusion - This came in late after the LeTuang Iftar session at Al Ketua's place. Apparently request has been made to include one more curcial component to complete the army.

If the Emporers in China has those eunuch to that "test" the Emperors' food and drinks, the the LeTuang Taliban has their food taster extrordinaire. This personnel claims to have a worm in his stomach that prevents him from putting weight (hence, making it easier to slip through those metal detectors at airport, literally), little did he know, he is his own biggest worm.

Yusran Ben Osama - Food Technologist cum Interpreter. Gets turned on by Italian chics, which explains the language mastery

Lastest Recruits : Due to previous experience manning different portfolios, some of the new comers below were upgraded automatically to higher position. The circle of terror is now complete.

Mat Jasin Mat Top - Master Of Disguise. Often mistaken for the much hunted Noordin Mat Top. He is currently seen walking with a mualaf in Ipoh and showing up at Taman Megah Food Court spreading his teaching

Geoff Ben Kroni - Chief Ragger. This master of pain has enough tattoo to covers each brothers. Lets not go to the piercing part yet.

Azmar Ben Rock - Chief Reliability Officer. If there are things to be done. Azmar will be the one there, to sees it through. 3rd In command

Al Ben Ishsal - The oldest in the group. Second in Command. Willing to bend over, to get things done

Kam Ben Laden - P.I.M.P or Progressive Intellegence Master Planner. His day job allows him to do market research and better profile potential target. Girls mostly.

Nizar Ben Laden - Unknown. He is special operative. Going undercover, not even sure of he is on the brotherhood side, or the other side

Rashed Ben Robo - Master Spy. Currently deployed as a runner under an american company to spy on possibly starting a branch at Mt. Hook, Oregon. He will run to the Coast of Pacific to continue to spread the teaching

Update: New recruits just joined the fray. We are getting stronger.

Barath Ben Ayam - Demolition and biological warfare (using organic chicken dropping) Expert

Upiq Ben Laden - Financier cum Field Marshall

Budin Ben Laden - Aircraft Engineer cum Hijacker (he is known to have two names, other being Jamal Ben Ludin)

On a same topic, apparently the Quartermaster wasn't happy with his post and has threathen to leave the brotherhood by turning into an Amish.

Rabbi Bandit Ari Sharaga

After much coaxing from the mahaguru and with the blessing of the Al Ketua, he has return to the correct path and has since been promoted from Quartermaster to a more important post (see below).

The LeTuang Merdeka Talibans are still waiting for new members, this list will be updated as new members are initiated.


Arif Ben Laden - Physical Training Officer

Luvis Ben Laden - Weapon Expert (He has made application to be included as Chief Investigaror, specialising in opening and revealing burqas

Shazly Ben Khan - Al Ketua

Tuan Haji Senang Besar - Cook

Tok Stupe - Mahaguru

Azly Ben Bandit - QuartermasterInfidel Relationship Officer

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010

Sick and tired of SCKLM?

I heard it through the grapevine that a Putrajaya Night Marathon will happen next year.

Stick around this blog for more updates, if the person decides to "whisper" more to me la!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You Do The Crime, You Pay For It.

AMPANG JAYA: A suspected robber is fighting for his life in a hospital after he was attacked by an angry crowd in Pandan Indah here, yesterday morning.

The man and his accomplice were earlier spotted by a victim who alerted the police and several tow-truck operators.

The suspects, who were in a car, tried to escape but they were cornered after a 30-minute chase.

The drama began about 8am when a workshop owner spotted the two just as he was about to leave for work.

Ten days earlier, they had snatched a RM4,000 gold chain belonging to the workshop owner while he was out jogging.

The workshop owner decided to follow the suspects' car but he soon lost sight of it.

He then contacted several tow-truck operators and told them to look out for the suspects' vehicle. He also contacted the police.

Later, the suspects' car was spotted in the Ampang Jaya area and the message was relayed to the tow-truck operators and police.

"By this time, the suspects noticed the convoy of vehicles following them and they panicked.

"They tried to lose the chasing party and in the process, drove dangerously against the flow of traffic," said a police source.

"They also rammed into several cars as they tried to escape."

The two suspects were finally cornered near a petrol station in Pandan Indah.

Policemen surrounded the car and drew out their guns while ordering the suspects out of their vehicle.

"The two were stubborn and refused to come out. The driver kept revving the engine and the policemen were forced to break the car windows to drag them out," the source added.

"The suspects put up a fight as they were being dragged out before trying to make a run for it.

"By this time, a group of people had gathered at the scene and some of them attacked the suspects."

By the time the police rescued them, one was badly injured while the other suffered cuts and bruises.

They were sent to a private hospital and later transferred to Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspects were linked to a string of robberies and break-ins in the area.

Ampang police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Jalil Hassan confirmed the incident but declined to elaborate as investigations were ongoing.

And this was found in YouTube, thanks to some contact in an online forum.

Crime doesn't pay. Let this be a reminder for all the IT literate robbers.

Update in response to how we should be dealing with criminals. Interesting points and discussion had taken place elsewhere and also in this blog entry where the hammering were condemned. Point taken. Below is the news clip from today, with regards to how a suspect tried to escape by jumping down. Crime do not pay, really. if you think you are innocent, either drive to the police station is someone is tailing you, or just open the door.

Published: Tuesday September 1, 2009 MYT 12:40:00 PM
Snatch thief jumps from 5th floor and breaks his arm and leg

KUALA LUMPUR: A couple of men snatched a woman’s bag early in the morning, unaware that their victim had determinedly followed them to their hideout and tipped off the police.

When police knocked on the door of a flat on the fifth floor of Seri Jati flats in Jalan Puchong, its occupants refused to open the door.

Brickfields police chief ACP Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said that a commotion was heard and they later found a man, believed to be one of the snatch thieves, sprawled behind the flats with severe head injuries and a broken leg and arm.

The man was taken to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for treatment. He said initial investigations found that the man had a previous record for snatch theft in Klang four years ago.

Following a search on the house, two men and a woman, aged between 25 and 28, were arrested.

"We also seized four mobile phones, one which belonged to the complainant," he said, adding that the suspects had been remanded to facilitate investigation under Section 395 of the Penal Code for gang robbery.

Monday, August 24, 2009

GoodYear DuraPlus

Goodyear has recently released a new set of tires called DuraPlus. The main selling point of this tire is that it could last or "durable" for up to 100,000km.

That is a big number for a tires and i would say it is designed for high mileage drivers (someone that could use up 100K km within 3 years, perhaps?).

I recently purchased a set of 4 of these tires and has since driven close to 1500km with it, with two outstation trip and one on a long winding stretch across Genting Peras to Klawang, and back.

My Matrix is shod with 185/65/R14 DuraPlus and one noticable differences would be the plush ride. When i took the delivery of the tire, the sidewall "softness" was the first thing i noticed. I guess that might had translated to the more than plush feel to it.

This also meant that the handling suffers a bit. But i am driving a soccermum car, so it is not some performance car that is badly matched with a set of inappropriate rubber.

However, last weekend ride to "resque" a fellow cyclist brought me up and down the infamous batu 18-klawang road. Those that plies this road, or driven on this interstate trunk road would know what kind of road condition this is. Genting looked easy compared to this.

I was suprised that the tires held really well, despite the heavy rain and the amount of water it displaces as i ran over a few puddle might be good indication that the water dispersion ability of this tire.

I have no complains, more so when i got it off for a bargain.

However, because Paul Tan of have a competition to win a set of these tires, i don't mind trying. More so because Wifey's car tires (Goodyear Ducaro, which claims to last up to 70k km) are due for replacement.

It would be cool to have both husband AND wifey's car shod in the same type of is like those couple going out wearing the same t-shirt, no?

Friday, August 21, 2009

2 Years, 1 Day, And Counting

Yesterday mark my second year in my current job.

Looking back, it was days filled with uncertainties as i do not know what to expect working in a bigger organisation with a proper structure and benefits.

I came in with a pay cut as i got much to prove. I was a field engineer, doing field work, away from family for months to end. Travelling the country and arriving at places i couldn't even find on the map.

Two years on, how things has changed. I now find myself stuck in middle management. I am still not used to be refered as a "country manager" for the program that i am handling. I am not used to be called "boss" by the other field engineer - i simply ain't a boss - i don't pay any of you!

I find myself in peculiar position, having multiple line to report to; to the country operational management and to the program operational management. I had the chance to deal with a whole bunch of expats colleagues, some never travelled out of their own country and some that might think Malaysia is just an extension of Singapore.

In these two years, my training went from 120% to 30%. I spend more time in the office working, than on the road, training. But that is the sacrifice i have to make. There are bills to pay, family to support and a career to look forward to.

I am still trying hard to balance life. Play, Family, Work has since been reprioratized to Family, Work, Play. Though family and work seems to be at a loggerhead sometimes. Not helping i spend more than 12 hours in the office. Going home only to have dinner and sleep.

Weekends are precious, but dilemma for play comes in.

All these affected myself. I do not perform anymore in sports - it has been a struggle. This blog was started with a "sports" theme and now it is reduced to something less that that.

I no longer inspire. I am passe. Time to move on.

So, today, after 365days X 2 plus 1 day leap year and 1 day after 20th August 2009, here i am.

Ready to take on bigger role, regionally.

But will it happen?

We see what happen in a year's time. Never know if i will still be here, working. Never know, if priorities changes again.

I live for today, but i have to constantly plan for the future, using the past as a lesson.

Bring them all on.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Merdeka : What It Meant To You?

This will be a short post. Those of you that had watch Gadoh, what do you think?

The Komas production with my Sister in law and her business partner's production (Big Picture) sure hit the nail. My SIl has always been an activist. I have my differences with her on the understanding and beliefs, but i guess as with everything in life, we can't always agrees with each other 100%. However, she managed to translate what it was needed.

I got hold of the DVD, but had to return it upon finish watching it. However, someone was kind enough to upload all the videos into Youtube.

You can watch it here. Apologies if it jam up your bandwidth, but i thought this is worth sharing.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

What do you all think after watching the whole movie? I thought the message were clear.

Kamu melayu. Kamu malas. Kamu Cina Babi. Kamu pandai tipu orang. Kamu keling. Kamu tak guna.

As a friend said, everyone is someone's nigger - Rafai Rahman.

Now, as we gear towards our nation 52nd Independence and the upcoming Hari Malaysia, enjoy something from

Now, i am sure all of you heard about 15Malaysia. I think this is more wholesome, or potentially would be more wholesome compared to someone's 1Malaysia's vision. 1 sounded so...selfish, but perhaps, it was meant to be that way.

Here is the first installment from the 15Malaysia. They promise to release 1 clip every 2 days and your all time favourite Rempit King will be featured in one of the clip.

Here is Namawee of the Negarakuku fame. He is cut out for comedy, i must say.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ironman to Lembekman

I went for a sports massage today. Hoping this will spring me back to the road of recovery. I've been under stress and under pressure at work, add that to stiffen up muscle and non-performing races.

I always thought i am tough. I used to laugh at those that has to go for recovery massage, those that do a little and end up justifying it with something bigger. I guess i approach the sports wrongly moons ago. Infact, this year was my worse ever year when it comes to sports.

I can still do the 10km run, no doubt. I can even play around going back and forth and still clock in good timing. However, from Ironman this year till Desaru last week, it was in a state of bad decline.

I needed help.

After asking around, i was refered to this place that does sports massage. No doubt there are a lot of different massages out there; those that range from massage for post pregnancy to massage with "happy ending".

This is my first time going through a massage. I am ticklish. Which was my biggest worry before i decided that i needed one.

But the pain and stiffness i have to bear someone blocked off the ticklishness, if ever that exist now.

I made an appointment at 10am, but reached only at 10.30am, half of the reason was because i do not know where the place was. KL Sentral was easy to find, but Sooka Sentral - who in the world name a building SOOKA?

I walked into the place on the 3rd floor. Equal Fitness. OK, doesn't looked like some hanky panky place, what more, they pride themselves since 1995 to be "official supplier of masseus for the Commonwealth Games".

I signed up for the whole body massage at RM120. I was lead to a small room, with a bed that has a hole, which i supposed for the face to go through. I was asked to change/strip.

I went wearing a thighs, as i do not know what to expect, only to be told to strip to my undies. I wasn't wearing undies dude.

The towering figure, which was nicknamed as Giant told me it is ok. Yes, they assigned a huge fler to take care of me. he was easily 4 inches taller than me with biceps way bigger than mine. I figured out i will be in good hands, literally.

The massage started with the calfs, then to the thighs. Right left, left leg. Generous amount of oil was used.

"bang, jangan lawan, relaks", Giant said, asking me to relaxs and not stiffen my muscle.

I did not stiffen my muscle, i am that stiff.

From then on, i was grimacing as he untied all the knots from the achilles heels, calf, quads, hamstrings, inner thighs.

Tears rolled down my eyes. Luckily it was hidden.

Giant said that i am so stiff, it is a wonder i could still walk up and down a stairs.


With legs done, i had my back worked on. More pain. More tears. My upper back was as hard as a piece of iron - still flexible, but with difficulty in moment. I would had imagine Giant grimacing as he tries to pry those shoulder blades and arms open.

"Tulang ke?", i asked as he rubbed my shoulder blade, thinking what he was massaging was my bones.

"bukan la bos, muskle dengan lactic acid", He told me it was muscle and lactic acid build up.


What transpire after that was like an re-enactment of a scene from the American Hottest Pursuit as he twist my arms backwards while trying to free up the knots from my shoulder to the end of my fingers.

But he was still gentle, in his own ways.

I found out that Giant recently just graduated from sports science from a local university, and he is one of the permanent staff at Equal. They have 3 male and 4 female consultant ready to deal with any people coming in feeling like they were bunched up like a ball.

After what seems to be double arrest with both my hands being tied behind my back, he asked me to turn over. And my legs were worked on again. This time, with much stronger force. I swear i felt my quads splitting into four with each individual quads being forced open and lactic acid being drained out.

Only this time, i don't get to hide my face and the tears.

I tried moving my legs. It was dead.

I had my chest massaged as well. Swimming had tighten up my pecs. I had my neck and shoulder contorted in such funny position, but it ended up giving me so much relief.

I felt rejuvenated. But i felt like a bunch of seaweeds being pushed around by waves.

The massaged lastest more than 60 minutes. Which was a big bonus.

Giant did what he had to do, and he did it well.

I paid and staggered away, light headed, with body felt so much more less stiff.

Good thing i took the LRT.

This was my first sports massage, and it won't be my last. They have package, 3 for RM200, valid for three months and up to 10 massages for RM800, valid for 12 months. Else, it is RM120/hour for full body and different charges for different bodyparts.

Check them out at their website.

There were mixed review of the place, but i guess massage is very subjective. For me, it was good enough, and an enlightenment. I will certainly make it a point to go for more, especially after major long races.

To my fellow buddies with same wavelength training hard, don't wait up, carry on what you are doing.

I will catch up, soon.

That bad eh?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Burned Out

A triathlete turned adventure racer cum super mountain biker sent me this meeting notification today.

I am admitting this. I am burned out. Both work and play.

Back to basic. For now.

I will be back.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Desaru Long Distance Tri 2009 - Report

I will keep this short.

Swim: 40minutes. Swim course was shorter than last year but the current and waves were as vicious. the two motion sickness pills i pop in 30 minutes before race start did nothing. I vomitted the nasi lemak i had for breakfast (2 hours before race) upon exiting the sea.

Bike: 3H 22Mins. Felt that bike was extremely slow. At 38km, the front tyre starts to wobble and i know it meant trouble. At the U-turn at KM40, i decided to stop and check. Tubular tire has a tear. Beyond repair. I know this will happen. More so when i forgot to bring the CO2 canisters and had to rely on one small Puny pump, which happens to be in the car. Lost a good 20minutes there. Happy to see so many caring racers asking if i am alright and wishing me luck with the technical glitch.

Run: 3H 30Mins. It was a walk. I only managed to walk the first 10km in 1:30 and the subsequent 11km was a crawl. I had Wifey pulled me along the last 5km of the walk and literally so up that small freaking !@#$ hill. I told her my battery was out and she thought i meant the Ipod.

No, it was me. I ran out of battery. I ran out of reserves energy even.

I crossed the line in a record 7Hours 45Mins. I keep "improving every year". Improving as in my time INCREASES every year. Sign of old age.

There is no drama apart from me having some internal disagreement with myself. I was fighting myself. The evil part won. If was wifey's good part that pulled me to the line.

I shed tears at KM12 of the walk when i saw Zabrina waiting for Ishsal. I told her i just want to go home. I gave up and yet, i convince myself to finish it.

I've been feeling down for months. I know a lot of friends told me that i am better off than many people, having a family that loves me and look up to me. That is all that matters.

I never deny that. But somehow, deep within myself, i know i am made for more than just that. I have far better expectation of myself. I am not someone that gives up. I never do. I never did until after IronMan Langkawi 09.

The injury i sustained was just a perfect excuse. The fact of the matter was, i lost it. I've bitten my tongue through worse injuries to finish any races beating evil self.

Could it be work?

Perhaps. I've not been the same since i was given a new direct report. I found myself battling against the current. At times, i emerged a winner, but most of the time, i lose. I do not feel in control the way i used to be. I feel...bleh.

Could it be my training?

Perhaps. What training? It was non-existence. The only thing i did was to convince myself that i still "have it" and i will emerge unscathed time and time again. Only to find myself falling harder every race and every training. What used to be a breeze has since turned into an ordeal of some sort. What used to be an ordeal has now became a torture.



I had difficulty sleeping this morning, despite being knackered and all burned out from the Saturday race. I was up till 3am. My staff asked me why i sleep so late and still in Facebook. And this morning, i talked myself to sleep, justifying all my worries at work to "virtual" management and clients that i will get all the work done and delivered.

Family, as they say, are always there, that is the only thing i have now and i am making it a point to leave office by 7.30pm everyday. I will not stay longer.

I need to regain back some balance in life. And i think i am burning out.