Friday, August 21, 2009

2 Years, 1 Day, And Counting

Yesterday mark my second year in my current job.

Looking back, it was days filled with uncertainties as i do not know what to expect working in a bigger organisation with a proper structure and benefits.

I came in with a pay cut as i got much to prove. I was a field engineer, doing field work, away from family for months to end. Travelling the country and arriving at places i couldn't even find on the map.

Two years on, how things has changed. I now find myself stuck in middle management. I am still not used to be refered as a "country manager" for the program that i am handling. I am not used to be called "boss" by the other field engineer - i simply ain't a boss - i don't pay any of you!

I find myself in peculiar position, having multiple line to report to; to the country operational management and to the program operational management. I had the chance to deal with a whole bunch of expats colleagues, some never travelled out of their own country and some that might think Malaysia is just an extension of Singapore.

In these two years, my training went from 120% to 30%. I spend more time in the office working, than on the road, training. But that is the sacrifice i have to make. There are bills to pay, family to support and a career to look forward to.

I am still trying hard to balance life. Play, Family, Work has since been reprioratized to Family, Work, Play. Though family and work seems to be at a loggerhead sometimes. Not helping i spend more than 12 hours in the office. Going home only to have dinner and sleep.

Weekends are precious, but dilemma for play comes in.

All these affected myself. I do not perform anymore in sports - it has been a struggle. This blog was started with a "sports" theme and now it is reduced to something less that that.

I no longer inspire. I am passe. Time to move on.

So, today, after 365days X 2 plus 1 day leap year and 1 day after 20th August 2009, here i am.

Ready to take on bigger role, regionally.

But will it happen?

We see what happen in a year's time. Never know if i will still be here, working. Never know, if priorities changes again.

I live for today, but i have to constantly plan for the future, using the past as a lesson.

Bring them all on.

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