Sunday, August 30, 2009

Batu 18 - Perez - Tekala - Batu 18

Back to business. The previous post was really a way to laugh silly with some great handiwork from Le Jason. His photoshop skill is damn kaw cinya good (i can't find anymore superlative anymore).

Must credit him for that la. I know as i am typing this, he is up to something else, putting someone's face into someone else's body. It would be hilarious.

OK. It has been a month since i felt like shit. With overworked body and stressed out mind and soul. Now with gastric/GERD/Not sure (as i have no guts to go check), life has been pretty challenging at work and at training.

I've not been myself Some say i've been too hard even. Perhaps so. Maybe i did. I know why i reacted that way - it was because i had too much drive and too much passion. When pushed to the edge, they are often looked as a thin fine line between over reacting and meeting personal expectation.

Today, i was as happy as a 5 years old getting a new bicycle. No, i did not get a new bike. But i had my Colnago Dream fixed. The previous owner modified the hub to take in 10sp when it could only take 9, which explained why the cassete dislodged from the hub. After the sports massage at Equal, i felt much lighter in my steps.

As Heckler would say, 2 times fail, 3rd time for sure Charm!

He was right.

I rode the route as per title with Ironman Adeline today. Only the two of us. I have fear that i will bonk again as i reach the T-Junction of Perez - Tekala. I have fear that i will fail again.

It was very real. I am not dramatising it a bit. OK, maybe by writing it here now, it is. But you get my drift.

We started off at Batu 18 by 8am. I could feel the gastric coming. Unlike me, i bought two pau from the kopitiam and ate it hoping it will keep the gastric at bay. it did. We spin lightly towards the junction. 10km of very gentle climb towards the T-Junction. Took us about 30minutes.

I felt fine. Stopped for a while to drink up and proceed to climb Perez (actually it is known as Genting Peras, but Perez sounded more...impressive).

Heartrate would had been a constant 160bpm with a steady cadence of 50 to 60rpm. I was on granny - 39-25. Adeline still has 2 gears to be used. 39-23 she was on. Slowly, she pulled away and pushing cautiously, i tried to keep up.

I felt my Perez legs returning. I used to climb this 10km uphill within 30minutes. The last two times took me 90 - i might as well walk.

Eating Ade's dust

And following her shadow

I was relieved when i finally see the signboard which denotes we reached the top of the climb. I felt great, but i felt light headed too. Decided to lie down on the road. Something that i've been doing for the past 2 rides. I felt like blacking out. The blue sky turned monochrome.

Drama la

and have to roll over to keep a lookout for vehicle coming

I was glad the feeling was over as in two minutes. We made out way down Perez and on towards Tekala.

Not expecting that any stalls would be opened during this fasting month, the usual joint suprised us by being in business. I've never eaten mid ride, and today, was another exception. Nasi Lemak and Coke. Potent. Every burp has a tinge of chili in them.

Orang Asli boys accompanying us after nasi lemak

The return ride sees me and Ade together for all 5 minutes. Then she went dissappearing through the horizon. She was that fast.

Last i saw her

The return journey was done alone. Ade was fast. I tried catching, but it was futile. I only saw her 500m to the carpark. That too, she had to slow down for someone learning how to drive.

It was a good ride for me. Good enough to bring back some sunshine and confidence.

Distance : 10+10+10+15+15+10 = 70km
Total time: 0800-1130 = 3.5hours.
*TCSS time : 0.5hours
Net Calorie burned : Zero. The Pau, Nasi Lemak and Coke would had allowed me enough energy to run a marathon.

*Talk Cock Sing Song

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