Friday, August 28, 2009

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

From LeTuang's Tabligh Gang.

Merdeka inclusion - This came in late after the LeTuang Iftar session at Al Ketua's place. Apparently request has been made to include one more curcial component to complete the army.

If the Emporers in China has those eunuch to that "test" the Emperors' food and drinks, the the LeTuang Taliban has their food taster extrordinaire. This personnel claims to have a worm in his stomach that prevents him from putting weight (hence, making it easier to slip through those metal detectors at airport, literally), little did he know, he is his own biggest worm.

Yusran Ben Osama - Food Technologist cum Interpreter. Gets turned on by Italian chics, which explains the language mastery

Lastest Recruits : Due to previous experience manning different portfolios, some of the new comers below were upgraded automatically to higher position. The circle of terror is now complete.

Mat Jasin Mat Top - Master Of Disguise. Often mistaken for the much hunted Noordin Mat Top. He is currently seen walking with a mualaf in Ipoh and showing up at Taman Megah Food Court spreading his teaching

Geoff Ben Kroni - Chief Ragger. This master of pain has enough tattoo to covers each brothers. Lets not go to the piercing part yet.

Azmar Ben Rock - Chief Reliability Officer. If there are things to be done. Azmar will be the one there, to sees it through. 3rd In command

Al Ben Ishsal - The oldest in the group. Second in Command. Willing to bend over, to get things done

Kam Ben Laden - P.I.M.P or Progressive Intellegence Master Planner. His day job allows him to do market research and better profile potential target. Girls mostly.

Nizar Ben Laden - Unknown. He is special operative. Going undercover, not even sure of he is on the brotherhood side, or the other side

Rashed Ben Robo - Master Spy. Currently deployed as a runner under an american company to spy on possibly starting a branch at Mt. Hook, Oregon. He will run to the Coast of Pacific to continue to spread the teaching

Update: New recruits just joined the fray. We are getting stronger.

Barath Ben Ayam - Demolition and biological warfare (using organic chicken dropping) Expert

Upiq Ben Laden - Financier cum Field Marshall

Budin Ben Laden - Aircraft Engineer cum Hijacker (he is known to have two names, other being Jamal Ben Ludin)

On a same topic, apparently the Quartermaster wasn't happy with his post and has threathen to leave the brotherhood by turning into an Amish.

Rabbi Bandit Ari Sharaga

After much coaxing from the mahaguru and with the blessing of the Al Ketua, he has return to the correct path and has since been promoted from Quartermaster to a more important post (see below).

The LeTuang Merdeka Talibans are still waiting for new members, this list will be updated as new members are initiated.


Arif Ben Laden - Physical Training Officer

Luvis Ben Laden - Weapon Expert (He has made application to be included as Chief Investigaror, specialising in opening and revealing burqas

Shazly Ben Khan - Al Ketua

Tuan Haji Senang Besar - Cook

Tok Stupe - Mahaguru

Azly Ben Bandit - QuartermasterInfidel Relationship Officer

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