Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rick Ashley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Edited 3:39pm 30th June : News of his death might had been a rumour. KNNCCB to the person that spread it. Even The Star Reported it!

Too Young. Too Soon.

Rest in Peace Rick.

Monday, June 29, 2009

FHM July 2009 Page 105.

My one page of fame.

I talked/spoke about triathlon and also interval training (HIIT).

Not, there wasn't any babes and there wasn't any suggestive questions.

Yes, at best, it was boring.

:) Worth spending RM10/magazine? You tell me la. If you just want to read what i wrote, then stand there and read, don't buy, but if you are buying for the pics of the babes...then go ahead.

now, i have to look at my watch for people to know who i am. LOL!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Good Luck To All Runners!

Race kits collected. Bad vibes passed. now lets see how the first ever SCKLM takes off in Malaysia! So far the branding exercise is still topped by Xterra ;-)

I will be running 10KM with wifey tomorrow, so, for those that know me, please shout out ya!

Race safe, race strong. pace yourself and above all, ENJOY!

To all first time marathoner, i salute you. It takes a lot of guts and courage to do the 42km run.

Specially to Akmal and Mior@Jabir, i wish both of you nothing but the best!

"Pain is temporary, victory is forever"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ben - Michael J.

Sad day indeed.

Rest in peace bro.


Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
Ill never be alone
And you my friend will see
Youve got a friend in me
(youve got a friend in me)

Ben, youre always running here and there
(here and there)
You feel youre not wanted anywhere
If you ever look behind
And dont like what you find
Theres something you should know
Youve got a place to go
(youve got a place to go)

I used to say, I and me
Now its us, now its we
(I used to say, I and me)
(now its us, now its we)

Ben, most people would turn you away
I dont listen to a word they say
They dont see you as I do
I wish they would try to
Im sure theyd think again
If they had a friend like ben
(a friend)
Like ben
(like ben)
Like ben

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Valuable Lesson In Life

Yesterday, i made a boo-boo and i paid dearly for it (my reputation, that is)

Basically, do not assume and do not "act on behalf of others".

I managed to borrow some buoys from the Navy Boys for Xterra. I can't be thankful enough to OP JO and OP Jamel (CO KDP).

Not only was i late to return the buoys, i've tried to "tuang" by diverting the responsibility to another person.

While my intention was really to help out the other party (as there is another race this weekend in Melaka), but i guess "what is not yours, should not be passed around!"

OP Jamel (Kept) was obviously not happy with my ways and as he said to me, from an Ex-Boy to another, "it is not ON and i am dissapointed".

I know i've F***ked big time. I was told to return the buoys by tomorrow (Friday).

So, i left all my work behind took half day Emergency Leave, drove from PJ to Kuantan at 1300 to collect the buoys and managed to return them to KPD at 2345 yesterday. Needless to say, i reached home at 0300 this morning and i still have very very guilty feelings.

Karma has its own funny way of working against me yesterday. I had a puncture, something that never happened in my last 10 years of driving. It rained heavily, testing me further as i was driving with one tire which are 50% smaller than the other three. Fought fatigue, skipped both lunch and dinner and got lost in Lumut looking for the other entrance to the Navy base.

Luckily i listened to Wifey and decided to pick her up to accompany me on my trip to Lumut, else, i don't think i would had reached home safely. I was being such a pr*ck on the return journey as i was really tired and was partially hallucinating. I decided to let Wifey drive and i guess i was overly worried about her driving on unfamiliar route.

I owe OP JO and OP Jamel big apologies.

So, this IS a public apology to both OP JO and OP Jamel.

Myself, as an Ex-Boy and being trained in the ways of the military, should had known better to be more responsible.

I drove 975.3km in total over 14 hours.

And thank you wifey, for being there, as usual. Love you.

I have now learnt not to ASSUME, as it will be making an Ass out of U and Me.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Of Homemade Burger Goodness

Yesterday was father's day. Wifey bought some ingredient so i could cook dinner.

So, in went the low fat mince beef (it is lean beef minus any fat...believe it) and the compulsory garlic and onion. Decided to be creative by putting in a grabful of crab meat (real crab meat, mind you, not those faux crab stick). Marinated the mix with L&P sauce and a spoonful of Honey. Let it chill for a good 4 hours before taking them out, roll it like a ball and grilled them over non stick pan.

From this...

To this...

THis is a way healthier version compared to what the fastfood joint could offer. It is devoid of any deep fried fries and the bread was lightly grilled over the same pan that cooked the patty.

Tomato slices and butterhead greens made up the garnishing and just to make it a lil salty, a slice of cheese would do wonder.

OK, just excuse the mayo you see in the bread :P

I had an activity filled morning in RMC and had a blissful rest at home in the afternoon.

Now, all i need to do is find time to start training again.

First 2.5KM after a long long time...

I swear i could had collapsed and died on the short 2.5km run i took at RMC yesterday morning.

Ambitious as this was my chance of clocking in some mileage after a long period of non-training since 19th April, yesterday was long overdue - those that come to this blog looking for inspiration, i am so sorry that i wasn't even sweating, let alone inspire anyone other than my fat ass to train.

2.7km in 16 minutes and i am dying. I swore i did not enjoy the run yesterday.

The morning biking from RMC towards Balakong using the "sneak out" route wasn't even a sweat breaker for some, so, it couldn't be because of that IMHO.

Facts are, i am not fit, not strong and been idle too long.

I now fear the 10km that i promise wifey i will do this Sunday.

It will not be pretty - well for me at least.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Joy Of Fatherhood Are...

... Having a muse...

...And possibility of another best friend...

That is if you only have two kids, imagine what could happen if you have more.

Happy Father's Day to All Dads out there. Keep doing your best. Keep giving your best.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess!

Nadia turned 1 today.

How fast time flies. Already at 10 months she is walking and i would say she progressed way faster than Ryan.

She is almost 2.5 feet tall and could run, climb stairs with ease and love to irritate her brother.

There wasn't any love lost there.

Happy Birthday Nadia. Papa know you will be too young to understand this, but i sure hope this blog will last long enough for you to see how beautiful you are at One.

Love you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hazy Condition Sucks, literally.

This is the view from my desk at 1000hours today.

Everything is missing. We don't need David Copperfield to pull this off. This is courtesy of our neighbour who without any guilt, burn their forest in the name of agriculture.

This is going to be as bad as it was 3 years back and the haze only clears up towards Chinese New Year the following year.

I am wondering why we are sucking up to the Indons and we are now sucking up their ashes.

Damn it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ma's The Word

Ma's The Word

Ma, Niece, Daughter, Grandaugther

Yes papa?

Love Birds


Brocolli Mushroom

BBQ Chicken + Bread

Fried Abalone Mushroom

Location : Purple Cane, Gardens MidValley.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Ma!

I know you won't know how to read this, or even get online for that matter.

But i want you to know that I love you very much and i wish you many happy days ahead with good health and good wealth.

Thanks a lot for being there 120% of the time with us - this applies to when we (your kids) are growing up and we (my very own family of Aileen, Ryan and Nadia) are growing together.

You are the best anyone could ask for in a mum, for me at least.

See you tonight for dinner!

Xterra Malaysia : Women Pro Champ Report

I do not comprehend Swedish German, but i certainly can read "Shazly & Crew".

Report taken from http://reneterra.blogspot.com/

Xterra Malaysia 7.6.09 Southeast Asia’s first ever Xterra

Selamat Datang

Zum ersten Mal fand am 7.Juni 2009 XTERRA MALAYSIA statt, dank viel Herzblut des Organisationsteam (Shazly and Crew) und vor allem der koeniglchen Zustimmung von:
Tenguku Abdullah Al-Haj Ibni Sultan Haji Ahmad Sha Al-Musta in Billah!
(Was fuer ein Name!! Wuerde gerne wissen, wie man diesen Namen richtig ausspricht, und wie schnell man diesen Namen aussprechen kann. Ich brauche ganze 6 Sekunden und nehme es meinen lieben Ami-Freunden nicht mehr uebel, dass sie mich Renata “butcher” nennen).*

Die Organisation war grossartig. Die Atmosphaere unter den Atlethen, die Streckenbesichtigung, die Unterkunft, das einheimische Essen etc war top. Das Rennen wurde in Kuantan ausgetragen. Kuantan liegt ca. 2,5h Autofahrzeit von Kuala Lumpur entfernt. Es herrscht tropisches Klima hier, 35 Grad aufwaerts, hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit 88%. Die Menschen hier aeusserst freundlich und hilfsbereit, ein wenig neugierig und immer zum Spassen bereit.
Start mit zwei 750m langen Runden schwimmen im sehr salzigen, leicht welligen Meer, anschliessend 32km auf dem Bike durch den Urwald, sowie ein 5km langes Stueck auf der Strasse. Ein Platzregen waehrend dem Biken erschwerte den Parcour, oft war es glatt und unuebersichtbar. Die Laufstrecke beinhaltete ein langes Uphill mit 335 Treppenstufen und ein sandiger Abschnitt am Beach.
Das Pro-Feld war klein, und ich durfte diese Southeast Asia Xterra-Premiere wahrlich geniessen und gewinnen. Auf dem zweiten Rang Mieko Carey (Saipan), 3.Rang Daniela Erni (Schweiz)!!
Rangliste Pro; men
1. Mike Vine
2. Scott Thorne
3. Sam Gardener

weitere News; http://www.xterramalaysia.com/

So, nun packen, Bike putzen, Souvenir einpacken , verabschieden und den Flug nicht verpassen!
Next stop : Zuerich Airport! Bis bald.

*der Zungenbrechertest; Mieko 13 Sekunden, Bob 7 Sekunden

A kind soul told me the above is in German. A little magic on Google Translate got me into this text.

:) Below is Renata Translated.

Malaysia 7.6.09 XTERRA Southeast Asia's first ever XTERRA

Selamat Datang

For the first time took place on June 7th 2009 XTERRA MALAYSIA instead, thanks to a lot of heart and soul of the organization team (Shazly and Crew) and especially the consent of koeniglchen:
Tenguku Abdullah Al-Haj Ibni Sultan Haji Ahmad Sha Al-Musta in Billah!
(What a name! Would like to know how to pronounce the name correctly, and how quickly you can pronounce this name. I need all 6 seconds and take it to my dear American friends no longer evil, that they sent me Renata "butcher "call) .*

The organization was great. The atmosphere among the Atlethen, the tour route, the accommodation, the local food etc was top. The race was in Kuantan out. Kuantan is located about 2.5 hours car drive away from Kuala Lumpur. There is a tropical climate here, 35 degrees upwards, humidity 88%. The people here very friendly and helpful, a little curious and always ready for fun.
Start with two 750m-long swim laps in the very salty, slightly wavy sea, then 32km on the bike through the jungle, as well as a 5km-long piece on the street. A heavy rain during the bike course the difficult, often it was smooth and unuebersichtbar. The course included a long Uphill with 335 steps and a sandy section at the Beach.
The pro field was small, and I had these XTERRA Southeast Asia Premiere truly enjoy and win. At the second rank Mieko Carey (Saipan), 3.Rang Daniela Erni (Switzerland)!
Pro Standings; men
1. Mike Vine
2. Scott Thorne
3. Sam Gardener

more news; http://www.xterramalaysia.com/

So, now pack up, clean bike, gift wrap, goodbye and do not miss the flight!
Next stop: Zurich Airport! See you soon.

* tongue twisters test; Mieko 13 seconds, Bob 7 seconds

Xterra Malaysia : Yet Anohter Pro's Race Report

This only gets better.

Report from Mike Vine, the Champ of the 1st Xterra Malaysia.

Taken from mikevine.athletesjournal.com

Held in the jungle beach resort area of Kuantan by the renowned Teluk
Cempedah beach, this new event is located only a stone's throw from
the equator( 200 km away ) and serving up some seriously searing
tropical heat and humidity. This race was a huge success with a sold
out field of 500 enthusiastic racers, pro organization, and big-time
media coverage with ESPN Asia filming a one-hour episode, as well as
local networks for the news.
Asides from first time visit to Malaysia, this trip was a prime
opportunity for me to have a rematch with the Brit Sam Gardner who
beat me at Saipan earlier this year. and sure enough we slugged it
out, along with the upstart Kiwi Scott Thorne who recently placed 2nd
at XTerra New Zealand.

So after torturous 33-35 C heat with brutal humidity over the days
leading up, conditions on raceday were near ideal with overcast and a
few showers along the way to cool us down to just bearable levels.
With no major hills on the bike and mainly over either pavement or
hardpack dirt roads, I was expecting the guys to bunch up and work
together on the draft-legal bike. Surprisingly though I led the swim
from the start and emerged with a hefty margin. Not unscathed
though... the stinging jellyfish had shown up and got me twice. Thos
buggers hurt , and peeing on it later I found didn't help either!
With Sam and co well in arrears at T1 I decided I would put my head
down and go for it... I was feeling good. That is until 15 km or so in
riding through a palm oil plantation I missed a pothole hidden under
the grass and took a dandy spill launching over the bars and slamming
hard on my side at 30kph. It rattled me but no serious damage luckily
although the bars were cocked at a bad angle which made cornering
tricky... and moreso when the torrential rain hit about 10 min later
and the clay surface turned to a full-on slippy ice rink. I made it
through then approaching a pavement intersection a police officer sent
me the wrong way... eventually it was sorted after a debate and going
at least 200 m the wrong way, but Scott and Sam caught me here.
The last part of this course is where it's most interesting, and a
bunch of vicious attacks ensued over the sandy beach and rooty, slick
jungle. Scott dropped off slightly while riding the tricky section of
sand by the water's edge then I gapped Sam when he chose to skirt
around a rock outcropping, while I hike-a-biked over it. That's
because the tide turned out was higher today and the water was waste
deep for Sam ! Although a few min later Sam chased back up when it was
my turn to misjudge where to hike through the soft sand from the
water's edge up to re-enter the jungle.
Sam had gapped me into T2 by 10 sec and gained another 5 when I put
socks on. the run loop was top notch... 2 loops consisting of a
jungle section loaded with monkeys and monitor lizards , followed by a
tour through the zoo, then a big jungle uphill and descent with a 1/2
mile soft sand beach section to finish the loop.

I worked to catch Sam and move into the lead on the first loop's
climb, only to have the hams twinging then locking up on the descent
to the beach. Sam caught right back up by lap point. We waded through
a small stream emptying on the beach and here i looked beside and saw
Sam dolphining through it... which he probably shouldn't have because
it smelled like monkey poo! Now I was really losing my form with jello
for legs and slipped out taking a spill on the wet boulders.
Then, as luck would have it, starting the 2nd loop the leg cramps
mysteriously cleared up and i could pick up the pace again. I surged
up the climb and bounded down the steep descent bringing it home for
the win in 2 hrs 13 min. At the finish it was a Commonwealth sweep
with Vine, Thorne who had ran well and moved to 2nd @ :42 behind, and
Gardner in 3rd at 1 min back.
In the women's race it was Renata Bucher winning it with Saipan's
Mieko Carey in 2nd. How's this for random luck - Renata has also
placed exactly the same as me in all 4 US Cup races this year as well.

This event was a huge success and the racers were all excited and
buzzing before, during, and afterwards. Many kudos to Shazly and co
for pulling this one together. There were loads of spectators,
including the Royal Prince of Pahang who was enjoying it and stayed
for the whole event. The race received major media coverage with
numerous tv networks in attendance. For example, after flying over
from Kuantan to the Kuala Lumpur Intl Airport the next day, the race
coverage was playing on the tv's in the terminal there.

Next up is Richmond Virginia, one of my favorite courses on the US Cup
Circuit, followed by a new venue in Little Rock AK the next week. Will
be a tough travel week with 2 days in vancouver now before flying out.
VA is exactly a 12 hr time difference from Malaysia which safe to say
will be unpleasant!
Many thanks to my sponsors, Intense, Fox Shox, Mizuno, Michelin,
Blue70, Maui Coupon Magazine, Vega.
Please see attached pics, courtesy of XTerra Malaysia.

Xterra Malaysia : Pro's Race Report

You know you ace-d it when one of the Pro (in this case Sam Gardner) wrote that the race is the best ever he entered.

Report taken from http://samgardner-triathlon.blogspot.com/

Monday, 8 June 2009
Xterra Malaysia
Malaysia race report.

It’s been a busy week. I had 7 hours at home from returning from Xterra Italy, before going to Xterra Malaysia. All the travelling, stress and time difference left me pretty tired on arrival. However I was looking forward to racing at this new destination on the Global tour, and getting behind the event.

The local media were very excited about the arrival of the foreign athletes for this first edition of the event, and had hyped it up into a big rematch between Mike Vine (the current US champion) and myself, after our recent battle in Saipan where I edged him out for the win. The dark horse was Scott Thorne from New Zealand, who had the advantage of less jet lag and an extra 3 day actimatising to the extreme heat and humidity. Scott narrowly missed out on winning Xterra New Zealand this year so was always going to be one to watch out for along with the other Japanese, Malaysian and Philipino’s making up the pro field.

Still heavily jet lagged and relying heavily on some super strong local hotel coffee I got to the start line for the 8am start. The day was pretty overcast, compared to the searing heat of the previous week. Warming up 10 minutes before the start Mike Vine was stung by a Jellyfish (which we’d not seen in previous few days), he was in obvious pain, but we decided (hoped) it wasn’t a fatal portugese man of war sting. Maybe I shouldn’t have laughed at his expense because 20 minutes later I felt my hand touch something soft and jelly like and sure enough half a second later I felt a shooting pain go up my leg, wow those things hurt. Despite this I had a reasonable swim, exiting the water in 4th, 2 minutes behind Mike, and a minute behind Scott and the Japanese pro Taro.

The bike started with 7km of road, where I desperately gave chase after Taro and Scott who were working together to catch Mike. I made contact with them after 3km and we soon dropped Taro and I worked with Scott on our chase. It was a very interesting and eventful bike leg. I dropped Scott on each climb, but first missed a corner on a descent and he got back to me, then the heavens opened and he got back to me a second time on another descent. Finally I could see Mike 200m ahead and had got rid of Scott for good (or so I thought), but a police marshal sent all 3 of us the wrong way and when we found out and turned round, we were all 3 together again! We worked together on the subsequent road section and were still neck and neck with 10km to go. This did not leave me with much time to build a lead against 2 guys that were known for being top runners. When I did manage to get away on my own it was only 2km from transition and I only managed to get a 20 seconds lead on Mike and maybe a minute over Scott.

It must have had for great television for ESPN (the channel covering the event in Asia). I kept my dwindling lead for about 4km, then Mike caught me and coming onto the 2nd and final run lap we were again separated by only 5 meters with Scott chasing hard and closing. Mike eventually pushed home his advantage on lap 2 and I had to think about holding Scott off for 2nd place. It all ended in a sprint down the finishing funnel on the beach in front of the Malaysian crowds with Scott taking 2nd leaving me in 3rd with all 3 of us separated by less than 1 minute in one of the most exciting races I’ve ever been in. How so many things could have sent the result a different way and any of us could have won.

I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight (the first time in 12 days!), and having a weekend off racing and being spectator next weekend at Windsor triathlon. My next races are Mountain Mayhem 24 hour mountain bike race in 2 weeks time (the UK’s biggest and highest paying race) where I am racing for the USE all stars team. Then the following week I have round 2 of the European tour, Xterra Czech.

Thanks as usual to all sponsors, writing this on my Panasonic laptop now! Thoroughly recommend Squirt chain lube for not collecting the sand this weekend like most lubes do. Despite all this travelling, jetlag and racing Maximuscle products have been essential with my recovery and keeping my immune system strong. Thanks obviously to Snow and Rock and Cycle surgery for their support also and to Bikeboxalan for a case that has kept my bike undamaged in over 12 flights so far in 2009.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Why English Is Needed to Pass SPM

Fire Away boys and girls.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Xterra Malaysia : Thank You!

TZ : Without your vision, it would had been possible.

Naz: The wingman that TZ could ever rely on.

SK : You proved to everyone that doing this is in your Khan's blood.

GK : I admire your composure when things goes wrong. Thanks for the guidance!

TN : Your cheery corny disposition surely make me smile all the time, even when you were under pressure.

AAA : you live up to the name of Sifu Smooth. Literally, you are the literal man!

JH : Without your art direction and vision, we would had ended up with crappy t and finisher polo shirt; heck, we might as well just give singlets away without your design!

TSB : you work your wonders, as usual. I do wonder sometimes where how you do it.

AMD : you have always delivered and i know i can always count on you.

KK : The Nippon-sans would not had come here if not because you acted as the bridge!

JA : You are young and willing learner. You work your magic and trust me, everyone knows. Sorry for being a bitch with you.

Many thanks to the perfect support crews as well, they are:

Arif - singlehandedly did wonder at every way possible at various places.

Senn - for her magical touch at the secretariat and ensured that all things ran smoothly until the race was long completed.

Laif - for the support and 4wd that was used to do myriad of stuffs. Without it, we might as well just hire a lorry.

Dicky - for coming just to assist and acting as logistic manager on race day.

Barath - for terrorising the Kuantan Rempit in his mutated LandCruiser and going around the trail 3 times to ensure everything was in order.

Uncle Bok, Alaudin, Wendy - OTAI that never ceased to amaze me with their energy.

Nurina - whom helped unconditionally. You just step in and help without us even asking!

Volunteers - without you all, the police have to man the water stations, amongst other things.

All the Pro Triatheletes - You guys and girls gave us locals an opportunity to race on a world standard level with you!

All you supportive SURVIVORS - without you, only the organisers and sponsors will be racing. You all are the stars of the show! Some of you came all the way from East Malaysia and Singapore just to be part of the history.

Also, thank you all for putting up with my ramblings for 5 hours when i took on the role of the race announcer. It was my first time doing that, and i know it will not be the last (well, until someone takes the mike away). Apologies if i said anything wrong or given you new nick name; you all know who you are!

And last but not least - wifey. I love you.

Thank you all for making Xterra Malaysia possible. Congrats to all of you survivors!

If you have any feedback, please channel it here, or you can email it to info@xterramalaysia.net

As a closing remark - watch this space/blog, as this will be where i will leak more future plans that will be in store.

We at Xterra Malaysia will do all our best to ensure that the next race organised under the Xterra banner will be nothing but fun!


Xterra Done, what's next?

brace yourself people. Survey has shown that the racers love to get down and dirty. The want to see glue like mud on their bikes. They want to see the sole of their shoes all filled with grime and mud.

Get ready.

Xterra Dirty Duathlon is coming your way!

Does that just got you to wet your pants?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Pa!

Happy 57th Pa!

I'm sorry Aileen and myself has to be away on your birthday!

You have a great one at home with Ma, Ee-Von, Ee-Svun and the two small fler!

Love ya!

From Kuantan Xterra With Love.

ps- this comes from the crews as well ;-)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Different View Of Things

Ever since i was involved with Xterra, i now see races in a different light.

The pain. The agony. The rush. And this is just from my point of view, not yet from Shazly, which happens to have balls larger than an elephant to bring this into Malaysia.

Yes, the first ever Xterra race in Malaysia.

Who would had thought about this?

A dream to organise a race for racers, by racers.

Nothing less than that.

We did not get the best in the industry. We did not engage anyone more profesional than the PR company as we are dealing with the Pahang Palace.

The best person we ever even have was a race director we are all too familiar with.

No, it is not Mr. Chan.

We went from happy one moment to freaking out the next due to some reasons.

But because we are all racers and we know what it takes to make a race happens, somehow, things starts to fall into place.

More friends were roped in. People with same passion. Even webmasters of various blogs, forums, groups, magazines were roped in to help to promote!

Slowly, the race starts to take shape. Trails were found and identified - with help from locals. Bouys were sources from contacts in the Navy even; raising a few eyebrows over the "chain of command" where the directive came from.

Meetings were held on a weekly basis - usually Sunday night, where everyone are free, or just got back from Kuantan.

Now, with just 4 days to Xterra Malaysia - First in South East Asia, with participants from all over the world (yes, Pros are coming!) and our local racing buddies registering to be part of history in-making, with all the tears, joy and uncertainties...the race this weekend is dedicated to all of you supporters (read: Participants) and crews.

To Zafrul, Shazly, Nadia, Nazri, Geoff, Jason, Kharis, Azly, Azmar, Kam, Julie : YOU GUYS and GIRLS rock.

Now lets keep our finger crossed that Xterra lives up to our expectations and everyone's envision of a race meant for racers!