Monday, June 08, 2009

Xterra Malaysia : Thank You!

TZ : Without your vision, it would had been possible.

Naz: The wingman that TZ could ever rely on.

SK : You proved to everyone that doing this is in your Khan's blood.

GK : I admire your composure when things goes wrong. Thanks for the guidance!

TN : Your cheery corny disposition surely make me smile all the time, even when you were under pressure.

AAA : you live up to the name of Sifu Smooth. Literally, you are the literal man!

JH : Without your art direction and vision, we would had ended up with crappy t and finisher polo shirt; heck, we might as well just give singlets away without your design!

TSB : you work your wonders, as usual. I do wonder sometimes where how you do it.

AMD : you have always delivered and i know i can always count on you.

KK : The Nippon-sans would not had come here if not because you acted as the bridge!

JA : You are young and willing learner. You work your magic and trust me, everyone knows. Sorry for being a bitch with you.

Many thanks to the perfect support crews as well, they are:

Arif - singlehandedly did wonder at every way possible at various places.

Senn - for her magical touch at the secretariat and ensured that all things ran smoothly until the race was long completed.

Laif - for the support and 4wd that was used to do myriad of stuffs. Without it, we might as well just hire a lorry.

Dicky - for coming just to assist and acting as logistic manager on race day.

Barath - for terrorising the Kuantan Rempit in his mutated LandCruiser and going around the trail 3 times to ensure everything was in order.

Uncle Bok, Alaudin, Wendy - OTAI that never ceased to amaze me with their energy.

Nurina - whom helped unconditionally. You just step in and help without us even asking!

Volunteers - without you all, the police have to man the water stations, amongst other things.

All the Pro Triatheletes - You guys and girls gave us locals an opportunity to race on a world standard level with you!

All you supportive SURVIVORS - without you, only the organisers and sponsors will be racing. You all are the stars of the show! Some of you came all the way from East Malaysia and Singapore just to be part of the history.

Also, thank you all for putting up with my ramblings for 5 hours when i took on the role of the race announcer. It was my first time doing that, and i know it will not be the last (well, until someone takes the mike away). Apologies if i said anything wrong or given you new nick name; you all know who you are!

And last but not least - wifey. I love you.

Thank you all for making Xterra Malaysia possible. Congrats to all of you survivors!

If you have any feedback, please channel it here, or you can email it to

As a closing remark - watch this space/blog, as this will be where i will leak more future plans that will be in store.

We at Xterra Malaysia will do all our best to ensure that the next race organised under the Xterra banner will be nothing but fun!


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