Monday, June 22, 2009

Of Homemade Burger Goodness

Yesterday was father's day. Wifey bought some ingredient so i could cook dinner.

So, in went the low fat mince beef (it is lean beef minus any fat...believe it) and the compulsory garlic and onion. Decided to be creative by putting in a grabful of crab meat (real crab meat, mind you, not those faux crab stick). Marinated the mix with L&P sauce and a spoonful of Honey. Let it chill for a good 4 hours before taking them out, roll it like a ball and grilled them over non stick pan.

From this...

To this...

THis is a way healthier version compared to what the fastfood joint could offer. It is devoid of any deep fried fries and the bread was lightly grilled over the same pan that cooked the patty.

Tomato slices and butterhead greens made up the garnishing and just to make it a lil salty, a slice of cheese would do wonder.

OK, just excuse the mayo you see in the bread :P

I had an activity filled morning in RMC and had a blissful rest at home in the afternoon.

Now, all i need to do is find time to start training again.

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