Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Different View Of Things

Ever since i was involved with Xterra, i now see races in a different light.

The pain. The agony. The rush. And this is just from my point of view, not yet from Shazly, which happens to have balls larger than an elephant to bring this into Malaysia.

Yes, the first ever Xterra race in Malaysia.

Who would had thought about this?

A dream to organise a race for racers, by racers.

Nothing less than that.

We did not get the best in the industry. We did not engage anyone more profesional than the PR company as we are dealing with the Pahang Palace.

The best person we ever even have was a race director we are all too familiar with.

No, it is not Mr. Chan.

We went from happy one moment to freaking out the next due to some reasons.

But because we are all racers and we know what it takes to make a race happens, somehow, things starts to fall into place.

More friends were roped in. People with same passion. Even webmasters of various blogs, forums, groups, magazines were roped in to help to promote!

Slowly, the race starts to take shape. Trails were found and identified - with help from locals. Bouys were sources from contacts in the Navy even; raising a few eyebrows over the "chain of command" where the directive came from.

Meetings were held on a weekly basis - usually Sunday night, where everyone are free, or just got back from Kuantan.

Now, with just 4 days to Xterra Malaysia - First in South East Asia, with participants from all over the world (yes, Pros are coming!) and our local racing buddies registering to be part of history in-making, with all the tears, joy and uncertainties...the race this weekend is dedicated to all of you supporters (read: Participants) and crews.

To Zafrul, Shazly, Nadia, Nazri, Geoff, Jason, Kharis, Azly, Azmar, Kam, Julie : YOU GUYS and GIRLS rock.

Now lets keep our finger crossed that Xterra lives up to our expectations and everyone's envision of a race meant for racers!

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