Monday, June 22, 2009

First 2.5KM after a long long time...

I swear i could had collapsed and died on the short 2.5km run i took at RMC yesterday morning.

Ambitious as this was my chance of clocking in some mileage after a long period of non-training since 19th April, yesterday was long overdue - those that come to this blog looking for inspiration, i am so sorry that i wasn't even sweating, let alone inspire anyone other than my fat ass to train.

2.7km in 16 minutes and i am dying. I swore i did not enjoy the run yesterday.

The morning biking from RMC towards Balakong using the "sneak out" route wasn't even a sweat breaker for some, so, it couldn't be because of that IMHO.

Facts are, i am not fit, not strong and been idle too long.

I now fear the 10km that i promise wifey i will do this Sunday.

It will not be pretty - well for me at least.

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