Thursday, June 25, 2009

Valuable Lesson In Life

Yesterday, i made a boo-boo and i paid dearly for it (my reputation, that is)

Basically, do not assume and do not "act on behalf of others".

I managed to borrow some buoys from the Navy Boys for Xterra. I can't be thankful enough to OP JO and OP Jamel (CO KDP).

Not only was i late to return the buoys, i've tried to "tuang" by diverting the responsibility to another person.

While my intention was really to help out the other party (as there is another race this weekend in Melaka), but i guess "what is not yours, should not be passed around!"

OP Jamel (Kept) was obviously not happy with my ways and as he said to me, from an Ex-Boy to another, "it is not ON and i am dissapointed".

I know i've F***ked big time. I was told to return the buoys by tomorrow (Friday).

So, i left all my work behind took half day Emergency Leave, drove from PJ to Kuantan at 1300 to collect the buoys and managed to return them to KPD at 2345 yesterday. Needless to say, i reached home at 0300 this morning and i still have very very guilty feelings.

Karma has its own funny way of working against me yesterday. I had a puncture, something that never happened in my last 10 years of driving. It rained heavily, testing me further as i was driving with one tire which are 50% smaller than the other three. Fought fatigue, skipped both lunch and dinner and got lost in Lumut looking for the other entrance to the Navy base.

Luckily i listened to Wifey and decided to pick her up to accompany me on my trip to Lumut, else, i don't think i would had reached home safely. I was being such a pr*ck on the return journey as i was really tired and was partially hallucinating. I decided to let Wifey drive and i guess i was overly worried about her driving on unfamiliar route.

I owe OP JO and OP Jamel big apologies.

So, this IS a public apology to both OP JO and OP Jamel.

Myself, as an Ex-Boy and being trained in the ways of the military, should had known better to be more responsible.

I drove 975.3km in total over 14 hours.

And thank you wifey, for being there, as usual. Love you.

I have now learnt not to ASSUME, as it will be making an Ass out of U and Me.

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