Friday, May 30, 2008

IronMan 2009 Update

Take note. If you are planning to take part in IM09 in Langkawi on the 23rd28th February 2009, please be informed that the entry fee for MALAYSIAN (Early Bird) is RM500 UNTIL THE END OF JUNE 2008

Last year, i paid by cheque to them and had it courier over. I can't remember the address or what to write on the cheque.

So, you got 31 days more to figure that out!

but i won't be so bad la, i will update once i get more info, or please update me once you get more info

Nadia - Week 35

Ah Girl,

You are getting really big. Doc Raman was commenting that your head size is equivalent to a baby 38 weeks. We can't see your face as you hand is still in the Rocky Balboa position.

Your hand covering your face la

No wonder your mum complains that you keep jabbing her rib and her bladder. But that already sounded like Michelle Yeoh in some Kungfu flick.

Whatever it is, we know you are a champ. What more that so far, Doc has said you are in pink of health...and potentially has more hair compared to your brother when he was borned.

Still, we are not putting our money to that "a lot of hair" claim.

Your brother, 1 hour old

For all we know, it might just be "a lot of AIR".

Whatever it is, you are 2.6kg heavy today at week 35 and you are looking good.

We can't wait to see you in a few weeks time.

Love ya.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nike+ DriFit Shorts

I don't usually run in shorts. And if I do, I will wear an extra layer of protection i.e. a pair of tights within. I'm prone to chaffing as I have huge (read : fat) thigh.

So, I was taking a chance with a pair of short when I decided to run the 20km (which turned into something more for me) last Sunday.

The short I was wearing comes with a 7 inch inseam, which essentially acts as a build in tights.

The short comes with a slot to place your Nano in. There is also a raised rubberized knob which is dedicated for the middle button on the Nano.

As stated in previous report, I did my first 10km in good timing, almost rivaling my own personal best for 10K run. Perhaps it was because I was desperate to catch up with Upiq, which started the run 30 minutes ahead of me.

The shorts felt alright the first 2km, then I realized that without proper support, the family jewel started swaying in direction it wasn't intended to go.

I did a few proper adjustment (or should I say, parking) and only found the correct "sweet spot" as I passed the JKR junction. I know then that I shouldn't have run without the inner tights like I usually do.

However, as I crossed the highway to get to National Archive, the un-comfy feeling was gone. Perhaps I was numb down there and thus, did not feel much after that, or it could be that he got used to the bouncing up and down and around.

The short wicked the sweat pretty efficiently. The Nano which was in its designated pocket was dry. Only reason why it was wet was because I took it out with my sweaty hand.

I paired the Nike+ shorts with the white Nike Ultimate shirt, which was similar to the black one I wore during A Formosa tri, only more modest (i.e. with sleeves).

The top performed as expected. But perhaps because it was early in the morning and there were minimal heat/air movement, the top was wetter compared to when it was wore during A Formosa. However it was not uncomfortable, except that the white top did looked like I was wearing a tight Pagoda brand t-shirt from far.

Oh ya, perhaps it was the top that gave me the more than pronounced man boobs?

It was when I reached the 17km mark that I started to experience some degree of uncomfortable chaffing. The inseam rode up my inner thigh (no, I’m not attempting to write some erotic article) and to a certain extend, cause me to spread my thigh more when I was running, which then in return made me run funny and put extra stress on my outer right knee, which then started to hurt.

I had to do a few adjustments and I realized it was too late to actually prevent any chaffing. That, plus the fact that I did not run for some time, contributed to me not being able to finish the whole 25km run and I had to stop and walk a painful last 4km back to Bukit Aman car park.

I must now remember NOT to run without the compulsory tights. In fact, I remember wearing this short for Orange Run and I did not have any issues with the shorts…because I was wearing a tights! That is right! So, if you have big huge (i wanted to say balls, but i better not blow my own horn) thighs, stay away from wearing shorts without any proper tights!

Only other set back is that the short does not cater to the new smaller and wider Nano, but the older 2nd generation version. Fear not, as Nike has come out with a Sports Band, which acts very much like their + system, minus the music.

Out of 10, I would give this shorts a 6.5 for it’s versatility to function as a casual shorts as well. If you don’t plan to do any vigorous activities, you can definitely consider going commando by wearing this short. The cool lime green inseam scream for attention – that is, if you purposely sit with your leg wide spread and showing the world what cool shorts you are wearing.

Stupe in expensive "Pagoda" Top...pain also must not show la...

Monday, May 26, 2008

China Earthquake - A Test Of Human Strength

Human strength. That is something that has always drove me further than what i usually do. The will power to exceed our own limit and standard when the going gets tough.

China earthquake is one fine example. I received an email from a buddy and i tell you, i shed some tears and had to wipe it away.

The email came after my man boobs posting and i feel so small(and childish compared to what these people had to go through).

For example, what is my IronMan 15 hours compared to this boy carrying his sister and walked for 12 hours?

My achievement is nothing! It made me feel like a big whinning bastard!

Or how about this? A mother's love for his son?

And here we are in Malaysia, whining about the price hike, the land development of the rich men's area in Federal Hill, the judicary matters, the UMNO issues, the Snoop squad and more recently, the whole Middle Rock and Bukit Puteh issue. Those are nothing compared to what the people in Sichuan are facing!

Return Of Man Boobs

3 months after IronMan (and still not receiving my IM Cert - Shame on the organization!) and gaining 3kg (Was 72, Now 75) and what used to be an easy 20km run (like a walk in the park) is not reduced to a walk, literally.

It has not been easy, the inactivity i meant. It has been utmost challenging when it comes to the whole issues of getting my ass up and running, cycling again.

I did a 20km run, which i then clocked an extra 5km because i wanted to make up for the lack of mileage after all these while. The first 10km was done in fairly almost Personal best timing. The subsequent 5km was pretty much SOP. The next 5km was a tad suffering...and the final 5 was agonizing that i stopped the clock and be happy that i covered 21km in 2:40; hide my ego and walked back to the car the final 4km.

It was embarassing.

What was more embarassing was the fact that i realised that my chest has turned into boobs again. Not a pretty sight.

Time to hit the road - hard.

It's time to pick up the pieces and start from scratch.

Now that i'm living on a landed property, it's time to find time and go out for a proper run.

And it's time to lose those fugly man boobs.

Not my day today, i left both my phones at home. Clients breathing down my neck and work is on a standstill for an ongoing training.

And i have to deal with my boobs...and my weight at the same instance!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Ee-Svun!

My Baby sister turned 20 yesterday.

Happy Belated Birthday to you! May all your wish come true and of course, may you get an offer from one of the local university soon!

Nadia - Final Month

Wifey has been complaining about tiredness and breathlessness the past couple of days. Her bloog sugar went down to 3.0 yesterday and she was weak and pretty upset that she is almost immobile. An usual stroll in the shopping complex now feels like a marathon to her.

While i understand her situation (not the pregnant part, but the marathon part), i can't help but feel bad that i can't make her feel any better about that.

Work has been a bitch. Coming home and feeling helpless i can't help her much makes it double bitch.

Wifey can't eat anything much as Nadia is taking up all the space available. As of yesterday, she is a good 2.3kg heavy and Doc Raman commented that she is all fine and has a headful of hair...well, that is something we won't believe as Ryan came out bald!

I hope Wifey will regain her strength and her breath real soon. Ryan is really a handful. He can almost talk now. His manners is good. Upon waking up, he will say MORNing. If he wants anything, he will say pless (as in please). He will say tanks(thanks) when he gets what he wants. Someone ring the bell, he will call MA! Open! someone drop food..he will go pointing and shaking his finger.

Nadia seems to get excited whenever Ryan hug her (through mummy's tummy of course). She will do mexican wave whenever she heard her brother talking or patting her.

In short, having Ryan and Nadia in our life was utmost rewarding. 1 is already great fun. 2 is double the fun; we are potentially looking at 3 or 4 times the fun, perhaps (Dearest wifey, i know you will be reading this, if you are, lets just let God decide ok? We can plan all we want...but if it cums, i meant, comes, it comes).

So, here you go, our greatest fun at the moment...gladly posing for the camera.

With me

With Wifey

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

Was forwarded this by a friend. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Second Green Fingers Attempt

Firstly, this picture is long overdue.

Got it right after A Formosa Tri on the 10th ;)

Happy Mother's Day to dearest Wifey. I know Nadia is like pushing and huffing inside you and you are growing out of room for her to move. I know she is literally pushing against your rib and i can see her doing the mexican wave from the surface of your tummy. Hang on there. I love you!

Secondly, my timing for A Farmosa is far worse than what i expected. I clocked 3:16. That is like a good 9 minutes from last year's timing. Bike was 1:26 and not 1:22 as i thought it was. Anyway, not expecting much except to finish the race and i glad i did.

And now, finally, new plants for the new home.

As wifey loves Dieffenbachia, we got a few species with different hues and leaves sizes. Dieffenbachia are sometimes called Leopard Lily, Peace Lily, Dumb Cane and host of other names. We've also gotten one pot of Eugenia (clove and bay leave is one vareity of Eugenia).

How many can you identify?

Dumb Cane and Eugenia

More Dieffenbachia!


Some ferns and a flowering Dief!

Thai Fern

Now, all i need to do is to make sure i don't kill any of it within the next 3 months! All i need to do is water once a day in the morning and just mist the plant in the evening. Simple enough?

Well, that was what i thought 2 years ago!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nike Pro Ultimate

Hey, how about a top that promises to make you look good when you wears them?

Well, provided you have the muscles and bulges at the right places of course. These tight tops will either flatter your body or would emphasise the bulges at the wrong places more.

The Ultimate is an upgrade from the previous Nike Pro which was given to me during IronMan Langkawi. That piece (Nike Pro) of running top worked superbly and wicked off all the sweat as it should. I did not suffer from any bleeding nipples or chaffing under the arms. It worked as it should be.

The main differences between the normal Pro and the Ultimate are the construction. Pro had the thinner material (seen as grey as in the pic above) weaved with the top and Ultimate had it laser cut/sliced. Main advantage is of course the more consistent and accurate/homogenous ventilation which technically would work better than a piece of cotton T or any of their DryFit stuffs.

Pro Ultimate Long Sleeve

Pro Ultimate Sleeveless - it gave me the "square" chest shape

Now, to start with, i have no model's body and as not shy as i am, i did felt a lil too concious last Sunday when i wore it. The material felt the same as the Pro i wore for IM08 and the fittings are simply great; more so when i have love handles spilling out from the sides.

I decided not to wear any trisuit for Sunday's race as i do not want my precious (and cheap) trisuit to be covered with TDS. So, wearing a trunk and a separate top was the way to go. I might had lost about 3 minutes trying to put the top on after the swim as the top refused to roll down at the back and got stuck near my shoulder blades. I definately put on more weights! But once it was on, it gave me light compression and was like my second skin.

On bike with Ultimate

Noticed the laser cutted grey area from the pic above?

The top stayed dry throughout the cycling. It was literally dried by the wind (with me going at ave of 27km/h).

From then on, i ran with the same top but i put on a DryFit shorts. This is the second time i am running with a shorts as i'm usually more inclined to be wearing a tights (Nike Pro, no less).

Not so flaterring side view

the weather got a lil more humid than usual as it was gloomy and drizzled a lil. I was not wet, but not completely dry. It was not unpleasant unlike sometimes when you wear a running vest and the vest got all drenched with sweat, any wind or breeze that blows against your running direction will send chill down your spine (via nipples :P). Those wet vest are potentially rougher than sandpaper and that is where people that are prone to chaffing (underarms, nipples) would suffer.

Having tried the first generation Pro (Thank you Shazly), the second generation Pro (Thank you Nike) and finally the Ultimate, i would put my money on Ultimate to be the well, Ultimate running top. The pricing is about the same as the second generation Pro and potentially cheaper if you head to the Nike shop when they have sales.

Only thing slacking now is finding the perfect pair of socks and cap. :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lets Be An Activist

You are all invited for this event. Do contact if you would like to attend.

Walking To Work

754meters following the road at 5km/h speed. It takes me 10 minutes maximum to reach my cubicle in the office. That is faster than driving from home to parking space and walking to office. :)

So, i am doing my part to save Planet Earth!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ryan - The Poser

What happened when you whip out a camera and point it to Ryan?

You can almost be sure that he will stop, smile and pose.

Almost 18 months old, this bugger is a charmer. How to be angry with him? No way!

I have one picture in similiar pose. I will try to look for it and snap it to compare later.

Meanwhile, we get to see Nadia again at Doc Raman's office tomorrow.

The Man That Conquered Formosa Tri

We was as heavy as Andre the Giant.
He can't find any clothes to fit and had to settle for not XXXL but XXX-XL t-shirts.
He makes Myvi look like a Kancil.
He makes others think he will collapse even if he went up 4 flights of stairs.

Abu, Upiq and Handsome Boy
He had never run more than 5km at one go, let alone swim, or even cycle any distance longer than the usual walk to Mamak.
He was inspired when he found out me and Shazly was doing Iron Man.
He told himself that he can do it.
He defies everyone's perception of him.
He told me yesterday that 4 riders could draft behind him.
Yesterday he showed the world he is just like any of us - he had a dream and he has every intention to make it come true, and he did.
And yesterday, he made himself proud and finished the 1.5km - 40km - 10km race.
And he wasn't the last to cross the line.
You dared to dream and you made it come true. You showed to everyone that it isn't the size of the person, but the size of the fight inside the person that matters. Your decision to do a full triathlon without even attempting any races before this goes to show that anyone, as long as they have a will of iron, will complete what they plan to do. Your tears of joy was almost like any athelete winning the gold medal at the olympic.
I salute you!


A Formosa Tri 2008

I just realised the really bad grammar that this report was written and i was almost in pain reading my own report. Apologies for the bad grammar. So, here is the corrected version

Last Year's Formosa report : Here

Unlike last year, I went to the race alone on the morning of the race. Waking up at 4.30am and making sure I got everything I need. I can't afford to miss out anything important as that would be disastrous.

Last year was the first time I used a road bike for a triathlon race. This year, I took the same bike for the race...with some "upgrades" la.

Well compared to someone's new bike...mine was certainly only as good as my old trusty mountain bike...

A Formosa usually attracts loads of newbie to the sports. Due to the venue proximity and the fact that it is the first tri race of the year. Everyone comes with a renewed hope and wish to better their PR or do their first tri.

A Formosa was when Shazly and Kam debuted last year. Think of it as a prom or something, but Formosa is known for creating loads of IronMan.

The race course was slightly different this year. The swim did not take us around the 2 islands like last year. It was definitely a larger loop. We are to swim 2 loops around the lake. As usual, the lake has loads of TDS (Total Dissolved Solid), which I believe some major water filter company could make millions if they were to filter the water here.

I learnt my lesson last year when I entered the lake in my spanking new trisuit. Never again will I do so. Not only the white on the trisuit turned brown upon exiting the water, your Gastrointestinal (GI) tract and system most probably worked overtime to kill off some of the bacteria.

Yeah, but that did not stop the hundreds of crazy triatheletes and wannabes.

expelling the bacteria from the nose

Swim time last year : 38:00
Swim time this year : 40:00

I took a leak near the shower area and pretended to be showering with bucketful of water...I don't think it was morally right to pee in the water and let the swimmer
behind swim through them urine. :P

Running up the slope towards T1 was quite tiring as it was well, a slope! There, I saw Azmar almost finished prepping himself for the ride.

The absolutely last time I rode a bike was during IM. I'm serious. I opened the card box to retrieve my helmet and cycling shoes. There were spider web between the spokes. That speaks volume that my previous apartment is a thriving place for a diversified faunas (yes, there were cockroach eggs at one corner, which I took and threw out before they hatch).

I did not wear any cycling shorts for the cycling section and instead opt to just go with the trunks I wore for the swim. I had the Nike Pro top on and my race number, which I collected before the race from Upiq. It did felt awkward on the bike the first 3 minutes.

Funny as the geometry was not the same as I remember it (after I got the Dream, this steel Colnago was basically cold-storage). I did struggle with the gears a bit as the STIs from Shimano differs a bit from the Campags.

As I strolled along the biking route and struggled to a certain extend to maintain a high 30km/h (wishful thinking) but I only managed a slow 27km/h average! Damn!

Abu coming from behind and overtaking

But of course la, struggling or not...must take pic of myself posing...

Last year bike : 1:22
This year bike : 1:10 to be confirmed tomorrow.

As I finished the bike, I took my time to wear a short as I did notice the trunk was a lil obscene. Wore a pair of socks and don on the same shoes I wore for KLIM 08. Took a gamble and wore a thinner socks as I could not find the right pair in darkness (did not want to wake wifey up at 4.30am). Thank goodness I got the same colored socks!

The final run should be easy considering that it will be slightly less than 10km.

But not having any training since Iron Man and the last I ran was the BHP Orange run, the condition is less than ideal to even think about posting another PR for the run. Took it really easy and had the Nano playing some songs. Zoning out, as some top class athlete would call it.

Struggled a bit on the first 2km of the run as the Bike-Run (lack of) transition often requires a high degree of muscle memories. I still remember my first Bike-Run transition in my first ever multisport event; I almost crawled after I dismounted the bike. No joke.

I had Mejar Kalam with me throughout the run. Chit-chatting and exchanging opinions on general and training matters. The run this year was longer than last year as we had to take a left towards the resort's main office and then towards the finish line, that should pack in another good 1km (last year's run was only about 9km!).

I finished the race in 3:13 (my own stop watch, the clock ran continuously even during T1 and T2) and I believe I did a 3:30 3:07 last year. Meaning I’m 6 minutes late...must be those time is spend in transition!

Last year run : 1:05
This year run : 1:04

Finishing with Mejar

I don a Nike Pro top, which worked really well throughout the race by wicking off the sweat. In fact, the top did not even feel drenched by the time I’m done with the whole race! I will write about that later. :)

Despite not training and taking things way easier than what I used to be (as Bacin would say...the IronMan's blue), I’m quite happy that I managed to finish the race in a much better time compared to last year at the same venue. But of course, having to post a PR at PD Tri last year, I had certain level of expectation for myself, and that is to try to dip below 3 hours...

Sometimes, we just have to let our own ego rest at home. I'm glad I did not bring that along to the race yesterday or I would be crying for not being able to do close to my PR.

To all of those that did their first OD Tri race yesterday, well done, you guys and girls deserves rounds of big clap. To those that did their PR...Well done too! Now all you all need to do (me included) is to train harder, longer and smarter to post better PR in the future!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Warm Cosy Humble Abode

As promised.

Our Home.

Living Room




More pictures of the house would be shared soon. I did not take pictures of the rooms as it was already very late at night when i took the above.

I've been really busy with work. Things are smoother now since most of the long pending issues were sorted out. What is left is managing it to my best ability.

This weekend is A Farmosa Tri. I've not done any training since KLIM (infact, KLIM was one of the training) and my Dream is still in the box. I would be racing in the old trusty steel Colnago this weekend.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pics above, i promise i would post more once i get the luxury of time.