Monday, May 26, 2008

Return Of Man Boobs

3 months after IronMan (and still not receiving my IM Cert - Shame on the organization!) and gaining 3kg (Was 72, Now 75) and what used to be an easy 20km run (like a walk in the park) is not reduced to a walk, literally.

It has not been easy, the inactivity i meant. It has been utmost challenging when it comes to the whole issues of getting my ass up and running, cycling again.

I did a 20km run, which i then clocked an extra 5km because i wanted to make up for the lack of mileage after all these while. The first 10km was done in fairly almost Personal best timing. The subsequent 5km was pretty much SOP. The next 5km was a tad suffering...and the final 5 was agonizing that i stopped the clock and be happy that i covered 21km in 2:40; hide my ego and walked back to the car the final 4km.

It was embarassing.

What was more embarassing was the fact that i realised that my chest has turned into boobs again. Not a pretty sight.

Time to hit the road - hard.

It's time to pick up the pieces and start from scratch.

Now that i'm living on a landed property, it's time to find time and go out for a proper run.

And it's time to lose those fugly man boobs.

Not my day today, i left both my phones at home. Clients breathing down my neck and work is on a standstill for an ongoing training.

And i have to deal with my boobs...and my weight at the same instance!

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