Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nike+ DriFit Shorts

I don't usually run in shorts. And if I do, I will wear an extra layer of protection i.e. a pair of tights within. I'm prone to chaffing as I have huge (read : fat) thigh.

So, I was taking a chance with a pair of short when I decided to run the 20km (which turned into something more for me) last Sunday.

The short I was wearing comes with a 7 inch inseam, which essentially acts as a build in tights.

The short comes with a slot to place your Nano in. There is also a raised rubberized knob which is dedicated for the middle button on the Nano.

As stated in previous report, I did my first 10km in good timing, almost rivaling my own personal best for 10K run. Perhaps it was because I was desperate to catch up with Upiq, which started the run 30 minutes ahead of me.

The shorts felt alright the first 2km, then I realized that without proper support, the family jewel started swaying in direction it wasn't intended to go.

I did a few proper adjustment (or should I say, parking) and only found the correct "sweet spot" as I passed the JKR junction. I know then that I shouldn't have run without the inner tights like I usually do.

However, as I crossed the highway to get to National Archive, the un-comfy feeling was gone. Perhaps I was numb down there and thus, did not feel much after that, or it could be that he got used to the bouncing up and down and around.

The short wicked the sweat pretty efficiently. The Nano which was in its designated pocket was dry. Only reason why it was wet was because I took it out with my sweaty hand.

I paired the Nike+ shorts with the white Nike Ultimate shirt, which was similar to the black one I wore during A Formosa tri, only more modest (i.e. with sleeves).

The top performed as expected. But perhaps because it was early in the morning and there were minimal heat/air movement, the top was wetter compared to when it was wore during A Formosa. However it was not uncomfortable, except that the white top did looked like I was wearing a tight Pagoda brand t-shirt from far.

Oh ya, perhaps it was the top that gave me the more than pronounced man boobs?

It was when I reached the 17km mark that I started to experience some degree of uncomfortable chaffing. The inseam rode up my inner thigh (no, I’m not attempting to write some erotic article) and to a certain extend, cause me to spread my thigh more when I was running, which then in return made me run funny and put extra stress on my outer right knee, which then started to hurt.

I had to do a few adjustments and I realized it was too late to actually prevent any chaffing. That, plus the fact that I did not run for some time, contributed to me not being able to finish the whole 25km run and I had to stop and walk a painful last 4km back to Bukit Aman car park.

I must now remember NOT to run without the compulsory tights. In fact, I remember wearing this short for Orange Run and I did not have any issues with the shorts…because I was wearing a tights! That is right! So, if you have big huge (i wanted to say balls, but i better not blow my own horn) thighs, stay away from wearing shorts without any proper tights!

Only other set back is that the short does not cater to the new smaller and wider Nano, but the older 2nd generation version. Fear not, as Nike has come out with a Sports Band, which acts very much like their + system, minus the music.

Out of 10, I would give this shorts a 6.5 for it’s versatility to function as a casual shorts as well. If you don’t plan to do any vigorous activities, you can definitely consider going commando by wearing this short. The cool lime green inseam scream for attention – that is, if you purposely sit with your leg wide spread and showing the world what cool shorts you are wearing.

Stupe in expensive "Pagoda" Top...pain also must not show la...

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