Friday, May 23, 2008

Nadia - Final Month

Wifey has been complaining about tiredness and breathlessness the past couple of days. Her bloog sugar went down to 3.0 yesterday and she was weak and pretty upset that she is almost immobile. An usual stroll in the shopping complex now feels like a marathon to her.

While i understand her situation (not the pregnant part, but the marathon part), i can't help but feel bad that i can't make her feel any better about that.

Work has been a bitch. Coming home and feeling helpless i can't help her much makes it double bitch.

Wifey can't eat anything much as Nadia is taking up all the space available. As of yesterday, she is a good 2.3kg heavy and Doc Raman commented that she is all fine and has a headful of hair...well, that is something we won't believe as Ryan came out bald!

I hope Wifey will regain her strength and her breath real soon. Ryan is really a handful. He can almost talk now. His manners is good. Upon waking up, he will say MORNing. If he wants anything, he will say pless (as in please). He will say tanks(thanks) when he gets what he wants. Someone ring the bell, he will call MA! Open! someone drop food..he will go pointing and shaking his finger.

Nadia seems to get excited whenever Ryan hug her (through mummy's tummy of course). She will do mexican wave whenever she heard her brother talking or patting her.

In short, having Ryan and Nadia in our life was utmost rewarding. 1 is already great fun. 2 is double the fun; we are potentially looking at 3 or 4 times the fun, perhaps (Dearest wifey, i know you will be reading this, if you are, lets just let God decide ok? We can plan all we want...but if it cums, i meant, comes, it comes).

So, here you go, our greatest fun at the moment...gladly posing for the camera.

With me

With Wifey

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