Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Second Green Fingers Attempt

Firstly, this picture is long overdue.

Got it right after A Formosa Tri on the 10th ;)

Happy Mother's Day to dearest Wifey. I know Nadia is like pushing and huffing inside you and you are growing out of room for her to move. I know she is literally pushing against your rib and i can see her doing the mexican wave from the surface of your tummy. Hang on there. I love you!

Secondly, my timing for A Farmosa is far worse than what i expected. I clocked 3:16. That is like a good 9 minutes from last year's timing. Bike was 1:26 and not 1:22 as i thought it was. Anyway, not expecting much except to finish the race and i glad i did.

And now, finally, new plants for the new home.

As wifey loves Dieffenbachia, we got a few species with different hues and leaves sizes. Dieffenbachia are sometimes called Leopard Lily, Peace Lily, Dumb Cane and host of other names. We've also gotten one pot of Eugenia (clove and bay leave is one vareity of Eugenia).

How many can you identify?

Dumb Cane and Eugenia

More Dieffenbachia!


Some ferns and a flowering Dief!

Thai Fern

Now, all i need to do is to make sure i don't kill any of it within the next 3 months! All i need to do is water once a day in the morning and just mist the plant in the evening. Simple enough?

Well, that was what i thought 2 years ago!


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