Monday, May 12, 2008

The Man That Conquered Formosa Tri

We was as heavy as Andre the Giant.
He can't find any clothes to fit and had to settle for not XXXL but XXX-XL t-shirts.
He makes Myvi look like a Kancil.
He makes others think he will collapse even if he went up 4 flights of stairs.

Abu, Upiq and Handsome Boy
He had never run more than 5km at one go, let alone swim, or even cycle any distance longer than the usual walk to Mamak.
He was inspired when he found out me and Shazly was doing Iron Man.
He told himself that he can do it.
He defies everyone's perception of him.
He told me yesterday that 4 riders could draft behind him.
Yesterday he showed the world he is just like any of us - he had a dream and he has every intention to make it come true, and he did.
And yesterday, he made himself proud and finished the 1.5km - 40km - 10km race.
And he wasn't the last to cross the line.
You dared to dream and you made it come true. You showed to everyone that it isn't the size of the person, but the size of the fight inside the person that matters. Your decision to do a full triathlon without even attempting any races before this goes to show that anyone, as long as they have a will of iron, will complete what they plan to do. Your tears of joy was almost like any athelete winning the gold medal at the olympic.
I salute you!


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