Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flourless Peanut Butter Pancake

Most pancakes are made from flour and those available in the market are laden with processed food items where it will ensure a year of shelf life and guaranteed results every time you use them. Not forgetting the sugar, salt and other artificial flavoring that will be incorporated into the pancake mix. Our quest to eat healthily brought us to look for an alternative (as we ran out of flour) for a pancake Sunday breakfast. As complicated it may sound (as a flourless pancake does sound impossible, no?), they are actually the simplest you can make using items you can find in your kitchen.
This is the recipe for a flourless pancake that will go well if you are gluten intolerance and if you want to cut down on your carbohydrate intake; or if you ran out of flour, like we did.
2 Tablespoon of Peanut Butter 
2 large eggs
1/4 teaspoon of baking powder/soda
Some oil for cooking (we used olive)
That's it.
Hard to believe? Well, us too, until we gave it a try. First, you need to break the eggs and then mixes the peanut butter and baking soda into the mixture. Mix them well like you are making scrambled eggs. The baking soda will ensure that the pancake turns up fluffy.
The main star. We went with Adams
Lightly cook the pancake in medium heat and turn them over when the top starts to bubble. We cook ours in a small non-stick pan that gives the pancake the shape as well.
Here is how they looked like after it was cooked. Fantastic!
Recipe makes two pancakes of 4 inches by 1 inch size
We decided to be a bit indulgence with it by eating it with some blueberry jam. The sweetness of the jam and the savoury taste of the pancake was a winner.
One might not be enough, but it's portion control in action
The batter was light and because it is made using eggs, it tasted a bit omelette-ty. But the peanut butter turned the whole mixture into a fantastic nutritional light breakfast.A winner definitely.
Want a bite?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Kenwood BM250 BreadMaker

Perfect Loaf of Multiseed Grain Bread
We have been making our own bread since 2008. Primary reason for this was to start eating healthier and to have better bread where we can control our ingredient. If you ever wondered, here are some of the chemicals and preservatives that goes into every loaf of commercial bread that is available out there.
Potassium bromate - banned as they causes cancer
Mono-and triglycerides - Otherwise known as fats, the saturated kind..
Sodium stearoyl lactate - Won't be kind to your tummy digestive
Partially or fully hydrogenated oils - transfat. Evil. Banned in a lot of countries.
Calcium propionate - this preservative caused allergic reactions in bakers as well as sleep problems and restlessness in children.
Sugar & salt - In moderation is good, but not in excess.

The above is just what you will see, don't forget the whole processed flour where the flour are bleached with more chemical to gives you the end product of soft white bread.
Homemade raisin with pumpkin seed herb bread
Some of you have asked which bread maker i am currently using in the previous post. We are using the older Kenwood BM250 bread maker. We purchased it from the local electrical shop back then for about RM500. It was an investment that we intend to use often and we did.
The bread maker comes in White and Silver/chrome. We settled for the white and it has since turned slightly yellowish due to usage. However, the unit is still in perfect condition churning out bread on weekly (sometimes once a month) basis.
This one make bread with slight tinge of blue. The days of crappy cameras ;-)
It has 12 build in menu or functions that allows one to make anything from Jam to French loaf, and even pasta dough if you wanted to. Typical bread making time is about 3hours 30minutes where the ingredient are placed into a square pan that will make up to 1kg worth of bread (that is TWO average loaf weight, by the way). It has three different browning function where you can choose a bread that is lightly browned, medium or roasted for that un-mistaken aroma of toasted bread.
With timer functions so you will wake up to a fresh loaf every time!
It has three weight option as well to make a 500gram, 750 gram or 1kg bread - though we have ours set to 1kg all the time. Bread that is left to raise longer (i.e. more mass) will be fluffier too.
All shocked up
There is no secret with bread making using bread machine. While we started off using pre-mix, we then switched to bare flour and make our own mix. You see, with bread mix where the only extra ingredients you don't need to put in are the flour mix (and often, it has bread improver and preservatives as well to store the flour longer on the shelf).
Sesame, rye, organic flour and yeast
I believe any other bread maker available in the market is good, as long as you know what to do with it. Often the bread that comes out from the bread maker will not be soft and fluffy by virtue that it doesn't have improver or shortening. I often modify the bread recipe according to taste and if i have other items available that will add more bite or nutrition into the bread, we will add in.
As big as my face Papa!
You can find many different bread recipe i shared in this blog. Most of them are classified under the FOOD tag and/or the HEALTH tag. With no preservatives, these homemade bread will need to be consumed within 3 days of baking and the unfinished portion needs to be placed in the freezer to prevent it from turning mouldy.
Can almost smell the wholewheat bread here
The initial investment on a bread maker is high, as well as the ingredient that you will buy to make your own loafs. Which is interesting as you will then realise, that for the commercial bakers to sell you the bread at the price they are selling, are you really getting the ingredients you should be? What gives? 
Dough-er Coaster
For us, to take away that uncertainties, it is best to just bake your own. With less salt, less sugar, less oil and definitely no usage of margarine or transfat, each and every loaf that comes out is uniquely baked. All of them has different character, color and texture, which makes the whole experience more rewarding that getting that predictable taste.
How about some rosemary and thyme bread?
Eating healthy is a choice. Make the right one today.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Healthy Salmon-Dory Combo For Dinner

Wifey whipped up a fantastic dinner the past two days which consist of fish fillet mostly. I guess we are looking for a bit of variety compared to the usual meat and rice that we have every day. We love salmon sashimi, but eating them raw all the time is expensive as only the freshest will provide the best possible food safety (as in not contaminated). At RM12 per piece of 150gram of Salmon (farm reared Norwegian), it seems to be expensive for a slice. Lets not forget a Salmon steak for the same size outside will cost at least RM25 and above. We have some dory fillet left from the day before which she cooked to be shared as well.
Juicy and Healthy
What you need:
1 slice of Salmon about 150grams (about 180kcal), to be shared between two person
2 slice of Dory about 50grams each (Dory is lighter than Salmon) (about 60 kcal per slice)
1 medium egg, hard boiled (70kcal)
Pan sear the fish fillet and slices to cook them lightly over some olive oil. Flip the fish over every 3 minutes. As fishes cook fairly fast, ensure that the cooking is done on medium or low heat. With a low smoking point, olive oil is not suitable for high heat cooking. It will take a few cooking with olive to know how much heat and how long will be enough (before it starts smoking).
The above provides close to 230kcal per serving (1/2 salmon, 1 dory, 1 egg with negligible oil factored in).
It will give about 25grams of protein per serving and about 15grams of good fat (mainly from the fishes).
Sweet and  textured Salmon
As meal would not be complete without some rummage. Wifey got some lettuce which she cuts up, mixes it with some cherry tomatoes, grated cucumber and carrot, some raisins, top it off with some sliced almond, and organic sunflower seeds that was given by a friend. Total per serving is about 100kcal per serving (about a cup size) including dressing made from olive and balsamic vinegar.
Good as it is already!
We do not typically stinge on olive oil or good oil as it is one way to teach the body to utilise fat as energy source. I shall write about that separately, do remind me if i forget. As an endurance amateur athlete, we are what we eat and how we race depends on the rest and the fuel our body utilises during race day - provided that the training were systematically performed. It is really a lifetime commitment. At 330kcal for dinner, this is certainly filling for the average person leading a sedentary life (or already 1/3 of their daily caloric need). We Malaysian tends to eat too much in one sitting, often justifying the food we eat with the minimal physical activities that the typical office worker's really need.
Estimate only. No need for really accurate caloric figures
half way done
Before dinner, wifey made us a cup of fresh watermelon and orange juice mix with Chia seed. We have a juicer at home (review soon?) that we used to utilise ferociously until the kids come along (as cleaning is really a hassle). That cup of juice with Chia set us back another 150kcal (because of fructose in the fruits) but we got all the fiber we need for a day with just that serving.
Fresh and no water or sugar added
For a total of about 500kcal for dinner, that was enough to re-fuel wifey's 5km run that she did in the afternoon (estimated about 350kcal burned over 30minutes of fast run) plus a bit more. As i usually have very light lunch due to the unavailability of quality food at my office area, i allow myself to eat a bit more at night, as long as the food I put in my mouth is of correct proportion and quality.
If you are eating to lose weight, remember that portion control is paramount and if you are eating for health, quality of food you put in your mouth (and digestive system) should be the best you can find.
Happy eating. We surely did.;-)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Malaysia Social Media Award 2012 Nominees

With the Malaysia Social Media Week 2012 coming up between Feb 13 and Feb 17, 2012, and as part of the criteria after reading the rules and regulation of being one of the nominees, I am to promote the event like any other blogger does.
I posted last week about being nominated for the Upcoming Blogger of The Year award in conjunction with the Malaysia Social Media Week 2012, I have a handful of friends i know that was nominated as well in various different category. It is only fair for me to help them with the votes. After all, they are deserving in the category that they are nominated into!
Best Business Blog
In the BEST BUSINESS blog category, I have the unmistakable Ms. Anna Rina Rahim. She was a corporate marketing personal which turned her passion and hobby in Photography into a full time business. I remember her starting out about 6 years ago where she was just starting out. 6 years later, she is one of the most sought after photographer in the business (for wedding and portraits) and she still find time for some hardcore Crossfit stuff. Certainly gives a whole new meaning to girls with big (lenses and biceps, and delts) passion. Vote for her in the BEST BUSINESS blog category.
Best F&B Blog
Next on the line is the Best F&B blog. A blogger liaison person turned full time blogger about a year plus ago, with credential as the brand ambassador for the like of Samsung, Acer and even Ikea is none other than Ms. Rebecca Saw. She was the one that has given me the opportunity to earn some spare cash via sponsored blogging and i reciprocated with good quality write ups to help her with her job. Her passion for gadgets and for food especially has seen her trying and eating, apart from giving really good unbiased review of restaurants and such that many netizens used as a F&B guidance. Blogging while eating? That's WackyBecky!
Sharing the same category as Rebecca is another dear friend of mine. Everyone knows who Tuan Senang Besar was. Kharis is no stranger to the F&B scene with his passion and knowledge of where to get the best possible slice of toast with Kaya and Butter to the art of eating your steak and savouring it. TSB, a he is still fondly known has leave marks in many people that crossed his path. His untimely passing last year has made me miss him during this festive season - as i know how much he loves the cockle curry (Sambal kerang) i cater every year and save a portion for him. Truth to be told, i ate it with a lot of smile on my face, remembering how he would tell me the sambal was "Kelas"!
Vote for both these wonderful friends in the Best F&B blog category!
Best Health and Well Being blog 
Having two friends in this Best Health and Well Being blog category shows how much they are both an influence to better, healthier living and towards a more fulfilling quality life. Make no mistake that both of these former corporate executives leaving their well paying job to pursue their dream to help others change their life. Ms. Ninie Ahmad need no introduction to the yoga practitioner having conducted classes and workshop globally. She is one truly cili padi (bird eyes chili) that can contort in the most impossible way and still looking graceful while doing that.
The other blogger and lifestyle change agent is a good friend in fitness. I got to know Dailymuscle for almost 5 years now. He was an IT expert which has made the move and change from corporate life to doing what he was passionate - health and fitness. Known to be a no-nonsense Physical Trainer that walks the talk, he is highly approachable and has inspired me to reach out to inspire others (something like "train the trainer"?) DailyMuscle, or his real name Noel Maniraj, came out in the open about two years ago and put a face to DailyMuscle.com. He runs the Body Transformation Program that has helped changed many lives towards a healthier and sustainable living.
Vote for both of them at the Best Health and Well Being blog category. Perhaps, let try to make them both a JOINT WINNER with equal votes. It is hard to vote for just one and show favoritism, so vote BOTH!
Upcoming Blogger Of The Year
This is the category that i was nominated into. Many of you know who I am online and in-person and I would like to thank all of you for the support. I know how difficult it is to register to vote and i appreciate all the votes given! Looking at the other blogs in the category, I feel small as the others nominated could had garnered at least twice, if not four fold my daily traffic (Tristupe.com gets about 500 hits a day, average). I take pride with my blog update and i dedicate an hour or so every night while putting my son to sleep to write and post my thoughts and my opinions/ While not many will agree with me, I am not seeking an audience, but just a space in the world wide web to share what I know and what P do, passionately. I know I won't come close to winning, but being nominated is already a big motivation to keep writing. I thank you all in advance!

Voting closes on February 6, 2012 and online votes carries up to 80% weight to the final outcome.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

MBPJ Councillor Should Obey Law Too

It is often funny when a people with authority or in power doesn't sing the song they teaches or walk the talk they preaches. Then it goes from good to bad when one or two elected representatives mis-used their privileges and started to forget that they are often monitored and people will judge them because they are the public figure.
What is wrong?
In area like Section 14, or Jalan Semangat in Petaling Jaya which is about 5km or less away from the Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya or MBPJ HQ (in States), you would always expect enforcement to be tip top with officers going around summoning drivers that do not display appropriate valid parking tickets. After all, in places like Section 14, traffic can be heavy and parking is a nightmare working day, even on weekends sometimes.
Parking at Tow Zone? What's that crest in front?
So, when tax paying, rate paying citizen like me have to go around 5 rounds, sometimes up to 30 minutes to get a LEGIT parking spot, it will offend me if i see a car that parks where it shouldn't be. While there is NO YELLOW line if one wants to argue, the car is parked clearly at a TOWING ZONE (Zon Tunda).
I did not make up stories yah
I really don't care if someone else will want to do this - as they will get their punishment via summon if the ever vigilant officers are making their rounds, but it get really really unforgiving when an elected member or Ahli Majlis (Councillor) were to do this. Displaying the MBPJ Emblem with the AHLI MAJLIS words on it sort of gives him/her license to break law?
The emblem was not photoshopped to frame the innocent
You see, when the previous government under Barisan Nasional was ruling Selangor, people were screaming about inequality and stuff like that. So when Pakatan Rakyat won Selangor, people obviously expected changes. MBPJ are notorious for being double standard with their execution of laws. I am sure many of us has seen how people driving bigger cars (and often expensive cars) managed to park as they like - as afterall, tow truck enforcers will ONLY target smaller more ordinary middle class cars. It is completely OK to park as you like as long as you have the MONEY and TITLE.
Strategically placed stickers above the roadtax to "Inform"enforcement officers not to summon - I AM COUNCILLOR, CAN'T YOU SEE?
I then tweeted this and tagged both the Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and MP Teresa Kok. I don't think they will bother with these "small fry" councillor flouting the laws. But rest assured, the rakyat like me are observing!
MBPJ and the Councillors - please BUCK UP!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simple Rye Bread

Over the Chinese New Year, we decided to try something new with the bread making. We wanted some variety and rye seems to be the "next to try" choice. Having no experience making this bread and only read about it, i set forth to experiment, with a lot of caution to ensure a successful end product.
This is the recipe to make with a breadmaker. Measurement used via a 250ml cup and this recipe will give you 1kg worth of bread (in weight).
Water - 1 & 1/3 cups
Vegetable oil - 4 teaspoon (you can use corn for a more neutral taste, or olive for a more herbal taste)
Molasses - 5 tablespoon (i use blackstrap molasses, which turns the whole bread dark brown)
All purpose flour - 2 & 2/3 cups (organic)
Rye flour - 2 cups
Salt - 1 teaspoon (i use mountain salt)
Yeast - 1 packet or 11grams
Put the ingredient (in the order above) into the breadmaker. Use cold water or chilled water and from experience, no matter how much they say you only need a teaspoon of yeast, just go with a whole pack. You can't keep yeast for long after you open it, so don't waste it.
On the breadmaker's menu or function, choose the bread making function that allows the longest baking time. Usually it is the Wholewheat function.
So, why Rye? Rye is actually similar to wheat and barley and it is actually lower in gluten compared to wheat. SO those looking for a low gluten diet, Rye is a good option. Rye too, has higher portion of soluble fiber which is something that Malaysians don't eat enough. It sort of make the whole "rye" approach a good choice if you are into bread.
As this was the first time i am using Rye, i was looking through the breadmaker and keeping my fingers crossed. You will be forgive me too when you start to see your bread looking like this.
Molasses make it look like these
The bread looked really promising mid cycle and then it went flat. I supposed it could be the molasses and also yeast reacting violently. Not one to write it off yet, i let them mixes and throw in a handful of sultanas and raisins.
About 3 hours later, the bread was done and i removed it from the breadmaker's pan. It was what looked like a chunk of brick.
Like seriously...
I proceed to let it cool down a little bit and sliced it up. To my surprise (and wifey's too), the inside was soft and moist! The crust was hard and crunchy much like those western bread. We helped ourselves to a slice each as we skipped dinner earlier to prepare the home for guest the next day.
Tweaking - Next round will be to reduce the amount of all purpose flour by 2/3 cup and replace it with equal amount of rye. Will reduce molasses by a spoon and see what we can get. Fingers crossed.
Calculated, a serving (of two average slices) will work out to be about 140kcal or almost similar with the usual 1 serving of commercially available bread. The usage of oil which were kept to absolute minimal help to reduce the caloric count.
The bread was shared with guest at our home yesterday and i think it did impress some of them.
Here to a healthier Dragon Year!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Awesome Cakes by Paisley Petals Cupcakes and Bakes

Follow up on my recent interview with The Baker. I received a couple of Mini Cheesecake and Chocolate Brownies to sample and to review. As they say, some food can look very good in photo but taste otherwise. We all have seen cakes that looked too good but disappoint big time in taste and texture.
So, when i flashed a few photos of the cakes that was given to me via my Instagram account, many can be forgiven to think that they only "look good", but taste "ok only".
"Oh My Lord!"
I almost forgotten to bring back the cakes as I was packing up fast to leave last Friday. Luckily, a colleague with office key was right around the corner and I managed to get the cake back.
With nine limited pieces of goodies in a box, i reckon they might not last the night, especially with the kids loving baked stuff and pastries.
The Cheesecake Sins
I took a piece of Cheesecake out and placed it on a plate, I sliced it in the middle, mentally dividing or trying to find the middle line between the three pitted cherries. The freshly baked Cheesecake was soft and the pastry base, which was butter biscuit made from scratch was thin enough, yet provide a different texture to the Cheesecake.
As people would usually say "have a cake with a coffee", pairing the cake up with a cup of Davidoff Espresso Cafe Latte (freeze fried coffee at RM23.90 for 100gram)  threatens to change the equation to "have a coffee with a cake". The first bite of the Cheesecake melted in my mouth and smothered all over my taste bud. It was silky smooth without being overwhelming. The fine balance of cheese cream and lemon zest tantalizes the taste bud while the slightly sourish cherry completes the experience. True to what the Baker said, she won't make any cakes that she won't eat and promises of quality ingredients were assured. Having eaten some pretty go cheesecake and pretty bad ones, this went really close to those pretty good cheesecake - and i am a fussy eater. Even wifey complimented that the cheesecake was smooth, silky, melts in the mouth and best of all, not too sweet. I found out later that the base was made-from-scratch butter biscuit. Most cheesecake recipe just ask for Marie biscuit, if you wondered why the emphasis on the base.
Fantastic Cheesecake. It was only after we finished the cake that the cafe latte became the main star again, that too, the cheesecake taste lingers in the tip of the tongue. Simply superb tea time we had!
The Chocolate Brownies Delight
Saving the Chocolate Brownies for the next morning breakfast with the kids, we had a tough time trying to resist having one late at night. I heated up two slices of the brownies for the kids for 30seconds in the microwave. The smell of chocolate filled the small enclosure of the microwave oven.
With chocolate powder on top...damn.
Let me put it this way - if i had my way, these two pieces will not be shared with the kids. When i was taking photo of the brownies, I had to remind myself this is for the blog write up - "not for eating, at least not for me,  don't steal your kids' breakfast".
When i finally managed a bite from Nadia - it was an OMG moment. The brownie was rich without being sweet. You taste the bitterness of the chocolate and that was where the sweetness comes from. It was dense enough and yet gave a superb texture that melts in the mouth. Completely sinful. I now know why Kanthaa (my ex-colleague that will be my future colleague soon ;-) says that when his sister (the Baker) made brownies, it is hard to resist. I totally understand why. Compared to those available at those gourmet coffee place, trust me, this brownies is superbly superb and trump all those i have tasted. I know my chocolate and brownies, believe me.
Fighting for a bite
I can't decide if the Cheesecake was good...or the Brownies. Perhaps, i will have them both tomorrow to decide.
Thank you Paisley Petals Cupcakes & Bakes, the cakes and brownies was wonderful and it made the whole write up so much easier. :) We shall order some soon for our own consumption or event!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nominated For A Social Media Award

I recieved a nomination for " Upcoming Blogger Of The Year" by someone with some sense of humor.

Not sure if i am deserving, but THANK YOU VERY MUCH! So if you feel i am deserving, go over and vote for me!

Welcoming the Dragon

Image of Dragon in Cupcake taken from Kanthaa Retnam. Dragon in Cupcake is Nanthini Retnam's creation. Image used with permission. Chinese New Year Greeting is TriStupe's Creation.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Paisley Petals Cupcakes and Bakes

Every now and then, we will find gems in the form of passionate people that follows their heart and interest and make it into a living. We often speak about work-life balance and not many would admit and take the bigger steps to realise that dream - either at work or quitting the job and pursuing the passion.
Today, i would like to introduce Paisley Petals Cupcakes and Bakes. The owner and baker is Nanthini Retnam, which happened to be my ex-colleague's sister. I have not met her, but from her creation, she doesn't looked like she just "picked up baking". Enjoy the introduction interview with the baker herself!

TriStupe (TS) : What drives you to bake and start up Paisley Petals Cupcakes and Bakes?
Nanthini Retnam (NR) : My mom has always been my inspiration! As a kid, I loved watching her churn out all kinds of cakes and bread from her little oven. About 2 ½ years ago, I decided to pursue this passion of baking more seriously and word got round. Orders began coming in for birthdays and other special events, and that’s how Paisley Petals Cupcakes & Bakes was born.
Banana Nutter & Cappucino Cupcakes
TS: Did you have a day job before turning this passion into a home-based business? What were you trained (in college/university) as?
NR: I spent my whole college & working life in the IT environment, where I was a professional information systems engineer. It’s only recently that I decided to pursue my love for baking on a full time basis.
Cream Cheese Brownies
TS: What was the turning point that made you decide to pursue this part-time/full time?
NR: There comes a time in life when we want more. We want to wake up and say “I can’t wait to work today!” and I had come to that point in life. With the encouragement from close ones, I gained confidence to start this business and focus on it full time. And I’ve never been happier.
Moist Chocolate Cupcakes - Valentine Edition. February 14, 2012 is coming yáll!
TS: I love your logo, what was it inspired from?
NR: It was actually based on the two patterns I love most which are paisleys and flowers. A friend of mine helped design it based on my input and we came up with the logo that you now see.
TS: I was told that your cakes and baking items only uses high quality ingredients. So, can I assume no margarine to be used and minimal shortening used as well? (as i am a little more conscious about what i eat nowadays, this is just to justify me indulging into those cakes)
NR: That is true. All the things I bake are made using high quality butter, premium quality dark chocolate and all natural/pure extracts. I do not use artificial flavorings and sugar is used sparingly in most of my cakes. I have one very important rule in baking – I do not bake anything I wouldn’t eat myself.
(Editor's note : PHEW!)
The Baker's Signature Cake - Dahlias Wedding Cupcakes
TS: What type of volume (of orders) that you been receiving? I envisage you have a kitchen with an oven big enough to put a lamb inside i.e. industrial oven.
NR: Right now, as the business is still in its fledgling stage, I get about 3-4 orders per week for cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes or customized cakes. The volume increases during festive seasons. My oven is pretty much your standard size, but I’m counting on it growing along with my orders!
Cupcakes for Quirky Brown Cow Clothings Store Outlet Opening
TS: What was the strangest request you get so far, in terms of cake design or ingredient to be incorporated in?
NR: So far, there were some cute designs that I have done, nothing strange yet. But I am willing to try new things :) I think most people are really flexible when it comes to cake designs and they would rather just inform me of a theme, and the amount of people to serve, then leave the designing to me.
Red Velvet Cupcakes - CNY 2011 Theme
TS: They say you don’t put a price to a piece of art and good food, but what price range are we looking at say for Cupcakes and conventional cake? Are they charged by weight or is there a rough guideline?
NR: The pricing for my cupcakes and brownies/bars are pretty much standardized. Regular cupcakes, brownies and cheesecakes are in the range of RM40.00 – RM60.00 per set. Customized cakes start from RM150 depending on the intricacy of the design as well as the size of the cake. For customized cupcakes and wedding cakes, prices vary depending on quantity as well as design.
Classic New York  Style Mini Cheesecakes
TS: Any plans to open a physical shop in the near future?
NR: Probably, if the opportunity arises.
Customized Birthday Cakes
TS: They say the way into a man's heart is through his stomach, do you believe in that? And are you single and available?
NR: Yes! It is absolutely true! The men in my life have constantly expanding waistlines, and I take full responsibility for that.
(Editor's note : Guys, if you are wondering, she is taken.)
Christmas Theme Bittersweet Brownies
Bonus Question:
TS: There are so many others bakers out there doing the same business. So what would you say makes you different compared to them?
NR: I try my best to be different with both my recipes and designs. I get my inspiration from some of my favorite bakers but the end results are always my own creation. For example, my original alcohol-tinged cupcakes are very popular, as are my fruit-inspired cheesecakes. If you take a look at my menu, you’ll find many flavors that are not common at all in Malaysia, but you can be certain that they have all passed the taste-test! 
Strawberry Lime Swirl Mini Cheesecakes
So, there you go,  have been promised some baked goodies (it is in the fridge as i finish off this entry). If you are interested to get some custom-made cakes or baked goods, email Nanthini at paisleypetalscupcakes@gmail.com or you can find them in Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Paisley.Petals.Cupcakes. Go "LIKE" the page and look at the wonderful creations that will tease your tastebuds.