Friday, January 13, 2012

Pesto Tuna Spread with Avocado

After the modified Green Egg that i share last week, in come another variation with the things you can find in your (or my) kitchen. As working parents, we are often sensitive to what we give our children to innoculate a good eating habits. Honestly, i had fed my kids fast food and there is nothing evil about it. Looking back and realising what the damages could be (long term), we are slowly pulling back some of these items - to start with the fries. Nothing bad about potatoes, but the browning process leaves a little to be desired especially when we are not too sure what oil and how they are being used to fry them.
Anyway, boring health talk aside (as i noticed this blog has turned into blog), here is a good alternative to the Green Eggs that i made last week. By replacing the eggs and milk with Tuna, mustard seed and raisins, you get a whole new taste and texture.
What You Need
1 can of Tuna
1 tablespoon of mustard seed
Handful of raisins
1 - 2 tablespoon of pesto
1 Avocado
Olive oil
1 slice of bread - home made for me, nonetheless
Every fridge should have this
And this, if you do not want to make it yourself
and this too, as snacks or addition to your rolled oats
Start by removing the oil from the Tuna. By removing the oil, you effectively take away the salt/sodium present in the liquid suspension that helps to preserve the Tuna. A few tips on Tuna, do not go for the cheapest version as the Tuna are usually stale tuna which have very strong fishy smell. If you can afford it, go for more reputable brand and that too will give you a peace of mind that the tuna are not illegally caught. Second tip is go for chunky tuna, as it carries more mass and volume compared to shredded tuna. Remove the oil, brine and salt out from the can. Easily done by opening the can and using the lid as the sieve.
Useful trick to remove oil from anything canned, except something fully liquid obviously
Out it go!
In order to replace the oil that was removed, i suggest olive oil. Tuna without oil will be dry and flakey and it won't taste as good. Reasons why those mayonaise laden tuna spread sells so well, they come free with saturated fat and perhaps even transfat without you knowing. :) A spoonful of olive oil will do the trick.
One spoon is about 100kcal, if you want to know
Once the ingredients are all in, you can mix them all up with a fork in a container (which can be used as storage if you don't finish the tuna spread). As this is made for two person, the amount used will be sufficient for a meal.
Tuna, Pesto, Raisins, Mustard, Olive - should had added in Chia seeds too!
Prepare a slice of bread (toasted or heated) and cut half an avocado onto it. I am an avocado convert and i try to eat this rather expensive fruits once or twice a week. The fruits goes so well with anything and everything that it sort of perks up the tastebud and add more texture to the simple food we eat everyday.
Top up the bread and avocado with the prepared tuna and bon apetit!
There is a whole load of debate about Tuna because species such as the Blue Fin tuna are fished to near extinction and dolphins will be collateral in the process. It was known that Tuna will swim alongside dolphins as protection against predators such as sharks. Fishermen will look for the Dolphin pods (or group) and catches the Tuna alongside these dolphins. So, the debate is about ethical Tuna fishing alongside sustainable preservation of other species.

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