Monday, January 16, 2012

Trail Run Getting Better

Last Saturday myself, wifey, Jit Yen and Kheng Leong did trail run in Kiara. This is getting addictive as the pace of the run is getting faster each time i visit this trail. Having Kheng Leong, which is recovering from a bad crash (on the bike in Kiara) about 4 weeks ago, the pace was to be a recovery for him. In fact, having him in Kiara is a bonus as i could possibly get to try new route.
The plan was to run up the usual route and back. Half way through the trail, Kheng Leong suggested that we exit 2K midway and enter 4K to join with the new Magic Carpet.

The total distance was about 7.25 on flat ground, which translate about 7.5km taking into account the elevation that we covered. Kiara is slowly facing extinction from the destruction from the northern portion (close to Hartamas) and the southeast and south portion are dangerously being eaten up by the nearby equestrian park. In fact, there is a trail that the horses use which the Kiara lovers call it "Bar-A-Kuda" which sounds like barracuda if you speak them fast.
The southern portion had a new fencing built by the golf course on the south, which has prompted the clean up of an existing underused trail to be used as the Magic Carpet trail head.
Magic Carpet earned it's name due to the undulating terrain that runs along the ridges of the rubber plantation in Kiara. As you can seethe 2K portion runs along from 3oclock to 6oclock and then it is quickly followed by 4K loop and joining the Magic Carpet near the peak at the crossroad from the map above.
The trail is fully run able and provides good fast interval and slow interval training alike.

As seen from the elevation map above, the first 2km is from the park (TTDI) up to the summit of Kiara Hill. Then it is a nice and fast downhill over 800m through Dirty Deeds, Upper bit and Lower bit before reaching the road portion that will leads you back to Apollo (KM4) and part of 2K loop (KM4-KM5). From there, it is the 4K loop until about KM6 before going on the Magic Carpet ride.
Check these photos out of Kheng Leong, Yen and wifey having fun pushing their way up the steep inclines.

Kheng Leong up Lung Buster

Yen going up a switchback

Wifey, having fun
And here is another Blair Witch styled video of me running down from the summit (twin peaks) to the cross junction down Dirty Deeds. 2mins of fast fun.

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