Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lava Java : Deaf-In-Business Project

I received an email from fellow runner and friend Jamie Pang with the title "DIB Coffees of Hawaii" and it immediately caught my attention. I be honest, the part that caught my attention most was the Coffee and Hawaii. Perhaps it is the triathlete in me that sort of link both with Kona - The Holy Land of Ironman Triathlon.
Coffees of Hawaii debut in Ford Ironman Kona 2007. Image taken with permission from here
The image above shows a floating espresso bar in the middle of the ocean where the triathletes are training/acclamatising to the Ford Ironman 2007 in Kona! Coincidently, it belongs to the same brand of coffee that Jamie emailed the link to me for.
This is a free plug (as in not paid advert by Coffees of Hawaii) in support of the Deaf-In-Business (DIB) Project.
Coffees of Hawaii is coming to Malaysia (or rather, CAME). Touted as the "1st Gourmet Coffee Chain in Malaysia operated by all Deaf Staff", they promised a WOW service.
A visit to the website shows that there are a lot of different menu to be tried. For more info, visit : http://www.dibcoffeesofhawaii.org/
By the way, i was told that this Coffees of Hawaii (CoH) is the best coffee one could drink. I believe what is good for the Ironman, it's good for you!

*Note: Wifey visited the place later for lunch. The operation has just started recently and they are not at full swing yet. Coffee is available but the other items on the menu is not fully available. Be informed.

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