Thursday, January 19, 2012

Malaysian Aircond Brand Gives 3-Years Warranty

While surfing in Youtube the other day, I chance upon a series of Fujiaire TV commercial (TVC) using graphic generated animals such as elephants and giraffes to showcase the capability of the aircond.
The weather has been so hot lately, I cant help but want to be in the same room as the giraffes. Watch to see what I mean here.
Fujiaire is actually a Malaysian company founded in 1994. They company is one of the first few companies to fit ionizers into their line of aircond units. Quite a good business to be in, considering that we live in a tropical country where having an air-conditioner (air-con) unit is no longer a luxury but a must have. An average household would have at least one unit of air-con, usually located in the master bedroom where it will provide comfort to the owner for those hot humid nights.
Most of us cant imagine a room without aircond, especially since it has been 35C almost everyday. A good reliable aircond is a must! While most airconds are fitted and forgotten, in reality a good warranty programme truly offers a peace of mind bearing in mind that air-cons need to be serviced once a year for optimum performance.
From what I gather on the TVC, Fujiaire is offering a three-year full body warranty programme, which covers the aircond unit and compressor. All Fujiaire airconds come with a standard one-year warranty that covers all parts and labour costs. But if you register online at, within two weeks of purchase, Fujiaire extends your warranty that covers parts (only) for an additional two-years.
If you are in the market to purchase a new air-con to replace your old one, or are looking to install new one to your home, Fujiaire could be a brand you can consider for investment. Take advantage of the 3-years warranty!

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