Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Turn Green With Modified Green Eggs

I saw Rebecca Saw posted on a yummilicious high nutritional dish on her facebook yesterday and i was instantly bought over.
Fantastic looking from Marmalade Cafe at Bangsar Village II. Image from RebeccaSaw.com - with permission
It was named Green Eggs and it was essentially a piece of toast with mash up avocado, topped with scrambled eggs with finely chopped spinach. Great way to start the morning or even have this for brunch.
Getting a bit adventurous and wanting something similar after this morning's run at Kiara (my fourth in five days this week!), this was a perfect breakfast to replenish the burnt calories!
Here is my version that you can try at home. You will need whatever you can find at home that is similar, if not the same. For this, i replaced the spinach with pesto sauce from Mark&Spencer given by Siew Peng and Roland for Christmas.
The egg in the saucer...well, lets say it wasn't part of the plan. Had to use it as i broke it while taking the other two.
You will need 1 egg per adult/serving. An avocado, the pesto sauce, obviously, and some milk. as you can see, my love and hate for milk has driven me to just keep it FULL CREAM. I can make use of the extra milk lipid for energy.
I scramble the eggs with some full cream milk (about 1/4 cup) and a spoonful of pesto sauce, and fry them without oil/butter over low heat, scrambling them in the process to avoid the eggs from browning or burning. The olive oil in the pesto sauce will be sufficient to provide enough oil to ensure  they are fried nicely. Remember to use low heat and patience.
While that is happening, warm up, or toast a slice or two of bread. We made some homemade bread the night before. This time, using a 1:3 ratio of all purpose flour and wholewheat flour to make the bread a bit lighter and not so dense. A handful of sultanas, raisins, cranberries, flaxseeds, shredded almonds and sesame seeds are put into the bread for that complete wholesome meal.
I know, i am already sounding super boring. Healthy food can be a tough nemesis, but if you get them right, your body will reward you.
Freezer is for ice, and then some.
The bread this time has lighter feel to it, the inclusion of the all purpose flour has made the bread  little less wheat-ty and just a tad lighter. with no preservatives, the bread is best eaten within 3 or 4 days and kept in the fridge - to be taken out, warm or toasted and ready to be eaten again. Next up, we will try making rye bread.
I buy my avocado at RM2.99 or RM3/each at the grocer below my current office. I will usually buy 5 to last a week.  am in love with avocado and the creamy texture with the nutritional values. Instead of mashing it up this time, i cut it in big slices and lined the bread.
Presentation wise - fail.
With the bread and avocado all laid out, the scrambled pesto eggs will be all ready to be added for the final touch. As there are 3 eggs (well, technically 2.5 since i broke one, save the yolk), the portion would be larger than expected. But here it is, the final product.
The Green Monsta!
Presentation wise, the version i made did not come close to the one that Becky had. Because i was the one that made it, it had a big fan in the form of wifey that has also ran with me yesterday morning in Kiara!
Pardon the hair, she just showered
But rest assured that the above is not short of nutrition and pack quite a punch. With about 300kcal per serving, this is a good recovery food with enough of polyunsaturated fat for those knee-pounding run down Dirty Deeds and reverse Carnival!
The approximate portion of ingredient used. 
Top up the brunch with a cup of water soaked Chia seed, life couldn't be healthier!


  1. OMG!!
    It looked so goooooddd! :D
    The eggs needed to be just a bit runnier.
    And yes, avocadoes are AWESOME! Love them to bits!

    Oh my, so when are you sharing your home-baked bread???
    I love breads!

  2. I could had overdid the eggs by stirring it too fast when cooking and should had left it to be a a bit runny. :)

    My bread is dry and hard wor...it does not have shortening which helps with the bread texture. Two slices and you are full!

    Many thanks for showing that pic that inspired me to imitate in real life!

  3. Love green eggs! Great that you're storing the flours in the freezer - wholemeal esp, since the fat in the wheatgerm goes rancid. Rancid fat in anything is probably just as bad as hydrogenated fats, blech.

  4. my flour and oats are all in the fridge or freezer :) Well aware of the risk. Also same reason why i don't want to crush my flaxseeds and take them whole.

  5. wow...
    now i have 1 more dish to try out other than my usual boring plain oat...