Friday, January 20, 2012

Petronas CNY 2012 TV Commercial

Every year nearing festivities, we a Malaysian always look forward to the Petronas TVC From the days of the late maestro Yasmin Ahmad (as director for the TVC) until the today - Petronas has never failed to showcase something that will bind all of us as Malaysian together. Similarly, I was brought up not to forget my roots. As a Malaysian of Chinese descendant, the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year hold a very special place in my heart and mind, for that is the occasion where we will cherish what we have and strive to get more of what all of us are brought up to believe - Family.
“The TVC is meant to celebrate not just the Year of the Dragon, but the spirit of perseverance, adaptability and determination as captured in each of the stories it depicts. This energy is something that should inspire us all as we navigate through the challenges we face in life,” said PETRONAS’ Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah.
Petronas TVC for 2012 hits it right in the bull's eye. Titled "Coming Home", it touches on six separate lives in six different countries - away from the family. The TVC was launched on January 17, 2012 and a group of media personnel were given the first glimpse of the TVC.
Datuk Mohamad Medan Abdullah officiating the Chinese New Year Campaign
The launching saw a good mixture of members of the media that ranges from mainstream media (MSM) to social media (such as bloggers). A simple yet meaningful tossing of the Yee Sang to mark the launching was in the agenda and looking at what was served, i kind of wished i was there!
After the launching of the event, all those that attended the event were ushered to the KLCC yard for the first lion dance show of the year!
With KLCC in the background, the acrobatic dancer were there to impress with their skills and performances. Judging from the crowd in the photo above, I am pretty sure many would had enjoyed and in awe of the stunts shown.
Together with the launching of the Chinese New Year Campaign is a Photography Contest themed "Reimaging Energy", in collaboration with Leica Camera AG. With prizes ranging from RM288 to RM2,000, the contest sure looked like it will attract entrants to submit their creative photos or even interpreting the theme of the photo contest in their own best possible photographs. The contest is open for all Malaysians and you may submit as many photographs as you like taken using mobile, point and shoot, and dSLR. The closing date is February 12, 2012. More details could be obtained at the Facebook Apps page where the rules, regulation and submission for the photographs will be done.
They say there is no bigger pleasure apart from winning the prizes from any photography contest than to have the winning photo being exhibited for public viewing. So, if you are just a casual photographer or someone that does it for hobby, even if you are a full time photographer, this is an opportunity to showcase our talent and win some money.
I have submitted my entry on my understanding of the theme and it shows a dragon, guarding the entrance of a temple. Remember to VOTE for me (if my photo/s is/are deserving!). Look out for the photo below in the Gallery!
The “Coming Home” TVC will air from 17th January until 6th February 2012. For more exciting surprises, the public may visit PETRONAS’ YouTube page. Meanwhile, this is the TVC that you should see, and find in you, the spirit of perseverance, adaptability and determination. 

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