Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dress Like A Man : French Cuff

I started to tailor my shirts. Tailoring a shirt doesn't always cost more than buying it off the rack. In fact, they could work out to be about the same. I pay on the average RM150 for a well tailored shirt that fits my upper body well. Before i am branded as arrogant, just lets put it that, i am just like any other man that do not have symmetrical body. My arms is shorter than average, my neck is thick, my chest (or man boobs) is pronounced and i (now have) small waist. In order to buy a shirt that will allow me to able to wear a tie without looking like i am trying to strangle myself, i would need a size 17 shirt - which by then, would have sleeves too long and a fitting that is too baggy and gives the impression that the shirts are hanging over my shoulder.
A French Cuff, otherwise known s a Double-Cuff, is an Executive essential for a complete dress up. It exudes class and style when worn properly and gives the wearer a personality. French Cuffs allow a man to "accessories" themselves with Cuff-links - which could be as simple as a silk knot or a metal cuff. It could turn a mundane white shirt into a WOW by just changing the Cuff-Links. If it is any motivation, James Bond wears only French Cuffs that has rounded off corners.
A blog dedicated to James Bond Dressing and Style Here
From same blog above. Thank you sir!
A man should have at least ONE shirt that is French Cuff. It is not a must in your wardrobe, but if you can afford to tailor one, or find one that is nice, have it. I am a convert of French Cuff after i gave up trying to buy a nice fitting shirt.
A man's shirt should fits his body - the sleeves should just end slightly before where the forearm meets the palm. The shoulder width should sits on the shoulder, not over it. The collar, when buttoned, should provide enough space without making it look like he will die of suffocation, and yet is not loose as if it belongs to someone bigger. It is a fine delicate balance. One that is almost hard to perfect even for a (wannabe) person like me. A French Cuff works great for a formal and a semi-formal event, and wonderfully in place as everyday wear to the office.
One each day. Have to add on soon.
Over the past 1 year, I have been wearing mostly French Cuff shirt, rounded at the corner. I still have two or three shirts that is of the traditional single cuff - which i will retire soon as they are now really too big for me (i now fit into a size 14 shirt). With French Cuff shirts, i would need Cuff Links, this has prompted me to collect them from all sort of shapes, sizes and color.
Thanks to wifey, i got this ring holder to show my Cuff links
I have 20 Cuff Links and they are all shown as above. While some looked like they are childish - i reserves them for less serious days. But each of them is a conversation starter. Tell me, how many you have seen wearing those Transformer links? Or even a working Compass?
I wear them separately and together
both points to North. Good. Won't get lost.
A motivation from wifey, a Hermes, a 95 silver link, a Cross and a Paul Smith
 And this is how these cuff looks like on those French Cuff shirts...Sure makes you look sharp and good!


  1. There are very few of us around these days, I think we are a dying species but yes the french cuff with beautiful cuff-links is the only way to go.

    I do not own a shirt (and would not wear a shirt) that was not so.

    There's a certain satisfaction to putting on a shirt with cuff-links and leaving the house not with an air of superiority but rather confidence, well being and knowing you're ready to face the business day and do battle.

    There is a certain unrivalled sophistication of a man with french cuff and cuff links.

    Bravo Stupe - I highly approve (although I'm not entirely sold on the transformer cuff-links haha).

    My preferred choice is Mont Blanc

    Simon (TriTwins)

  2. Z - :D Itu limited...the Mini cuff, one is black and one is silver. :)

    Simon - you hit the nail. Hard to fathom triathletes in dress shirt and cuff eh?

    As for the transformer cuff, those are reserves for less serious day, like Friday. :D I tend to wear long sleeves too on Friday though it is dress down Friday. :)

  3. Well it really depends on the dress culture where you work IMHO.

    or sometimes even industry specific.

    For example, in my office, dress code is casual or business casual. My expat boss even came in one day in shorts! ( though that does not happen all the time)

    only time we "dress up" in suits and cuffs is when we meet clients. other than that it is soo liberating just to go towork in polo shirts and jeans,

    to each their own i guess :)