Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Awesome Cakes by Paisley Petals Cupcakes and Bakes

Follow up on my recent interview with The Baker. I received a couple of Mini Cheesecake and Chocolate Brownies to sample and to review. As they say, some food can look very good in photo but taste otherwise. We all have seen cakes that looked too good but disappoint big time in taste and texture.
So, when i flashed a few photos of the cakes that was given to me via my Instagram account, many can be forgiven to think that they only "look good", but taste "ok only".
"Oh My Lord!"
I almost forgotten to bring back the cakes as I was packing up fast to leave last Friday. Luckily, a colleague with office key was right around the corner and I managed to get the cake back.
With nine limited pieces of goodies in a box, i reckon they might not last the night, especially with the kids loving baked stuff and pastries.
The Cheesecake Sins
I took a piece of Cheesecake out and placed it on a plate, I sliced it in the middle, mentally dividing or trying to find the middle line between the three pitted cherries. The freshly baked Cheesecake was soft and the pastry base, which was butter biscuit made from scratch was thin enough, yet provide a different texture to the Cheesecake.
As people would usually say "have a cake with a coffee", pairing the cake up with a cup of Davidoff Espresso Cafe Latte (freeze fried coffee at RM23.90 for 100gram)  threatens to change the equation to "have a coffee with a cake". The first bite of the Cheesecake melted in my mouth and smothered all over my taste bud. It was silky smooth without being overwhelming. The fine balance of cheese cream and lemon zest tantalizes the taste bud while the slightly sourish cherry completes the experience. True to what the Baker said, she won't make any cakes that she won't eat and promises of quality ingredients were assured. Having eaten some pretty go cheesecake and pretty bad ones, this went really close to those pretty good cheesecake - and i am a fussy eater. Even wifey complimented that the cheesecake was smooth, silky, melts in the mouth and best of all, not too sweet. I found out later that the base was made-from-scratch butter biscuit. Most cheesecake recipe just ask for Marie biscuit, if you wondered why the emphasis on the base.
Fantastic Cheesecake. It was only after we finished the cake that the cafe latte became the main star again, that too, the cheesecake taste lingers in the tip of the tongue. Simply superb tea time we had!
The Chocolate Brownies Delight
Saving the Chocolate Brownies for the next morning breakfast with the kids, we had a tough time trying to resist having one late at night. I heated up two slices of the brownies for the kids for 30seconds in the microwave. The smell of chocolate filled the small enclosure of the microwave oven.
With chocolate powder on top...damn.
Let me put it this way - if i had my way, these two pieces will not be shared with the kids. When i was taking photo of the brownies, I had to remind myself this is for the blog write up - "not for eating, at least not for me,  don't steal your kids' breakfast".
When i finally managed a bite from Nadia - it was an OMG moment. The brownie was rich without being sweet. You taste the bitterness of the chocolate and that was where the sweetness comes from. It was dense enough and yet gave a superb texture that melts in the mouth. Completely sinful. I now know why Kanthaa (my ex-colleague that will be my future colleague soon ;-) says that when his sister (the Baker) made brownies, it is hard to resist. I totally understand why. Compared to those available at those gourmet coffee place, trust me, this brownies is superbly superb and trump all those i have tasted. I know my chocolate and brownies, believe me.
Fighting for a bite
I can't decide if the Cheesecake was good...or the Brownies. Perhaps, i will have them both tomorrow to decide.
Thank you Paisley Petals Cupcakes & Bakes, the cakes and brownies was wonderful and it made the whole write up so much easier. :) We shall order some soon for our own consumption or event!

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