Saturday, January 28, 2012

Healthy Salmon-Dory Combo For Dinner

Wifey whipped up a fantastic dinner the past two days which consist of fish fillet mostly. I guess we are looking for a bit of variety compared to the usual meat and rice that we have every day. We love salmon sashimi, but eating them raw all the time is expensive as only the freshest will provide the best possible food safety (as in not contaminated). At RM12 per piece of 150gram of Salmon (farm reared Norwegian), it seems to be expensive for a slice. Lets not forget a Salmon steak for the same size outside will cost at least RM25 and above. We have some dory fillet left from the day before which she cooked to be shared as well.
Juicy and Healthy
What you need:
1 slice of Salmon about 150grams (about 180kcal), to be shared between two person
2 slice of Dory about 50grams each (Dory is lighter than Salmon) (about 60 kcal per slice)
1 medium egg, hard boiled (70kcal)
Pan sear the fish fillet and slices to cook them lightly over some olive oil. Flip the fish over every 3 minutes. As fishes cook fairly fast, ensure that the cooking is done on medium or low heat. With a low smoking point, olive oil is not suitable for high heat cooking. It will take a few cooking with olive to know how much heat and how long will be enough (before it starts smoking).
The above provides close to 230kcal per serving (1/2 salmon, 1 dory, 1 egg with negligible oil factored in).
It will give about 25grams of protein per serving and about 15grams of good fat (mainly from the fishes).
Sweet and  textured Salmon
As meal would not be complete without some rummage. Wifey got some lettuce which she cuts up, mixes it with some cherry tomatoes, grated cucumber and carrot, some raisins, top it off with some sliced almond, and organic sunflower seeds that was given by a friend. Total per serving is about 100kcal per serving (about a cup size) including dressing made from olive and balsamic vinegar.
Good as it is already!
We do not typically stinge on olive oil or good oil as it is one way to teach the body to utilise fat as energy source. I shall write about that separately, do remind me if i forget. As an endurance amateur athlete, we are what we eat and how we race depends on the rest and the fuel our body utilises during race day - provided that the training were systematically performed. It is really a lifetime commitment. At 330kcal for dinner, this is certainly filling for the average person leading a sedentary life (or already 1/3 of their daily caloric need). We Malaysian tends to eat too much in one sitting, often justifying the food we eat with the minimal physical activities that the typical office worker's really need.
Estimate only. No need for really accurate caloric figures
half way done
Before dinner, wifey made us a cup of fresh watermelon and orange juice mix with Chia seed. We have a juicer at home (review soon?) that we used to utilise ferociously until the kids come along (as cleaning is really a hassle). That cup of juice with Chia set us back another 150kcal (because of fructose in the fruits) but we got all the fiber we need for a day with just that serving.
Fresh and no water or sugar added
For a total of about 500kcal for dinner, that was enough to re-fuel wifey's 5km run that she did in the afternoon (estimated about 350kcal burned over 30minutes of fast run) plus a bit more. As i usually have very light lunch due to the unavailability of quality food at my office area, i allow myself to eat a bit more at night, as long as the food I put in my mouth is of correct proportion and quality.
If you are eating to lose weight, remember that portion control is paramount and if you are eating for health, quality of food you put in your mouth (and digestive system) should be the best you can find.
Happy eating. We surely did.;-)

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  1. you i read an article the other day about the EVOO that w ebuy from the store may not be EVOO 100%. bummer inst it?

    Oh bro, i normally buy frozen salmon. cheapest ive seen so far is IKEA pack of 4s.

    and sanitarium 100% peanut butter is RM16 at Village grocer vs RM19 at C4 :), just FYI