I do review of many things over the period years. I paid for most of these items and offer independent unbiased review of them. The list is not exhaustive as I might had reviewed more than the list below and due to bad memories (i am human after all), it will be added back from time to time.

I welcome companies (sports, distributors, restaurants, hotels, resorts) to approach me for review of their products for small fee or sponsorship of the products. Do contact me and I look forward to hear from you.

Running Shoes
Adidas Supernova CSH 7 [Shootout 1][Shootout 2]
Brooks Cascadia 5 [Choosing Your Trail Shoes]
Brooks Ghost 3 - No Review (though i used it for 300km)
Brooks Ghost 5 - Coming Soon
Brooks PureDrift [Unboxing][Review][Update][Comparison][End Of Life]
Brooks PureGrit [Unboxing and Review]
Nike Pegasus+ [Shootout]
Nike Triax 10+ [First Look][Shootout]
Nike Lunarglide+ [First Look] [Review]
Nike Free Everyday+ [General]
Nike Zoom Victory+ [Review]
Nike Zoom Elite 4+ [Review]

Skechers GoBionic [First Impression][Review][Comparison]
Skechers GoTrail - [First Impression][Review]
Skechers GoRun2 [Unboxing][Review]
Skechers GoBionic Ride - [Unboxing][Review]
Skechers GoRunSpeed aka GoMeb [Unboxing][Review]
Skechers GoBionicTrail [Unboxing][Review]
Skechers Nite Owl (based on GoRunRide2) [Unboxing][Review]
Skechers GoRun3 [Unboxing][Review]
Skechers GoMeb Speed 2 New York Limited Edition [Unboxing]
Skechers GoRunUltra [Unboxing][Review 1][Review 2]
Skechers GoRunRide3 [Unboxing][Review]
Skechers GoRunUltra NiteOwl [Unboxing]
Skechers GoBionic2 [Unboxing][Review]
Skechers GoMeb KRS [Review]

Swimming Gears
Aquasphere Kaiman Goggles [Review]
Audioflood Waterproof iPod Shuffle [Unboxing][Review]
Audioflood Waterproof Earphones [Review - coming soon]

Cycling Gears
Boardman Elite Mountain EM/1.7 [Review]
Doppelganger FX13 - [Review]
Schwalbe Rocket Ron MTB Tyres  [Review]
Schwalbe Nobby Nic MTB Tyres  [Review]
Spyder Helium Helmet [Review]
Kraftfit Cycling/Triathlon Shorts [Review]

Running Gears
Garmin Forerunner 910xt [Full Review][Quick Release Strap][GPS Signal][Shakedown]
Garmin Fenix - [Unboxing]
Polar RS300X and Footpod S1 [Full Review]
Timex GPS Global Trainer [Full Review][GPS Signal][Firmware Update][Shakedown]
2ndSkin Running Tshirts [Faster Than Jamaican Vaporlite]
2ndSkin Running Tshirts [Offroad Triathlon Vaporlite]
2XU Compression Tights [Review]
Kraftfit Compression Wear [Shorts][Long Sleeve Top]
Jabra Sports Wireless+ Bluetooth Headset [Review]
Garmin Forerunner FR620 [Review]

Adventure Gears

Nathan HPL#020 Hydration System [Review]
Raidlight Dual Chamber Hydration Bladder [Review]
Camelbak Octane 18X Hydration System [Review]
Camelbak Podium Bottles - coming soon
MagicShine MJ808 LED Lights [Review]
MagicShine MJ816 LED Lights [Review]
MagicShine MJ808 vs. MJ816 [Comparison Review]
Ultimate Direction Anton Krupicka Race Vest [Review]

Sports Nutrition

Hammer Nutrition [Nutrition Plan][Xterra Plan]
Coconut Oil [Wonder Oil]


JVC Adixxion XA2 [Review][Youtube Channel Full HD Video]
JVC Adixxion XA1 [Review][Extended Review][Wireless Capabilities]
Nikon D90 [Sneak Peak]
Nikon MB-D80 Battery Grip [Problem Solved]
Nikon D90 Armor [Review]
Panasonic Lumix FT2 [Review]
Panasonic Lumix FT4 - Coming Soon

Running Apps
Garmin Connect [Review][Using Training Effect]
RunWithMe Running App [Review]
Training Peaks [Review][Linking Garmin 910XT]

Software Apps
Wowloud [Review] : Wowloud has ceased operation as of June 2014 :(
Komaneko Education App Review

Restaurants And Food
Coffee 5 Cups [Review]
Dining In The Dark [Review]
Good Luck Sungai Rengit Desaru [Review]
Holiday Villa Subang [Christmas 2010]
Sakae Sushi [2012 Menu]
Shook! Starhill Shanghai Brunch [Review]
Strawberry Park Cameron Highland [Day 1][Day 2 Part 1][Day 2 Part 2][Day 3]
Twenty.One [Christmas Menu 2011][Christmas 2011][Mother's Day]
Deaf-In-Business Hawaii Coffees
Paisley Petals Cupcakes & Bakes
7th Mile Kitchen Authentic Sarawak Food

Hotels and Resorts
Strawberry Park Cameron Highland [Day 1][Day 2 Part 1][Day 2 Part 2][Day 3]

Vehicles and Accessories
Honda Freed [First Look and Test Drive]
Honda Jazz Grade V [First Look][Test Drive]
Hyundai Matrix 1.6A [Test Drive][DIY Grounding][DIY Adjust Headlights]
FieldSheer Riding Boots - Coming Soon 
Fieldsheer Keptrotec Riding Gloves - Coming Soon
Givi M11.0 Motorbike Helmet - coming soon
Goodyear DuraPlus [Review]
Keeway TX 200G Motard [Review Coming Soon]
Lamborghini Aventador [Spotted On Street]
Michelin XM1 Tyres [Review]
Nolan N91 Helmet [Review]
Peugeot 408 [First Look]
Pirelli Speed Demon [Review Coming Soon]
Proton Preve Specifications [Info Leak]
Renault Clio RS [First Look]
Renault Kaleos Facelift [First Look]


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