Tuesday, October 25, 2022


New rubber, lets go!

Those of you following this write up will know that I first installed this set of tire on March 2019 and has provided two reviews including the long term usage here on December 2021. The tire has since done close to 13k+ km and well needed for  replacement.

New at KM10 March 2019

October 2022 at 13K++ KM
The front tire was surprisingly still with at least 50% thread left. This meant I could still use it in my daily commuting and change both tires within the next 3-years. By then, the front will still be within the 6-years window but I will change it if there are sign of physical stress such as side wall cracks. It is not worth to take the risk for a few hundred savings.

Front new
Front as of October 2022. More than 50% left. Good condition

The process to change the tire was less than 30mins. I kept reminding myself that it is not like changing a bicycle tire as on a scooter, the mechanic has to remove everything that links to the wheels, including exhaust and the brake sets as they share common mounting points. Also, this is a good opportunity to check for any excessive wear and tear on the shaft or do any minor replacement if required. Was lucky none of it was required so the cost for the day remains to be the tire change and labor charges.

New replacement is week 22 of 2022. Not fresh tire but at least 3-months old in storage. Acceptable

Love the thread. Compound is proven on wet, dry, corner and straight!

Checking the disc, shaft and bearings

All ready again!
With new tire on the rear replaced, I am more confident and felt way safer to ride on any weather. Again, for commuting and very little to no aggressive riding, some may say this is an overkill - it may be as the one model down, the City Angel may be more suitable. But at RM20 price differences between the two, I am willing to pay for safety and solid wet and dry handling. Did I mention the stopping power and comfort?

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